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Birthday Luncheon

Birthday Luncheon

We had a birthday luncheon for Becky at Longhorn Steakhouse.  We got for our favorite waitress, Stephanie.  Both Elizabethe and Becky got Elizabethe’s favorite – Parmesan Crusted Chicken.

copyright 2017 db walton

Me, Bethe and Becky at Longhorn

My favorite is beef.  Ordering steak is what I do at a steakhouse… no chicken here.  Nothing is better than the taste of beef in my opinion.

copyright 2017 db walton

Stephanie (our waitress) with Me and Bethe

First Monday Event

Today is the First Monday of August.  This means it is the First Monday Event.  Meeting at Corbett’s Glen, we took pictures of running water.  (That was our theme for this month.)

copyright 2017 db walton

Running Water – Allen’s Creek – Corbett’s Glen\

The above is a merged 2 photo image.  Because of the high contrast, I had to take one photo for the sunlight hitting the water, and another photo for the dark shadows under the tree.  As a result, the image is very detailed in both areas.

copyright 2017 db walton

Me and Paul

Paul and I posed for a selfie (remote in my hand).  Paul is going on the Route 66 road trip with me in exactly 4 weeks.   Between shots we talked about Route 66 stuff.

copyright 2017 db walton

Girls Walking in the Stream

These two girls walking through the stream said we could take their photo as long as their face wasn’t showing.  No face means no release needed.

Mowing the Lawn in Two Parts

I began mowing the lawn as soon as I got home.  We took a break to take Becky to her birthday luncheon, and when we returned, I started mowing again.  Breaking it in two sessions is not as bad as I thought.  The break meant I wasn’t as exhausted when I finished.


Fourth Day of Snow

Fourth Day of Snow

It is the fourth day of snow this year and the temperatures have dropped from the mid-30s down to the teens.  Brrrr… It still isn’t as bad as 2015.  (See the Season Watch section of my  blog.)

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Jan 4th, 2016

Reading about this stand-off in Oregon, and seeing the Church’s response (here), got me thinking.  The question I asked myself is, “Had there been a prophet and restored gospel on the earth in 1776, what would the response had been?”

It’s an interesting question that we might face again.  If things become so bad, at what point to do good people enter in to war?

Of course, having a living prophet on the earth we would surely be directed as to what to do.  I think back in 1776 we were dealing with two different governments – that of King George’s England, and that of the 13 Colonies.  In fact, we were dealing with 14 until the 13 Colonies banded together.

The big difference is, this Oregon uprising is not an entire nation, but only a few ranchers and sympathisers.  It’s not like all 50 states rising in rebellion.

As to what is going on with the land there, I have no opinion as to whether the ranchers have a valid excuse or not.  But, I agree with the church that it is not being handled in the right way.

So, we forgot to return the Redbox movie yesterday.  So much for a free rental.  We had to make a special trip to return it… a day late.

First Monday Events

The First Monday Events that I host (see www.palmyra-ny.com) kicked off with a breakfast this morning at Yellow Mills Diner.  We have some great events planned for 2016.  You can also join our MeetUp group at http://www.meetup.com/Finger-Lakes-Photographers-Meetup-Group.

If you have any interest in photography and want to have fun, the First Monday Events are the place to be.

First Monday Flowers

First Monday Flowers

Today is the First Monday Event and 4 friends came over where we stat around and photographed flowers.  This was more of an exercise in doing time exposures with flashlights, but flowers make a great subject.

copyright 2015 db walton

Rose Lit by LEDs

copyright 2015 db walton

Rose Straight-on

The nice things about photographing flowers inside are 1) you don’t have to contend with the wind.  Even the slightest breeze will interfere with your picture, and 2) you can photograph from the comfort of a chair.  No fussing around with trying to get to the right height to shoot the flower.

So, it was a successful First Monday.  I’m enjoying the results of my flower pictures.

Elizabethe and I talked to a lady from Children Awaiting Parents.  They are looking for photographers to voluntarily photograph the children.  This goes right along with an idea I’ve had about starting a non-profit organization that would coordinate with photographers and adoption agencies to provide high quality portraits for the orphans’ file.  While it would be quite an undertaking, it would be a worthy cause.

The lady took us around their office and showed pictures other photographers have done.  She went down the list of the photographers they’ve used, and I didn’t recognize a single one of them.  That aside, I think I can help promote the idea and get some high-quality photographers involved.

First Monday May 2014

First Monday May 2014

We have a cool thing we do at the Beckwith Mansion on the First Monday every month.  We call it The First Monday Event.  It is actually part of photography by db walton llc and Palmyra Photographic Workshops.  Today is the First Monday in May 2014!

As part of our First Monday Event we did a fun activity called the Power of Three.  The way the activity went was the first person to photograph something would tag someone else to take a 2nd photo.  They would look at the first, and then add their interpretation and take a 2nd shot.  Then, the first two people would go tag a 3rd who would look at the first two photos, and add their interpretation as a 3rd.

You can see some of the triptych images here:  https://www.facebook.com/palmyraphoto

Here are a few I took that were my favorites:

copyright 2014 db walton

Water in a Bucket

copyright 2014 db walton

Cracked Paint

copyright 2014 db walton

Bubble Wrap

My new lens came today.  YEAH!  It’s a 10-24mm for my Fujifilm X-E1.  This thing is great.  Sharp, high contrast, low distortion, etc.    It is also constructed very well.  Fujifilm lenses are some of the best constructed lenses I’ve handled.  I’ve got some high-end Canon lenses that don’t feel as well made.

copyright 2014 db walton

Guest Parking Area at the Mansion

I didn’t have a lot of time to play with the new lens because I had an event to photograph.

Elizabethe and I headed to Burgundy Basin for the BSA Council dinner.

First Monday November 2012

Our First Monday Event for Palmyra Photographic Workshops (http://www.palmyra-ny.com) was a trip to the Morse Family CSA Farm.  It was quite education as well as a great opportunity to take some photographs.

First Monday Group Picture

First Monday Group Picture

They grow some really interesting stuff.  Who would have thought that you could cross jimson weed with tomatoes?

Jimson Crossed with Tomato

It was a cold morning, but once we got in to the hoop-house, it felt nice and warm.

Hoop House

Hoop House Walls Covered with Moisture

So, if you’re in the Palmyra area, or visiting, and it is a First Monday, join us.

D. Brent Walton is a professional photographer and leads workshops and field trips.  The First Monday event is free.  To find out more, visit http://www.palmyra-ny.com.  To see Brent’s work, visit http://www.dbwalton.com and http://www.FineArtbyDB.com