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5 More Things From 101 Things to do in Palmyra, NY

Continuing my list…

  1. our the E.B. Grandin Building (217 E Main Street)

  2. Visit Alvin Smith’s Grave (Old cemetery on Church Street)

  3. Buy fudge at Candy Corner Fudge Square (205 E Main Street), Say, “Hi”, to Les & Joan

  4. Buy a used book next door (207 E Main Street)

  5. Buy postcards at Latter-day Harvest House (213 E Main Street)

  6. Shop for antiques at Brickhouse Antiques (247 E Main Street)

Don’t worry about compiling the list.  First of all, I’ll post all 101 and more when I reach the end. 

Autumn Days

Today was a great day for this area.  No rain and lots of sunshine.  It would have been a great day for checking out the autumn colors.

We ended up having all but one room filled tonight.  We had a family from Colorado and a man from Pleasant Grove, Utah, visiting.

Being Tuesday, it was our night to work at the temple.  Our temple missionaries only have a couple of weeks left before they return home.  (Hint:  If you want to serve a 6 month temple mission here, it’s time to start acting on it.  They typically issue the calls around year’s end.)

Studio with Woodbine Turning Red

Happy Birthday Dear

Happy Birthday to my dear wife.  Just a little trivia, but had she been born a little earlier, she would have been born on February 29th.  In that event, she would have only had 13 birthdays.

I worked from my home office today because I had both plumbers and electricians coming to the house.  Plumbers to fix the leak in the dry house (studio).  Electricians to wire 4 new circuits in preparation to having a generator installed.

Here’s what gets me… the water department did not know that I have 2 shut-off valves – one for the dry house, and one for the house.  They had to be called back to find the one for the dry house.  Now, why don’t they mark the curb or the street as to where these valves are?

Well, they don’t.   But I’m going to.  I don’t want to be in a situation where we have a broken pipe and they can’t find the shut off.

I had a nice evening in the temple tonight.  Today was the 1st day back in operation since being closed for February.  They made a nice lunch room for the workers and re-modeled the waiting area and foyer.  It really looks nice.

New Renters and Date Night

We got new renters last night.  A young couple moved in to unit #6.  So, we now have all 4 units in the village rented, AND we got a call from a missionary who wants to rent the suite for 6 months starting in April.  They are just waiting for their mission calls.

We decided to get take out from Happiness Garden.  I was going to be brave and try something new, but settled on the same old thing – BBQ pork and chow mein. 

click here to watch them cook our dinner

We came home and watched the movie Salt.  It was an okay movie.  Lots of action and a good plot.  I like Angelina Jolie action flicks.

Okay, let me back up a few hours… As you know from a few days ago, I got a new camera.  I never thought I’d do video, but I’m having fun with this fast stop-motion mode they call “miniature mode”.  Watch me drive down West Main Street in Rochester on my way to pick up Elizabethe from work…

Click here to watch

T.G.I.F. and Dr. Don

As a teenager I loved listening to Doctor Donald E. Rose on KFRC in San Francisco.  The guy was wacko, but I loved his craziness.  He had a big heart, and loved life.  Even when he broke his leg skiing, he kept broadcasting from his hospital bed.  When the break didn’t heal, and they had to amputate his leg, he still kept going.  I don’t think  Fridays are quite the same when I remember his T.G.I.F. Friday Morning show kick-off.

We kept things simple tonight after work.  Tomorrow we plan to drive to Corning to see a friend I haven’t seen since 1973.  I want to be good and rested for the drive.

Mondays Get Longer, Time Goes Faster

I have come to the conclusion that as you get older, Mondays get longer, and time goes faster.  Yes, a week now is about 80% Monday, and 20% the remainder of the week.  It is amazing how slow a Monday can go.

Perhaps I have a growing intolerance for people who do not take initiative.  I dealt with a problem today that had been going on for months.  I was able to prove to all parties involved where the problem was located, and suggested the people responsible fix it.  Today I get a call asking me to talk to someone working on the problem.  The request was phrased, “Do you mind talking to ….?”

I said, “Yes I mind.”

Was I too abrupt?

I don’t think so.  It is the old saying, “Do what you have always done and you will get what you have always got.”  I am sure if I talked to the other guy it would have only perpetuated the problem.

It is like if your kid always throws a tantrum at breakfast.  And, if every morning you do the same thing – place a bowl of oat meal in front of him and say, “Eat it.”  Perhaps it is time you change your approach or change the kid’s meal.

My approach has changed.  There isn’t enough time to deal with those who think other people should do their job.


We got home and Louise had fixed a very delicious chicken cacciatore.  We enjoyed our dinner with the Massagli’s, and then it was off to get the trailer straightened out and leveled and unhitched from the truck.  It went quite well.

Elizabethe showed Louise around the garden so Louise could identify what’s a veggie and what’s a weed.  (Not all of our weeds look like weeds: a lot of them have very pretty flowers.)

Elizabethe’s cousin and her family are still here.  We spent some time talking to them.  They are from the Houston, Texas, area and are here seeing the area.  I suggested they go to Watkins Glen.  As I expected, they loved it.

The Big Studio Clean-Up Day

We took our time getting started today, but came about 9 a.m. we were out in the studio organizing and cleaning.  With limited space, you some times have to be creative where you put things.  A lot of time was spent saying, “Move this here… on second thought, let’s put this over here.”

Elizabethe and Stephanie were both huge helps.  We got back drops up on the tracks, props moved to where they are out of the way, hardware on the walls for hanging things, etc.  And, when it came to hanging things, we had lots of beads.



and More Beads.

And there were backdrops too…

Backdrop Track in Studio

The hard part was figuring out where to put this stuff…

Props and Studio Gear

Elizabethe suggested I put my cow’s head above the door.  It actually looked kind of cool, so no apologies to Georgia O’Keefe for this picture of it…

With No Apologies

When we got to the point where I couldn’t take any more, Elizabethe and I headed to Jo Ann’s Fabric to get some fabric for when I want to block the window light.  Holy Cow!  It was nearly $100 for the fabric and that was at 50% off.

Okay to Play

Isn’t it funny as kids we would play in the scorching heat, but try to get us to work in the heat was another story?

It’s hot outside and in the studio.  I have a lot of work to do, but I fear the heat will just dehydrate me quickly.  Yet, I’m toying with the idea of taking my camera to the village to do some street photography.  Go figure.  I guess one is more of a commitment once you get started, and the other isn’t.

Nila is coming to visit today.  Elizabethe’s been getting things straightened up inside.

I already made a trip to the hill to save some seats for us for tonight.  We’re supposed to get rain around 6pm.  Let’s hope it cools things down in time for pageant.

In the basement this morning, I found this little guy under the carpet.  I’m not sure how he made his way there, but we’re holding him prisoner until Elizabethe can show him off.  Then, we’ll release him in the garden.

Basement Frog

More Work on the Studio, Website

I spent the majority of my day working on the studio and the Beckwith Mansion web site (www.beckwithmansion.com).  I got many of my backdrop tracks screwed into the ceiling.  I made a run to WalMart and picked up some cubes to use in the studio.  It was a pretty productive day.

Our weather is warming up again and getting muggy.  It was funny.  Last year, all the ol’ timers were complaining the summer was too cool.  Well, they aren’t complaining this summer.

Another Hot, Sticky Day

This morning my walk took me down to the Port of Palmyra.  A HUGE house boat was docked there.  It was two couples taking a cruise from Waterloo to Fairport and back.  They were surprised at the heat.

Foggy and Hot

The air was so damp it looked foggy.  It was only 72F when I took my walk, but it felt more like 80F.  It is only (only) supposed to get up to 92-93F today. 

Getting Ready for Tomorrow (Pageant Starts!)

During my lunch break, I ran downtown to drop off some postcards and posters at Latter-day Harvest House.  The place was a ZOO.  People overnight have come to Palmyra.  Tour busses, mini-vans, station wagons, little Toyota Corollas full of BYU students, all have started to converge here for Hill Cumorah Pageant.

By the time work was done today, I was exhausted.  I’m not catching up on my blog writing, and I’m about to go eat a salad and chill.