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Taking Becky to Niagara Falls

Taking Becky to Niagara Falls

We’re taking Becky to Niagara Falls today.  I went to my networking meeting and then we headed off to the falls.  We’re taking I-90 because it’s faster than NY SR 31.

When we got the Niagara Falls, we were ready to eat again.  We found a tiny diner where ate outside enjoying this WARM day.

Niagara and Passports

We found a parking spot right by the Rainbow Bridge.  I saw a Customs Agent and yelled through the fence and asked about Elizabethe’s passport.  He said, “No problem.”

copyright 2017 db walton

Rainbow Bridge from Canada to USA

We walked across the bridge, but the heat about did Elizabethe in.  We managed to get to the Sheraton Hotel’s lobby where she said she’d wait for us to see the falls.

The Falls

The falls were beautiful.  It was fairly clear, but very hot and sticky.  Beck and I walked down to the bring of Horseshoe Falls.

copyright 2017 db walton

Becky with the Falls in the Background

It was a great day for photographing the falls because it was clear (vs raining).

copyright 2017 db walton

Becky Photographing the Falls

USA Side

We headed back to the Sheraton and met up with Elizabethe and walked back across the Rainbow Bridge.  Once on the USA side we purchased tram passes and road the tram down to Horseshoe Falls.

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Becky and Beth on the USA Side of Horseshoe Falls

When we were all done, we piled in the car and drove to Kirtland.  We stopped at the Angola Rest Stop for dinner.  That is the best rest stop on I-90 in New York.  They have a great selection of places to eat.  We also picked up a box of cinnamon rolls for dessert.

It was quite late when we arrived at the motel.

Kirtland tomorrow.

Harmony with Becky

Harmony with Becky

We’re in Harmony with Becky… literally, we’re in Harmony, Pennsylvania.  It’s now the Oakland Township and is located across the river from Susquehanna, Pennsylvania.  It is a 2.5 hour drive from here via I-90 and I-81.

The drive down was through a heavy rainstorm.  We saw the everything we wanted to see outdoors and it remained dry.  When it came time to leave, it started to rain again.  And, again, it came down heavily.

Returning to the Site

Returning to the site is exciting since I played a role in the pre-dedication.  It was fun to see the homes now that the vegetation is starting to fill in.  It looks finished, whereas before it looked like it was under construction.

copyright 2017 db walton

Blackeyed Susans Growing at the Site

copyright 2017 db walton

Elizabethe and Becky and Sister Stackman in the Restoration Grove

copyright 2017 db walton

Harmony Chapel

They loaned an electric scooter to Elizabethe.  She really enjoyed being able to use it.  Too much walking takes the joy out of travel for her.

Drive Home

The drive home was very rainy.  At one point it came down so hard I could hardly see out of the windshield.  My phone sounded an alert for a flash flood warning as we were between Binghamton and Syracuse.

We stopped at Friendly’s and I got a shake, and Elizabethe and Becky got a frosty from Wendy’s (across the street).  Hmmm… I’d have a hand scooped shake any day over soft-serve ice cream.

Another Packed Day

Another Packed Day

Today was another packed day.  It was even busier than yesterday.  At one point, I came in the house and Elizabethe asked if I was done.  I said, “Nope, just stopping to use the bathroom”, and I was out the door again.

When all of that was done, I came home and pulled the tractor out and drove around in circles blowing the leaves all to manageable piles.  I discovered that after a while, the wall of leaves gets too tall to blow with the tractor.  Before long, it was dark and I had to pull the tractor into its little garage.

It has been another warm day, but overcast and looking like it is going to rain.  In fact, they say it is a high percentage chance that it will rain tomorrow.  If it does, I guess we’ll cancel the missionaries coming to help with the leaves.

While I was out today, I was a little early for my appointment so I stopped in to Tractor Supply to kill about 15 minutes.  I discovered their close-out table and found some nice stocking stuffers for Elizabethe.

Later, I stopped by the other Tractor Supply on my way to make deposits.  They had a totally different selection of closeout stuff.  I picked up a few more things for Christmas gifts.  I’m getting Christmas shopping done early while things like this are still available.


December Already?

December Already?

It is December already?  My goodness where does the time go.

Four people joined us for the 1st Monday Event today.  We took photos of Elizabethe’s Christmas Village.

copyright 2014 db walton

Elizabethe’s Christmas Village

I put my camera on the tripod and although I sat most of the time they were taking pictures, I did manage to do a couple of photos with my camera.

copyright 2014 db walton

Christmas Village

Perhaps I’ll turn some of these in to paintings.  We’ll see.

By the way, you can see Elizabethe’s Christmas Village on Saturday, December 6th, as our home is featured in the Christmas Home Tour sponsored by Historic Palmyra.

So, the First Monday Event was a success.  I think they had a lot of fun photographing these tiny houses Elizabethe has painted and arranged.  It will be fun to see what each person does with their photographs.

Again, it is hard to believe it is December already.  Time goes much too quickly any more.  Before you know it, I’ll be 80 and this blog will have been going on for over 20 years.

Remember as a kid when you’d start school in September and Christmas would seem like an eternity away?  Let’s not even think about how far away June and summer vacation was.  It was just too far away to comprehend.

In the mean time, I’ll keep plugging along.  Tomorrow it will be April 15th, time to do taxes again, then the next day it’s Christmas again, and then New Years.  Yeah, it seems like just a few days.

Pageant Room Available!!!

We will have a small suite available to rent during Hill Cumorah Pageant at the Beckwith Mansion and Estate (http://www.beckwithmansion.com/).  We’ve got a renter who is leaving and that opens up a new room.  This is GREAT news because, as far as I know, the only vacancy in Palmyra during pageant.

This is a suite (private bathroom) and it will rent for $220/night between 7/12 and 7/21/2012.  Discount for booking 3 or more nights.  Call immediately if you want to reserve this room.  Payment due at the time of booking and is non-refundable at this late date.  You can reach me at (925) 759-3002.

If you want to see the room, go to http://www.beckwithmansion.com/ and on the right side of the screen, click on Dormer Suite.  This is the BEST room and it will go quickly once the word gets out.

Father’s Day 2012

After church today, they handed out chocolate bars to all of the fathers.  They didn’t anticipate so many visitors and they ran out.  Fortunately, they had some chocolates left over from Mother’s Day and the situation was soon remedied.

During Sunday School, they showed a video about Pageant 2012, which will be the 75th Anniversary of the Hill Cumorah Pageant.  75 years ago, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints put on the first pageant.  Back then, it was all done by missionaries.   When they rewrote the pageant (written by Orson Scott Card), the pageant focused on a chronological story of the Book of Mormon.

Elizabethe and I enjoyed a quiet afternoon with many of the girls calling to wish me a Happy Father’s Day.  I also talked to my dad for a while.

We had the elder’s (missionaries) for dinner.  I figured since it was Father’s Day, I’d make steak.  Best steak I have had in a long time.  Better than any I’ve had at any restaurants lately.

It was a nice Father’s Day.

Wednesday Morning 3 a.m.

Okay, I wasn’t up at 3 a.m.  I’m just on this song kick… Monday Monday, Tuesday Afternoon, now Simon and Garfunkel’s Wednesday Morning 3 a.m.

Now that I’ve got your attention, one of the 101 things was to strike up a conversation with a tourist.  I did that today.  (#74 on the list).  It turns out this lady was here with her daughter and her daughter’s kids.  Their other grandpa was my old bishop, Floyd Andrus!!!  Small WORLD!

Speaking of the list…

  • Hang-out in the morning at Fudge Corner Candy Square with the locals, order a cup of hot cocoa, and shoot-the-breeze about the news of the day
  • Play in a huge pile of leaves (early-mid November)
  • Volunteer to help restore one of the historical sites (talk to Bonnie Hays)
  • Take a canal boat ride (rides are available in Pittsford, New York)
  • Go shopping for a home in Palmyra (contact Kim Dey at Nothnagel, 800 E Main)

I also had a nice talk with Elder and Sister Nielsen.  They were serving at the Grandin Building.

If you, or someone you know, is planning to visit Palmyra (and this goes back to my conversation with the Nielsens), do yourself a favor and talk to me before you plan your trip.  We were talking about how people rush through our tiny village and miss so much.  These missionaries serving at the church sites have really studied what happened here.  You may think you know the story of the publishing of the Book of Mormon, or the First Vision, but they may share things with you that you didn’t know.

Also, Palmyra has so much history.  It is interesting to put the pieces together, which you can only do if you stay long enough to really see the place and understand what happened here, and what continues to take place in these parts.

My Favorite Location in the Grove

Many people come through here and don’t realize that Rochester, New York, is so close to Palmyra.  You don’t hear much about Rochester in church history, but Rochester’s contributions to our lives is important.  And, when you read about revelations in Manchester, New York, do you spend enough time here to learn where that is?

They are painting the double-yellow line.  There was no traffic, so I went out in the street in front of my house and got this shot.


Our village at the cross-roads of Western New York is a small place with a big history.  I love living here, and I love running in to people that I have something in common with.  I also love the contributions this tiny location has had to the history of the world.

Tuesday Afternoon

Yesterday I made reference to the Mamas and the Papas song, Monday Monday.  Well, why not the Moody Blues and Tuesday Afternoon today?

My afternoon was spent with Elder Ellsworth.  He helped me do some service for one of my home teaching families, for which I am forever grateful to Elder Ellsworth.  It wasn’t a lot, but having someone else help you with something like this has its own blessings.  So, publically, “Thank You Elder Ellsworth!”


From there, it was home to get cleaned up and then off to the temple.  It seemed a little slow tonight, which I don’t fully understand.  When it is bad weather, you would think we’d get more people at the temple since it is too rainy to be outdoors.


Now for 71-75 of 101 Things to do in Palmyra, New York…

  • Take a four-season hike through the Sacred Grove (make sure your winter hike is after a snow)
  • Buy some maple syrup made by the Everson’s (Clifton Springs Road, but also sold at the Palmyra Inn and Candy Corner Fudge Square).
  • Ask Les (Candy Corner Fudge Square) to make you a pina colada smoothy (summer)
  • Strike up a conversation with a tourist (any day of the week, any time of year)
  • Go to one of the church BBQs or dinners (held frequently)

Monday, Monday

The Mamas and the Papas sang about it.  For some, it is the day after three evenings of partying and playing hard which means recovering from their indiscretions.  For others it is the start of a new work-week.  For me, it is my get-things-done-day:  mowing the lawn, grocery shopping, house repairs, etc.  The only problem with one day a week to do all this stuff is you get worn out.

I had to visit three stores today to get my shopping done.  (Oh, and that reminds me to come back to my experience at Lowe’s.)  I made a trip to Lowe’s to get stuff for the garden, house and yard.  Then, I went to Tops to get some items they had on sale.  From there, I went to Wegman’s for some items they had on sale.  Of course, after getting all that stuff, I had to come home and unload the car and put the food away.

When I got done putting the food away, I realized I was out of gas for the tractor.  It was back on the road to get the gas cans filled.  (There is something unnerving about driving around with full gas cans in your car.)  Getting the gas isn’t the hard part.  It is pouring the gas from the can in to the tractor.  Two gallons of gas weights nearly 20 pounds, and you have to hold it in an unnatural position for several minutes while it slowly empties in to the tank.

I wonder if I would get a ticket for driving the tractor to the gas station?

Back to Lowe’s…

I bought the only brass wood screws in the size I need (#2) that were not tapered heads.   They did not have pan-head screws, and the round head screws were only slotted – no Philips.  I really wanted Philips because they are less likely to slide out from underneath the pressure of the screw driver.

Given I have lots of these to screw in, I went looking for a screwdriver bit for a #2 slotted screw.  Not only did they not have any, they only had Philips, or Philips with large (not small like a #2) slotted bits at the other end.

I miss the days of being able to go to a hardware store and find exactly what you want.  I also miss the days when you could say, “I want a #2 pan-head Philips screw in brass,” and have the person understand what I am talking about.  I asked for a slotted screw and the guy looked at me like, “Huh?”  You have to point to a package and say, “See, ‘slotted’.”  (It says, “Slotted”, on the package.)  Only to have him say, “Oh, straight.”

No, I want a crooked screw.

We live in a day and age where people at the hardware store don’t know the difference between a spade and a shovel, a cross-cut or rip-cut blade, a Philips and a slotted screw head.  Heck, we call sweet potatoes “yams” in the grocery store.  I guess it is a sign of our times.


Here are the next 5 things to do while in Palmyra…

  • Dinner at Nima’s Pizza (best calzones around)
  • Walk the village streets looking at the various old houses
  • Stay a night at the Pamyra Inn (Rt. 21 & Temple Road)
  • Stand on the old part of Stafford Road between the Smith frame and log homes, while looking at the L.D.S. Temple while the sunsets (or rises)
  • Go bird-watching near the canal

Stake Conference and the next 5

Here’s 61-65:

  • Visit the library (400 block of E Main)
  • Find Bonnie Hays and ask questions about Palmyra’s history
  • Go on a Ghost Walk (ask Bonnie Hays about dates and times)
  • Visit the Print Shop Museum (140 Market Street)
  • Stand at the corner of Main & Church street and admire the only corner in the U.S.A. with a different church on each corner.

Stake Conference was well attended.  Sitting on the stand (as organist) means you only see the backs of the heads of the speakers.  Sometimes, this means you don’t ever see their face.  As a result, you can’t find them after the meeting and thank them for their comments.  Well, unless you recognize the back of their head.

Our room renter, Dan, caught a big salmon yesterday and he gave us some of the meat.  I cooked it today for the missionaries.  We had salmon, mashed potatoes, baked beans and mixed vegetables for dinner.  Nothing beats fresh salmon for taste and texture.  Elizabethe enjoyed it, and she’s not a big fish fan.

After dinner, we rushed back to the stake center for a temple worker devotional.  A couple of the stake presidents in the temple district talked, as well as our recently released area authority, Elder Cook.

It’s been a busy day.  I’m exhausted.  My brain is already starting to thing of the things I have to do tomorrow.