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A beautiful autumn day for a drive except for one thing… drizzle.  We saw beautiful autumn colors on the drive to Pennsylvania, except I couldn’t photograph them because of the drizzle.

I guess using de-haze on them would brighten the colors, but not enough to make it look decent.  Besides, the raindrops would make the image too soft.

Cuba Cheese

We stopped at Cuba Cheese, but didn’t get much.  One of the cheddars we got had a unique flavor, and was quite good.  The other was okay, but lackluster.

I brought bread slices to put the cheese on.  I’m glad I planned ahead.

At Jennifer’s House

We arrived at Jennifer’s house just a few minutes before the children got home from school.  It was fun watching them come home from school.  They grow every time we see them.

We enjoyed a nice dinner with them and time visiting with Spencer.  Spencer has to leave after dinner to go to Utah (where he works).  He has a long drive ahead of him.

They bought acreage in Utah to build a house.  However, they have work to do on their house in Pennsylvania and the children have the school year to complete.


Heel Healing

Heel Healing

My heel is healing slowly; I guess you can call it a heel healing.  I saw the doctor today and he said he hopes that by next month it will be all better.  As luck would have it, I hyperextended my heel trying to catch up with my grandchildren on Monday.  The good news is he said I didn’t snap anything.

We received a thin coating of “freezing drizzle” last night.  (The term this year for our cold weather is freezing drizzle.  It’s like very wet, slushy clumps of snow.)  It wasn’t enough to worry about.  But, on my weather blog I’ll count it as snow.


I spent the rest of the day painting.  I’m working on a painting of a mermaid.  To say I’m frustrated is an understatement, but I’ll keep trying.

By the end I’ll be an expert on mermaids.  (That’s a big of joke since they are make-believe beings.)

One of the books I got covers mermaids, so I spent the evening studying it.  The book mostly talks about drawing faeries, but many of the concepts of drawing faces, hair, hands, etc, still apply.

Elizabethe wants me to go over Corel Painter with her for different reasons.  We now have several licenses of several painting programs.  It’s too bad they don’t offer an an add-on license that incrementally increases for each PC in your household.  Oh, well.

Our plan is to spend Friday learning about Corel Painter 2017.  Elizabethe has one set of needs (line drawings for her book), and I have another (paintings), but we’ll both learn more about how to use it.


Cold Drizzle

Last week, we had a 90 degree day.  Today, we have this cold drizzle that feels like a July in San Francisco, California.  It has that ocean fog feel.

We’ve been told we need to get a special permit for room guests, so we’re in the process of doing that.  So, we will be holding off on Pageant reservations until all the approvals are complete.   Those should be done by the first of November, so it’s not that far off.


Day Two of the Route 31 Trip

Since day 1 ended near home, we stayed the night at our homes. I picked Paul up early again this morning, but this time, his clock was off and he wasn’t quite ready yet.

We got on the road and headed straight to our 10am appointment at the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office. There we were met with smiles and a friendly staff who posed for the book. (Wayne County has a great sheriff, and his staff was equally friendly.)

The rest of the day was met with rain and drizzle. You can see more in a few days on http://www.GetItDoneOn31.biz .