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Elk Where?

Elk Where?

There are elk where?

Elizabethe and Jennifer headed to a Relief Society meeting, and I got to spend the day with two of my grandchildren.  After breakfast they convinced me to take them to see the elk.

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Playing a Game with Grandpa

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That Smirk

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Coloring His Pen

They have no idea where this elk reserve is, so I said, “Hello, Google.  Give me directions to the nearest elk reserve.”

Google responded with directions, and I followed them.  It took us to a state park, and the children said, “This isn’t it.”

The kiosk at the state park had a map titled, “ELK PARK”.  I picked it up.  Because this map talked about the elk reserve, I figured it would lead us there.  After all, we are in Elk County, Pennsylvania.

The Drive

The drive was fun.  We talked about all sorts of stuff stuff.  We quizzed each other on some fun math story problems.  But, most of all, we had fun being together.

Finally, we found the Elk Reserve.  The kids wanted to hit the gift shop.  Dragging them out of there was another thing.  They had to pick up every item and note, “That’s too expensive.”

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At the Elk Reserve

We made it out and walked to a viewing blind.  Once there we scanned the area below and didn’t see any.  I’m not sure what the likelihood of seeing one is, but today it appeared to be zero.

The Drive Home

The drive home was equally as fun as the drive there.  Once we got to Johnsonberg we hit the local Chinese Take-Out.  I swear these places get their menus from the same place.  As a result, it was like looking at a Happiness Garden Menu.

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Drama Over Ordering

The two of them started arguing over orange chicken, sesame chicken and sweet and sour chicken.  Consequently I stopped the argument by saying, “You pick what you want, and you pick what you want.  We have enough money that you can both get what you want.”

We brought the food home and enjoyed a nice meal.  About the time we were cleaning up, Jennifer and Elizabethe arrived.  They showed us the cool paintings they made at Relief Society, however, it was time for Elizabethe and I to leave.

Back to New York

Elizabethe and I are heading back to New York.  It’s been a fun visit.