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Heavy Rains Again

Heavy Rains Again

We had heavy rains again.  Wednesday night it was near hurricane conditions.  Today, same thing on and off all afternoon.

We had an extra wet winter that was also extra cold.  We’re now having an extra wet spring.  Things are very green here, but if you come to visit, carry an umbrella.

An amazing thing happened today.  One of my clients arrived when it wasn’t raining.  During the photo session it just poured.  When it was over, the rain had stopped and she was able to walk to her car without getting soaked.  Now, that is serendipitous!

I wasn’t so luck when I drove to the pharmacy.  When it came time to go to my car, the rain was coming down so hard there was about 2″ of standing water on the streets.  It was coming down like CRAZY.

I could really use a test model right now.  I could use someone who doesn’t mind giving up an afternoon so I could do some lighting test shots.  Here’s the caveat, that person has to be drop-dead gorgeous.  Yeah, I can test lights on my mannequin, but when I test them on a live human, I want pictures that both the model and I will be pleased with.

Here’s a sample of what I’m going for…

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Lighting Testing

I need someone with a good complexion, healthy looking hair, nice facial features, and time.   No modeling experience necessary.  Because it does require a release by NY State Law, they must be over 18 too.