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Familiar Face

Familiar Face

I’ve been learning this 3D software and one of the companies came out with a new product.  Another user wrote them and asked why the familiar face.  He said it’s the same face we’ve been seeing on ALL their products.

Well, I’m not sure if that’s completely true, but there isn’t a lot of variation on some of them.  It’s like a painter.  If you look at any painting by Walter Raine you see many of the men look the same, or a variation.  Then, you look at him and you see why the familiar face… it’s his.


It’s true with many artists.  You get use to creating a face a certain way and things all start looking like that.  One of the 3D asset creators has a definite style.  Her women seem to have a very similar lip structure and cheek structure.

I come along and tweek how the faces look.  Someday someone will look at them and say, “All Brent’s faces look alike.”

Not all artists recreate their own face in their paintings like Raine.   However, many have a face they like and they go with that.  I remember the cartoons of the 1970s by Don Bluth.  You can tell his style.

There’s definitely a familiar face in any artist’s work.