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Making History

Making History

Making history today, President Donald Trump announced the United States will officially acknowledge Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, and begin construction on a U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem.  Without demeaning previous administrations, he explained the reason behind not doing this sooner was hopes it would further peace between Palestinians and Israel.  That hasn’t happened, so we aren’t going to wait any further.

This is big.  This is courageous.  It is the right thing to do.

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View from the Dedication Spot

This, of course, has brought out the trolls on social media and the Internet.  So far, most of the media news coverage has been about how terrible this is, and how the president doesn’t have this authority, etc., etc., etc.    He was given the authority to do this two decades ago.  It’s just that his predecessors chose to ignore it in hopes doing so would soften the hearts of the terrorists.

Newsflash – Terrorists aren’t negotiators.

The bottom line is this…

Palestinians will stop at nothing short of destroying the Jews (i.e. Israel).  The Israeli Government can turn over the Gaza Strip, the West Bank, Bethlehem, Jericho, and more, and as long as a Jewish state exists, they won’t be happy.  While I’m sure there are Palestinians who wish this unwillingness to cooperate would stop, as long as groups like Hamas exist there will be contention.



Horse Sense

Horse Sense

Grandpa Knowles called it “horse sense”.  If anyone knew horses, he did.  He spent a portion of his young adulthood catching and breaking wild horses, and then donating them to the Rough Riders.  (His mom forbad him to go off with Teddy to fight in the Spanish American War, so this was his service to his country.)  To do that, you come to know what horse sense means.

Horse Sense

Grandpa Knowles as I Remember Him

I spent my first 10 years close to my grandfather’s side.  We’d go on walks together.  He’d tell me stories and sing me songs while bouncing me on his knee.  And, when I would do something unwise he’d say, “Brent, use your horse sense.”  Over time I came to know that expression as another way to follow your conscience and listen to those warning voices.

He was a wise man, and not someone to be trifled with.  He was well versed in politics (a stanch Republican), the scriptures (many of which were memorized), gardening and butchering (not to forget his career with the railroad too.)

Skipping Ahead 50 Years

If Grandpa were alive today he’d be disgusted with politics in general.  Uncategorically, I think I am safe to say, he’d be disgusted with the politics of every president since Ike (with the exception of Reagan, perhaps)… until now.  The same can be said about many of the presidential candidates over the past 50 years.  Grandpa, undoubtedly, would not support them.

I wasn’t for Donald Trump.  I didn’t vote for him, and in fact, tried to persuade friends to vote for someone else.  While I am impressed with Trump’s business prowess, too many people I trusted and believed led me down a path where I began to distrust Donald Trump.


I accept the election results.  Honestly, I didn’t know what to expect.  I am glad we didn’t end up with Bernie Sanders, Gary Johnson, John Kasich, or heaven forbid, Hillary Clinton.  Like with Barack Obama, I said, ‘Let’s see what he does.’

Tweets vs Speeches

Donald Trump’s Tweets have brought much controversy.  I told my dad it is as though President Trump has a mild case of Turrett’s Syndrom when it comes to his Tweets.  It is also difficult to tell the tone of a Tweet.  Face to face, one can read someone’s expressions.  You cannot do that with a Tweet.  For that reason, I take Tweets with a large grain of salt.

Making it a habit to listen to presidential speeches, I see the Donald Trump I studied years ago.  The man is brilliant.  Anyone who says he isn’t, is either being ignorant or malicious.  His speeches I’ve listened to have proven his brilliance, as well as his courage.

Example of Courage and Brilliance

Today our president is in Utah.  He gave a speech announcing the return of Federal land to the State of Utah.  His justification – Federal Overreach.  Horse sense.  Absolute horse sense.

He then has the courage to declare that we will recognize Jerusalem the capital of Jerusalem.   “This is nothing less than a recognition of reality,” he said.  Horse sense.  Absolute horse sense.

I don’t recall hearing any of his presidential speeches where he hasn’t been talking horse sense.

The Trolls

Bring out the trolls.  I’m watching the Internet as he’s giving his speech.  Inflammatory remarks like, “Thanks for starting World War III,” were being posted.  But, the one I got the biggest chuckle out of was, “What gives him the right to move Israel’s capital?”

If he said the sky was blue, there would be trolls to counteract his statement.


For myself, Trump has impressed me every step of his presidency.  Putting aside the subjectiveness of the Tweets, he obviously loves God, our country and family.


Because my wife is having surgery on my birthday, we celebrated today by going to Longhorn.  Our favorite waitress was there.  As she saw us she said, “HI!  I was just thinking the other day it is about time I see you.”

That made us feel very welcomed.  She treated us very well and it was a wonderful birthday dinner.

Next Week

Next Week

Next week we will wake up asking, “Who won the election?”

I dread the thought.

Never have I felt so discouraged about the prospects of our next president.  I’m happy Evan McMullin decided to run.  Don’t get me wrong, I like Chris Keniston (Veteran’s Party Candidate), but he was not able to gain any momentum.  Evan on the other hand has the media’s attention.

I don’t like him because he’s L.D.S.  Heck, Harry Reid is L.D.S. and I don’t like him!  I like him because he truly is conservative.  We have three liberal authoritarians at the top:  Hillary Clinton (who’s policies are actually less authoritarian than Trump’s), Donald Trump (the man who will build a wall between US and Mexico by executive order if he has to), and Gary Johnson (the guy who will force parents to give their children immunization vaccines at gunpoint if he has to).  I like McMullin because he isn’t talking crazy like these other three.

On the Local Front

On the local front we have a congressman who is a Republican that pushed for buying security equipment for overseas airports.  Why aren’t the airlines buying this stuff?  What is it our job to purchase stuff for other countries?  Yeah, another RINO move.  Plus, he’s served his term.  It’s time to find a decent write-in.

We have a career politician retiring from the state senate, and another career politician wanting to take her place.  A write-in independent has come forward and he’s getting smeared by her.

About the only candidates that aren’t getting smeared are those running unopposed.



Well, the Grand Ol’ Party is no longer grand.  May they rest in peace.  With the withdrawal of Cruz and Kasich from the nominations, it only leaves Donald Trump.  RIP GOP.

I’ve noticed a few friends have aimed their support at various Libertarian Party candidates.  The problem I have with most of them is they are off base on one or two issues.  I call them liberal libertarians.  What we need are conservative libertarians.  In any case, it boils down to inequity having overtaken politics and voting.

I think the death knell for the GOP was when they tried so hard since the late 1980s to be centrists and please both sides.  While I think centrism is fine for some things, it doesn’t mix with morals.  In fact, if you want to be a centrist, then join the Democratic Party.

While I will continue to write my representatives and vote my conscience, I will no longer align myself with any particular party.  My only alliance will be based on the issues.

It took me 5 hours to mow the lawn today.  The grass was so moist it kept clogging the shoot and I had to keep stopping and clearing the grass catcher shoot.

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