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Two Jerks

Two Jerks

Two jerks were sitting, smoking cigarettes,  by the open entrance to one of my properties.  My wife confronted them telling them they couldn’t smoke or loiter there.  The one said, “He lives here.”


She said something to the effect, “You live here?  I happen to know you don’t because I’m the landlord.”

He then changed his story, “Oh, I was mistaking.”

Let’s Be Clear

Let’s be clear.  When it is your property, you set the rules as to who can, and who cannot smoke, drink, cuss, etc., while a guest on your property.  Even before non-smoking laws became the thing for states and cities to pass, some businesses would flat-out say, “No Smoking”.

Unfortunately, there were businesses who felt they would lose business if the told people they couldn’t smoke there.  That’s a bunch of hogwash.

New York State Commercials

I like the New York State TV commercials that basically say if you’re poor and uneducated, the tobacco companies are fooling and robbing you.  I think they should add: drug dealers, beer and alcohol companies, and other forms of drug peddling.  They go after doctors for prescribing too many medications, but they ignore the alcohol industry.

Next Time

The next time they are out there, I’m just going to call the police department.  There’s even a no-trespassing sign on the door.  I’ll just ask they be arrested for trespassing.

Choice or Conesequences

I recently cancelled my subscription to Glamour Magazine.  Now, before someone asks why I subscribe, it’s for the pictures.  I learn a lot about photography by studying others work.  Well, I cancelled it because the photography has gone downhill in that magazine big time.  In fact, it has gone downhill so much a few issues ago the front cover was out-of-focus!!!  (Something that should have resulted in the firing of the photo editor.)

When I was a kid I used to love watching Truth or Consequences with my grandma.  It was a game show during the 60s.

Well, today we have the Choice or Consequences game, and when it comes to consequences, often they are of the unintended type.  A news report yesterday said sexually transmitted diseases are on the rise.  Of course, all one has to do is watch a TV show or movie to witness the blatant disregard society has for chastity.  People throw caution to the wind and place themselves in serious risk of hepatitis C by getting tattoos, get behind the wheel while impaired by drugs, spread STDs through promiscuity.  All the while the FDA seeks to control trans-fat foods while cigarettes and booze are still on the shelves.

While I believe we have our choices, the consequences shouldn’t involve others.  Someone eating fries fried in trans-fat oils might add to their risk of heart disease, but someone smoking in the hotel room next door most likely will effect you.  Someone driving without their seat belt most likely will have no bearing on your life, but a hep C infected cook with an open cut on his had places you in risk.

Political correctness has been a way of covering up the nasty truth about things.    Although certain behaviors don’t warrant any action by us, others should.  We should walk out of a movie and ask for our money back if we find it offensive.  We should ask someone to put out their cigarette if the smoke is blowing in our face or filling our breathing space.   I think we don’t because we’re too afraid of offending the offender.

Going back to the magazine…

Here’s a magazine where you have an ad showing a grossly underweight model, while featuring an article about how girls should accept the body they have, and that pair-shaped is okay and acceptable.  While the story was good and correct, the message of the photos were just the opposite.

Other fashion magazine articles talk about stamping out breast cancer, which everyone is in favor, while having advice articles that drive people towards behaviors that can lead to STDs, AIDS, and hepatitis.  They have no problem showing ads with couples in the throngs of passion, holding a lit cigarette, promoting hard liquor,  or some other activity, but they say nothing about living a clean (sexually and physically) life.  Little is ever said about promoting marital harmony and good family relations.

It used to be my burning desire to do a photo shoot for one of the big magazines like Elle, Glamour, InStyle or Vogue.  Not any more.  The lack of quality is a real factor in my change of mind.

Anyway, I done with them.  When the subscriptions expire on the others, they aren’t getting renewed.  The photography is no longer innovating (or even good), and the words between the photos are degrading to humanity, as well as men and women both.


I did a couple of photo shoots for my mission assignment today.  They are looking for lifestyle career photos.  So, I photographed my doctor and pharmacist.

What a Rip-Off !!!

I went to the pharmacy to purchase my MoviPrep for Monday’s procedure.  What a RIP-OFF.  They charge you $62 (before insurance, which only paid about $15) for the stuff.  Now, the last time I had this done I was told to buy a bottle of this clear citrus-flavored laxative.  It was over-the-counter, and only cost a few bucks.

This stuff is largely the same ingredients with the exception of polyethlene glycol.  The ingredients are listed here:

200 grams of PEG-3350 (polyethlene glycol – a base for many laxatives, cosmetics, etc.  quite commonly used),
15 grams of sodium sulfate (a salt used as a laxative),
5.38 grams of sodium chloride (table salt),
2.03 grams of potassium chloride (a salt often sold as salt substitute),
9.4 grams of ascorbic acid (vit. C), and
11.8 grams of sodium ascorbate (a salt made from vit. C – cuts the tartness) plus the following excipients:
aspartame (sweetener),
acesulfame potassium (sweetener), and
lemon flavoring.

Rip-off, rip-off, rip-off !!!

None of that stuff is even remotely worth $62.    Next time, I’m going to say, “No”, to MoviPrep.  Best case, the stuff probably costs them about $5 to make, which means they could sell it to WalMart for $10, and WalMart could sell it for $20.    There’s only one way to fight high prices – boycott the product.