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Dang Snow

Dang Snow

I often welcome snow, but this dang snow is very COLD.  It started off at 9″ and is now about 12″ (and has stopped for the day.)  It took a while to clear the driveway because the snow would fall to the side of the blower and I’d have to go back for a second pass.

Someone posted a picture on Facebook complaining about the 18″ snow.  They showed two things in the picture that were points of reference:  1) a small snow shovel with a blade about 8″ hight, and 2) the 4″ clapboard on their house.  It was 12″, not 18″.

Snowstorms, like fish, are always bigger than reality.

Blog Updates

I’m working on blog updates for days missed while I was traveling.  It is a lot of work, but the feedback has been positive.

It is so cold in the studio that I can’t get things warm enough for my fingers to move quickly.  Brrr… this cold snap is a strong one.  However, I keep plodding (blogging) along.

Winter Projects

I have not touched my winter projects yet.  Of course, the year started with a 10 day trip overseas, and now I’m playing catch up.

One of my winter projects is a posing corner for my Phicen figures.  Elizabethe gave me a hard time that I wasn’t this interested when she was doing Barbie stuff.  Hmmm… I think part of it is Barbie is not realistic, and Barbie doesn’t pose well.

I ordered an older version that is hard plastic so Elizabethe can use it as a dress form.  The silicone ones are too expensive and fragile.




A troll on a conservative Christian Facebook page vented is anger calling our God “mythical” and then saying, “There is no evidence that God exist.”

I will preface this by stating I was raised to be a scientist and mathemetician.  My first chemistry set was at age 7.   At age 9 or 10, my dad pointed to a table of textbooks in Spokane, Washington, and said, “You can pick any 5 and I will buy them so long as you read them.”

I took my scientist dad up on the offer.  (My dad was a biologist specializing in entomology.  He ended up spending his career teaching biology and chemistry.)  One of the books was a high school mathematics book.  Not only did I read it, but I also learned how to solve the problems.

Later, around age 11, he taught me how to figure out a genetic determinant.  My entire childhood was surrounded by scientific discovery and mathematics.  In college, I surpassed my dad in my knowledge of chemistry and mathematics and was soon tutoring him on things he would in turn teach his students.

Science was a way of life at home.

My Response

My response to the atheist who says there is no God is this…

If you say there is no evidence that God exists, then you aren’t looking, or you are unwilling to look at what is before you.

God has told us the following…

Ask and ye shall receive (Mark 11:24)
Ask and it shall be given (Matthew 7:7)
Knock and it shall be open unto you (Matthew 7:7)
Seek and ye shall find (Matthew 7:7)
If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask… and it shall be given him (James 1:5)
Hereby we do know that we know him, if we keep his commandments. (I John 2:3)
Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God. (Matthew 5:8)

Wait… what did that last one say?  For they shall see God?

Just referencing those scriptures, the unbelieving needs to ask… Have I asked?  Have I knocked (put forth effort)?  Am I seeking?  Do I keep God’s commandments?  Am I pure in heart?

I can hear the response, “Why would I do that when I know that God isn’t real?”

My Next Response

I know that God is real, and he does listen when we ask, and he does answer.  All of this requires effort.  Christ has said, “If any man will do his will (i.e. keep the commandments),  he shall know of the doctrine, whether it be of God, or whether I speak of myself.”

You cannot “know” that God isn’t real, when God himself reveals himself to those who seek him.  You can only choose not to believe he is real.

I can testify that God is real, but until you find out for yourself, you will never know.

Ice Cream Sale

Ice Cream Sale

An ice cream sale is my kind of sale.  I stopped at Breen’s to get some peppers and swung by the frozen section.  They had one of the premium brands on sale for $2.50 a carton.

Heck, yeah.  I bought some.

Blocking Idiots

I posted on Facebook that I block idiots, and the fact that people are reading my post says they are not on my idiot list.   Interesting comments.

What constitutes an idiot in my opinion?

  1. Internet trolls – people who go looking for an argument and never say anything nice in response to a post.
  2. Those who support evil – I can tolerate opinions regarding people’s views on evil practices, however, when someone makes it their crusade to embrace evil and campaign for it, I block them. (Hmmm… campaign for it sounds political, but I’m not talking about politics.)
  3. People who constantly push stupid ideas – This is a tough one, and I’ve weeded most of them out.  These are people who one day will say baking soda cures cancer.  The next day they will say salt (or epson salts) and vinegar works as well as Roundup.  Comes winter they will say you can heat an entire room with 4 tea candles.  Yes, they are gullible, but please… I don’t want to see this stuff every time I peek into Facebook.

I don’t “hate” these people, but I do greatly dislike what they post.  The only way Facebook provides to remove these from my sight is by blocking them.

Does this mean I have thin skin?

Well, that’s subjective.  It’s more like I have high blood pressure and I’m trying to keep it down.  It wastes my time to see this stuff.

How is it working?

It’s working great.  I still see an occasional post from a friend or two that falls in to one of those categories.  However, I don’t block them because they don’t make it their daily routine to do these things.

For example, if someone says socialism is great, fine.  They have a stupid idea in my opinion.  However, if every one of their posts is to campaign for socialism and convince others socialism is great, then I block them.

It works great.

Too Wet to Mow

Too Wet to Mow

It is too wet to mow the lawn today.  While that might sound like an excuse, which it is, I’m just not up to mowing the lawn today.  Or tomorrow, for that matter.

I realize it has to get mowed sometime this week.  When I do mow it, I think it will be without the catcher this time.  We’ll see how the next few days go.

Lunch with Steve

Steve, one of our tenants, took us to lunch today at Empire Grill.  We had a nice visit with him.  He’s a retired RADAR engineer and an all around nice guy.

Garden Supplies

From there it was a trip to Lowe’s and the ATM.  Elizabethe needs a new hose.  We got a 100′ no knink, no break hose.  Because they aren’t cheap, and because they come with a lifetime warranty, I suggested to Elizabethe we hold on to the warranty information in case it breaks.

Route 66 Admin Stuff

I spent time working on Route 66 administration stuff today.  We have a software company that is providing us with copies of their software.  In exchange we will feature and mention how we use their software.

Here are the links to our Route 66 pages:

Make sure you like and follow these pages.   You’ll have a front seat tour of Route 66 comes September.

CSM Assignments

CSM Assignments

We received new CSM Assignments today.  Now comes the difficult part.  That is, getting people to model for the assignments.

Where is the list of CSM Assignments currently:

Fathers interacting with their children
Title: Joy of fatherhood
Due: June 11th

Employee wellnewss
Title: Health and Wellness
walking, hiking, eathing healthy, workforce ages (18 to 65)
Due: June 23rd

Primary Leaders with their kids
Title: My calling with Primary children
fun activities and spiritual activities
ages 3-11, leaders of all ages
Due: June 29th

Young men/women leaders interacting with youth
Title: My Calling with Youth
fun activities and spiritual activities
Youth 12-18, leaders of all ages
Due: June 29th

Mission Calls
Title: Missionary Calls
Photos of missionaries opening their mission calls. Photos should be intimate and focused on the missionary opening the call in a reverent, personal setting. (i.e. not a big production)
Due: Aug 13th

How to Tell if You’re A Troll

I got thinking about a specific person I blocked on Facebook.  A former co-worker, I blocked him because he was trolling me.  But, I don’t think he realizes he was behaving like a troll.

A troll is a person who targets another person on social media or online forums.  They follow the person and wait for that person to post something they can either discredit, argue, insult, or somehow negatively respond.  (You can read more here:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internet_troll )

This has prompted me to ponder this, and I thought I would spell it out.  I title this, “How to Tell if You’re a Troll”.

  1. You follow or subscribe to the target’s page (now, this in itself isn’t bad).  Your sole reason in doing so is to find something to disagree about.
  2. Your posts to the target’s page are inflammatory, argumentative, upsetting, etc.
  3. You have never posted anything positive to the target’s page.   All your posts have been negative.  You’ve never left the target a positive comment or agreed with anything they’ve posted.
  4. When you engage your target, your main purpose is to prove them wrong, embarrass them, or show your superiority.  (i.e.  you’re a bully)
  5. You find doing this amusing.
  6. After reading this list, you rationalize your reason for doing the above because you don’t see yourself as a troll, but an Internet savior, saving the world from this person’s stupidity.  (i.e. you’re a sociopath.)  A troll’s common response to something like this would be to deflect (i.e. try making a joke like, “Are you calling me a troll”, or argue.

Here’s the sad part…

Because of the narcissistic personality of the troll, they will hit #6, deny it, and not make any effort to change.

How to Tell if You’re Troll-bait

My dear departed friend Enrico used to say, “If you want people to hate you, become successful.”

There’s a lot of sad, ironic truth to that.  It’s more than being successful that attracts the trolls.  It’s being moral that attracts them too.  I guess what I’m saying is, if you’re troll-bait, it’s a good thing.  Just ignore the trolls, or block them if you will, but whatever you do, don’t feed the trolls.

On to More Cheerful Things

I saw our beautiful peonies in bloom.  I grabbed the camera.

copyright 2017 db walton


copyright 2017 db walton


And, while I am at it I might as well photograph some of the other flowers too.

copyright 2017 db walton


copyright 2017 db walton


copyright 2017 db walton

Mock Orange

copyright 2017 db walton


You Need

You Need

My wife tells me, “You need to blog this.”

So, I’m blogging it.

Facebook Moronic Behavior

There is some moronic behavior on Facebook, and what concerns me the most is that it is sucking in some good people.  Smart, intelligent people are falling for it every day.  It’s to the point where I ignore most of what I see on Facebook.

Here’s how it works…

Someone sees a headline.

This is when the lunacy begins.  Without going to the  applicable source of the news, they start sharing the article. Next is a feeding frenzy.   People commenting about how stupid it is and get all irate.  The truth of the matter doesn’t even resemble the headline, yet lots of people get their undies in a bunch without checking things out.

Here’s a good example

A politician (you can google it if you want) says the Democratic Party brought us the KKK.


They did.  You can read a summary of the Klan’s history on Wikipedia.  Why is this so scandalous?  It’s a simple statement of history.

But, no.  Unwitted people have to start posting and sharing it like as though by doing so it will change history.  They think they can argue and history will change.

Then there are those who think they are so clever by jumping in to the fray and arguing that the Republicans back in the 1800s were Democrats, and the Democrats today are actually Republicans.


Again, moronic behavior.  This soon degrades in to insults.  Oh, they won’t admit it is an insult, but when you bring it down to a personal level, it’s an insult.

Dude, it’s history.  Live with it. Stop making excuses for it.

Other Examples

Other examples include impossible feats.  I’ve shared some of these in the past.  My favorite example is the guy who claims he heats his place with a single candle covered by a clay flowerpot.


Have you ever sat in a cold room with a candle burning?  Did that candle heat the entire room?

Gee whiz… think people.  A single candle doesn’t heat a room, epsom salt and vinegar doesn’t work as an herbicide, onions don’t cause food poisoning and zero calorie drinks can’t make you fat.

Burned Once or Twice

I’ve even been burned once or twice.  One was a video clip of Obama saying something.  It really made him sound stupid.  I bought in to the frenzy and shared the video.

It wasn’t until someone else shared the ENTIRE speech that I realized I’d been duped.  When listing to the entire speech you realized the short version left off a negation before the comment, thus making it sould 180 degrees out of context.

My Favorite Peeve

My favorite peeve is the person that shares a story where the headline reads to the effect, “Congress Passes Law… ”

Do you know how easy it is too look up what Congress does?  You go to congress.gov and you LOOK.

One such posted listed the H.R. Bill.  H.R. Bills are assigned a number.  You go to congress.gov and you search for HR followed by the number.  It will take you right to the bill.  You then read it.

I remember one from years ago that said Congress voted to make it illegal to store food at home.  It gave the bill number.  I went to congress.gov and read the bill.  There wasn’t a single mention of storing food.  None.  In fact, it wasn’t even remotely connected.

A Call To Action

I’m issuing a call to action.  You need to go to the source before sharing anything on social media.  Of course, if it is your own personal information (which is what I’d like to see… I enjoy seeing pictures of your family and notes about what you’re doing), then you’re the source.  But if it is about Trump, Pelosi, Brad Pitt, the local school district, or any other gossip, go find the source’s statement.  If you can’t find it, don’t repeat it.  This guy is sick of it.

I’m going back to my photography.



My daughter and I were talking about blocking people on Facebook.  A friend of one of my daughters posted this:
“I think social media has become something different than what I now enjoy participating in. It’s full of hate, ignorant and intolerant comments, re-posting of memes rather than personal comments and thoughts, and people’s desperate attempts to get “likes” or find self value because they want to be validated online or go “viral”. While I certainly laugh at a good meme or shared video, I feel like social media has become more about political agendas, pushing propaganda, and perpetuating division among my friends and family, and
“I’m no longer OK with that.
“I want to know how you are doing. I want to see pictures and videos of your family, kids, friends, and what adventures you are on together. I want to hear about how you are doing good in the world to make it a better place. I want to see and hear about your personal hobbies and passions or hear about how you finally got that job you’ve been working your butt off to get, or self improve to be a better person.
“We can all do better. We can contribute more to society than internet memes and trolling comments. As I scroll through my news-feed for the next few weeks, I will be removing those people from my friends list that don’t offer my life positive value. It’s nothing personal, and you can always reach out to me through email or my cell phone. I just don’t want to be part of the negativity on Facebook anymore. Life is seriously so short already. I choose to be happy and I’m now choosing to only fill my social media with positive people who lift me up, and not those who spread contention. So please don’t take being unfriended personally. We can still be friends in real life. (Which is more important anyways).”

I Couldn’t Have Said It Any Better

Over the last year in order to make social media a better experience I’ve blocked a lot of people. Some were people I didn’t know (perhaps friends of friends? Why I saw their feed, is beyond me.) and others were friends.
The number 1 reason I’ve had for blocking people is this…
Trolling – people who seek out people and post argumentative or defamatory to their posts. The never congratulate the person on achievements, nor do they engage in positive discussion. They seem to be on FB simply to stir-the-pot, as they say.
Number 2 reason – Lots of profanity. I might let certain words pass once or twice, but as soon as I see a person’s post with F this and F that, it’s block this!
Number 3 reason – embracing evil. Yeah, that’s open to a lot of interpretation, but when it is constant in-your-face stuff that goes against common decency and civility, I don’t want to see it. (I think this has only happened a couple of times. Both times I didn’t know who the person was and we had very few common friends on FB.)

Your Living Room

Your Living Room

I was thinking about social media today — its benefits and ills.  I came to this conclusion:  If people treated it like your living room, it would be a better virtual place.  Let’s face it; you deserve a certain level of respect when people are visiting in your living room.

A few months ago I decided to start cleaning things up in my virtual living room (aka Facebook).  I started by unfollowing those who posted things that were vulgar.  My next step was to block the trolls.  (Blocking is more effective than unfriending because when you block someone, it also stops them from trolling your comments made to mutual friends.)

It has greatly cleaned up the experience.  Seldom do I see posts with 4-letter words now.  It has also reduced the unpleasantries of disrespect and inflammatory remarks.

The irony is this… I now get lots of friend requests from people who have no other Facebook friends.  Coincidental?  I have no way to tell.  I just find it odd that I get a friend request from a person I don’t know, they have zero Facebook friends, and only one image on their page.  (And, the image is usually an attractive young lady.)  Needless to say, I don’t invite them to come in and sit down.  After all, it is my living room and I no longer invite just anyone to come in and sit down.

While this works great, I’ve had to exercise some tough-love.  Those considered to be friends have been unfollowed or blocked.  Imagine having a closed circuit TV in your front room monitoring your friends.  Friends who do obnoxious things get their closed circuit TV shut off (i.e. unfollowed).  Other friends come in and put their feet on your coffee table and scratch it up (i.e. troll your posts), or leave a mess (repeatedly use vulgarity).  These you finally have to ask them to leave your house (i.e. block them).  It’s tough-love, but you deserve a certain level of respect in your house.

The common misconception by many is that your timeline is theirs too.  Sorry.  I disagree.  Facebook doesn’t call it “our timeline”, they call it “your timeline”.  And, since they assign ownership, and allow me to set conditions (like “only your friends” can see my timeline), it is mine to decided the rules.  Just like you don’t put your feet on my new coffee table, you don’t bring trash onto my timeline.

It rained all day today.  That’s good because the lawn needed it.  (Nobody has sprinkler systems out here.)  When it came time to go to the temple, it had stopped.



My wife walked in to the room and after a few minutes she leaned towards me and whispered, “He’s smarmy.” A good judge of character (my wife, that is), I later learned she was correct.

While she doesn’t use social media, I would love to get her take on some people on Facebook.  Smarmy, unctuous, greasy, or downright treacherous, I’ve come across them all.


The anonymity of Facebook, even though Facebook requires people to be “real people”, is enough for some people to hide behind their profile.  Because they can hide, they say things that are hurtful. That is why she chooses not to be on Facebook.

Stock Pictures

I’m taking more stock photos.  My studio now has a cyclorama table that allows me to photograph small objects.  This was one of my favorites from today.

copyright 2016 db walton

Chili Peppers

Comes summer I think I’ll be taking more produce photos.  Or, will I be producing more produce photos?  Either way, I love how this chili photo turned out.

Fine Art by DB

If you never have, please take a moment to visit my Fine Art store at www.FineArtbyDB.com.

copyright 2016 db walton

Winter Flower

There are plenty of images to choose from, and you can order them already framed, matted, glazed and ready to hang on the wall.  Keep in mind, the price is usually less than what you’d pay at Michael’s with a half-off coupon just for the frame, matting and glazing!


A Better Experience

A Better Experience

There is a way to make Facebook a better experience.  I swear, there is so much garbage being posted.  Such garbage destroyed MySpace, and I believe it will eventually destroy Facebook.

Here is my list for making Facebook a better experience.

    1. If you click on something, and it says it will need to login using Facebook, stop there and close your browser and make note to NEVER click on that post again.  Such examples are nametests.com and meaww.com.  I’ve read articles in computer security columns listing them as two of the top 9 most dangerous web sites to visit.  NOBODY NEEDS TO LOGIN WITH YOUR FACEBOOK ACCOUNT!
    2. Using the little arrow in the upper right corner of a post, you can block stuff you don’t want to see.
    3. Using the options under that arrow, you can unfollow a person, block them, or simply hide the post or delete it from your time line.
copyright 2016 db walton

A Better Facebook Experience – click to enlarge

I also have developed some rules…

  1. If I know you and you post obnoxious stuff, I stop following your posts.
  2. If I don’t know you, and you post obnoxious stuff, I block you.
  3. If you post obscene stuff, I block you and report you to Facebook.
  4. If I know you or not, and you troll me or my friends, I’ll block you.
  5. If your a friend (in real life), and you goof up and post something that is from a hacker site, or has some obscene references, I’ll block the site the post came from.  But, if you keep doing it, go back to item 1 on this list.

In the groups where I have administration privileges we have problems with trolls.  (A troll is someone who targets a person or group simply to harass them.)  I report all trolls to Facebook and I also block them from the group.

Making it Work

Making it work is easy on a personal basis, but if enough of us did this, Facebook would start to clean up the trash.  They are all about selling advertising.  They want people to have a good experience so their ads will be seen.