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Did I Need to Mow It?

Elizabethe asked what my plans were for the day.  I told her I am going to mow the lawn.  She asked, “Does it need it?”

This drought has left the lawn dry and dead looking.  The only thing that has grown has been weeds.  However, the heat has caused a lot of leaves to drop from the trees too.  So, I figured it would at least vacuum the leaves.

While I was making my rounds, I noticed the thunder storm the other night caused some branches to fall.

Fallen Branch from Walnut Tree

The second branch was hung up in the tree, but I managed to bring it safely down.

Another Fallen Branch

I am very thankful neither one came through the roof of the shed.  Both were over the shed.

When I got done mowing the lawn, it looked so much better.  I only filled 4 baskets with cut grass and leaves.  That’s not very much for 1.81 acres.

After cleaning up, I headed to Wegmans and Tops to grocery shop.  It’s been a few weeks and so we were past due for a lot of things.  However, we’ve been eating a lot of cucumbers and squash as our garden is producing lots of them.