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Next Week

Next Week

Next week we will wake up asking, “Who won the election?”

I dread the thought.

Never have I felt so discouraged about the prospects of our next president.  I’m happy Evan McMullin decided to run.  Don’t get me wrong, I like Chris Keniston (Veteran’s Party Candidate), but he was not able to gain any momentum.  Evan on the other hand has the media’s attention.

I don’t like him because he’s L.D.S.  Heck, Harry Reid is L.D.S. and I don’t like him!  I like him because he truly is conservative.  We have three liberal authoritarians at the top:  Hillary Clinton (who’s policies are actually less authoritarian than Trump’s), Donald Trump (the man who will build a wall between US and Mexico by executive order if he has to), and Gary Johnson (the guy who will force parents to give their children immunization vaccines at gunpoint if he has to).  I like McMullin because he isn’t talking crazy like these other three.

On the Local Front

On the local front we have a congressman who is a Republican that pushed for buying security equipment for overseas airports.  Why aren’t the airlines buying this stuff?  What is it our job to purchase stuff for other countries?  Yeah, another RINO move.  Plus, he’s served his term.  It’s time to find a decent write-in.

We have a career politician retiring from the state senate, and another career politician wanting to take her place.  A write-in independent has come forward and he’s getting smeared by her.

About the only candidates that aren’t getting smeared are those running unopposed.

Evan McMullin

Evan McMullin

My interest shifted away from Chris Keniston to Evan McMullin for President.  Even is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, worked for the C.I.A. and a BYU graduate.  He is running as an independent.

Evan is Johnny-come-lately, but his popularity is rapidly gaining.

What I Like

What I like is he is a true conservative (in the political sense).  Trump, Clinton and Johnson are as liberal as they come politically.  Johnson and Trump have a few fiscally conservative ideas, however I can’t trust them.  Clinton is liberal both fiscally and politically.

Trump carries baggage  from the past.  It makes you wonder if those past behaviors are because of character flaws.  Johnson is morally bankrupt – drug use and living-in-sin (as we used to say).  Clinton is off the deep-end when it comes to scandals.  I’ve never in my life seen a candidate so scandal ridden.

Right now, McMullin seems to be the only candidate beyond reproach.


Tonight’s temple shift was enjoyable.  Some of the missionaries have already left, and others are about to leave.  Going to the temple is a refreshing break from the political scandals and bad stuff going on in the world.

That’s another thing…

I like a candidate whom I know goes to the temple.  While people can lie to their bishop and stake president to get a recommend, most do not.  Most are good, honorable, honest people.  I know Romney is such a man, but he isn’t running, and I believe McMullin to be such a man.




An anti-Mormon by any other name is still anti-Mormon.  I just read about a guy who is being excommunicated for, as he puts it, asking questions.  Curious as to what questions he is asking, I found his web site.

His questions are the same questions anti-Mormons ask Mormons to engage us in debate and argument.  Asking a question is no sin if you ask in sincerity.  Asking to find fault is another story. His letter is nothing new, but it does illustrate that he sympathises with those whose teachings are contrary to the teachings of the church.

Pride goeth before the fall.


In a discussion with a friend about beards, the Word of Wisdom came up.  After some research about the Word of Wisdom and temple recommends, I came to the conclusion that the Word of Wisdom is an important enough commandment that it should be in the temple recommend questions.  While temple-goers are not asked about every aspect of the Word of Wisdom, they are expected to meet a certain standard – no coffee, tea, tobacco or illegal drugs, or abuse of prescription drugs.

I then said to my friend, “The Word of Wisdom is a commandment.  Growing a beard may go against certain church policies, but policies change and having a beard is not a sin.”

On a Roll

I feel like I’m on a roll here.  Let’s talk about Republican’s supporting Gary Johnson.  Say, “What?”

I’m sorry, as a Latter-day Saint I will not vote for someone who is shacking up with his girlfriend because they are “too busy” to get married, is a pot-head, wants to decriminalize drugs, prostitution and says he is against abortion but out of the other side of his mouth says he is “pro-choice”.

Right now, I’m supporting Evan McMullin if he makes it as an official candidate.  Otherwise, it is Chris Keniston.


Okay, what’s going on today around here…

I went to Lock 30 and back, and spent the evening in the temple.