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Forgetting is part of growing old.  However, forgetting your own birthday seems ridiculous.  I’m listening to the radio and the announcer reads a list of celebrity birthdays.  It didn’t hit me.  I still didn’t remember.

Perhaps the excitement of our president acknowledging Jerusalem as the capital of Israel still wows my mind.  On the other hand, it could be my wife is heading to surgery to have her gallbladder removed.  I think it is the latter.


Surgery went well.  Elizabethe slept most of the day.  She woke long enough to down a yogurt, and then went back to sleep.

With the exception of the bruising where they removed the gallbladder and the stone, she isn’t experiencing any pain to speak of.

When we got home from the hospital, there was a box from UPS.  Addressed to Elizabethe, she asked me to open it for her (she’s pretty groggy).  It is my birthday present.  She got me Book of Mormon Action Figures!

I set up Lehi, Laman and Lemuel and took a quick picture with my cell phone.  This is going to be fun.

copyright 2017 db walton

Lehi, Laman and Lemuel


Okay, it’s been a strange birthday.  I didn’t remember (neither did my wife).  My present consists of plastic action figure toys, and dinner… well, it was leftover cake from our dinner at the restaurant the other day.

I’m either getting old, senile or both.

Lightroom CC

Lightroom CC

I am thoroughly convinced Adobe doesn’t care about the professional photographer any more.  I mean, I can’t blame them since everyone with a smart phone wants to “edit” their photos on their phone.  Lightroom CC has gone to the dogs in my opinion.

Finger Lakes Professional Photographers had a presentation by one of our members about retouching.  She was using Lightroom CC.  They even changed the stupid icons for the tools!!!!

With Lightroom 4 they should have split in to two product lines – Lightroom Pro (i.e. keep enhancing LR 4), and Lightroom (what they now call Lightroom CC).  The same with Photoshop.  Photoshop Pro and Photoshop CC.

After tonight’s demonstration I have zero interest in subscribing to Adobe’s Creative Cloud.  I think they have become more out-of-touch with reality than the folks who manage Facebook.

Sayounara Adobe.


Elizabethe saw her doctor about her gallbladder.  It has to come out.  She’s got one large stone and that’s what is causing the pain.  After all that poking around she’s in pain again.

Getting Ready

After her appointment we came home and I spent the rest of the mid-day getting ready for my FLPP meeting.  I had to get my laptop, the projector, the FLPP stuff, etc.

It was a busy day.



The Amsdens spoke in church today.  They are a couple who live on Route 21 just south of town.  Greg and Dee Amsden have been good friends since moving here.

Elizabethe’s stomach started hurting again today.  She goes to the doctor this week for a follow-up.  She also meets with a surgeon about getting her gallbladder removed.

We both came home from church and took naps.  She’s beat from the pain, and I’m beat from dealing with renter issues all week.  When it rains, it pours.


I was going to make pork chops for dinner, but the sisters called and cancelled.  We rescheduled for tomorrow.  I’ll save the chops and make myself some ramen with vegetables and chicken chunks.

We decided to watch the Great Escape.  I then left for a meeting, but when I returned, we watched Chicken Run.  (Funny watching them back-to-back.)

The Great Escape kept Elizabethe captivated.  This is her first time watching it.  She commented about how good it is.  Hey, with a cast like that, it has to be.  It is sad that 50 of those men were murdered by the Germans.

Chicken Run, on the other hand has a happier ending.  The references to the Great Escape are many, but that’s what makes Chicken Run funny (that, and the Star Trek references.)