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My Orders

My Orders

My orders today (from my wife) are to stay in bed and elevate my foot.  At one point I got up to look for something and she said, “You’re supposed to be laying down.”

Ever since my accident my feet have been giving me problems.  This morning is about the worse it has ever been.  I am taking her advice and giving it a rest.

I’ve been trying to connect the dots here.  I have no idea what brings on these “flare ups”.  It’s like this… If you are hitting your thumb with a hammer, and it hurts afterwards, then you know you’ve got to stop hitting your thumb with a hammer.  In the case of my feet, I can’t figure it out.  Yesterday I was on my feet a lot.  However, the time before when it flared up, I had been sitting a lot.  Go figure.


When I woke this morning I thought there is no way I could go work in the temple.  But, as the day progressed, the pain receded.  So, I went to the temple.

I told our shift coordinator about the calcification on my Achilles tendon.  It worked out well.  My assignments were all ones where I could mostly sit.