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It’s good to be flexible when you work in the temple.  Tonight was no exception.  The first half of the evening I was moved around from place to place.  That’s okay with me.  It turned out to be a very enjoyable evening.

One guest completed the work for his mom and his dad.  I asked about having them sealed and he said they have an appointment to meet up with his brother in Utah and do the sealings there.

How cool is that!

Sad News

We got some sad news tonight that one of our friends was in a very serious car accident and in critical condition.  We added her name to the prayer rolls at the temple.

Disappointing News

I read where someone commented that a member of the First Presidency is “out of touch” with “modern morality” because he is a “bigot”.  It’s disappointing because this person is “out of touch” with “God’s laws of morality” and are showing their insecurity and hatred.

It’s all kind of crazy thinking on their behalf, and here’s why…

God defines morality — not society.  If society did we’d still be dancing around a golden calf, getting drunk and having sex with anything that moves.  But, at a time when that was going on, God gave 10 commandments to his prophet, Moses, and commanded that such practices stop.

The law of chastity is quite clear — Sex is between a legally and lawfully wedded man and woman.  Anything else God has declared as a sin.