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Why do today what you can put off until tomorrow.  That is how I feel about the lawn today.  Procrastinate!  My feeling is because I feel rotten.

Weather permitting, I will do it tomorrow.


My temple shift went well.  I rested before going.  I also heard from my doctor’s office and all of my blood tests are normal.  The plan of action wasn’t going to help me tonight, so I got a good rest before going to the temple.

Blood Tests

Because the blood tests didn’t show any abnormalities, the doctor wants to change some of my medications.  We’ll see how that goes.  Tonight at bedtime will be the first adjusted dosage.

I also had a thought:  What if it is pain that is causing me to not rest well?

So, to test my theory, I’m going to put some pain lotion on my shoulder each night.  Again, tonight will the first night.  I know, changing 3 variables at the same time isn’t a good troubleshooting method, but I’m desperate at this point.

I’m not sure how many days the change in medications needs.  However, the pain in my shoulder theory will start to become evident tomorrow morning.

Process of Elimination

Process of Elimination

I’ve spent most of my adult life troubleshooting.  It’s a process of elimination.  You hold all variables constant, and you change one to see if it has an impact.  If it doesn’t, you restore it to its original state, and change another.  You keep doing that until you find the problem.

Since Then

Elizabethe commented that I really haven’t been my same self since the accident.  That’s understandable.  PTSD is, as the T stands for, a traumatic disease.    I say disease because it is a mental illness brought on by a life threatening event.

Since then I had a nasty flu that took weeks to recover from.  Let me correct that… I’m still recovering.  A couple of months after getting the flu I got a septic infection.  The antibiotics cleared up a lot of symptoms, but a few of them came back.

I’ve never experienced fatigue as I have lately.  It used to be I could trim the grass, hedge the bushes and mow the lawn only to feel some muscle stiffness the next day.  Saturday’s experience doing those three tasks nearly killed me.

Convinced Me

Elizabethe convinced me to see the doctor.  The doctor asked lots of questions, listened to my breathing and my heart, and told me the course of action.  It’s a process of troubleshooting, not unlike troubleshooting a computer or network system.

First, they are going to test my blood and urine for a bunch of stuff.  She said it could be an infection (again), electrolyte imbalance, hormonal, blood sugar, etc.  Her first line of troubleshooting is to see if anything appears in the blood or urine.

If nothing appears in the lab tests, the second tier will be to adjust my medications one at a time to see what happens.  She listed off a couple of my medications that could cause fatigue.   One she said could be eliminated.  The others, substituted or an adjustment in dosage could help.

After that, there are other tests.  She suggested sleep apnea.  Something tells me it’s not sleep apnea.  I think it is more “chemical” or “biological”.  She also wants me to see an E.N.T. specialist.  I haven’t been to one for years.  In 1974-1975 I practically lived at my E.N.T.’s office, but that’s another story.

Worse Case Scenarios

Some worse case scenarios were rattled off…  Kidney failure (I’m doubting that since urination seems normal), liver failure (another one I doubt), thyroid problems, Parkinson’s being the ones she mentioned.  Ones I found searching symptoms on the Internet were leukemia, Lupus and Sjogren’s (this latter matching all the symptoms).  It’s all a process of elimination until something conclusive rears its head.

In the Meantime

In the meantime, I have to manage my energy and time carefully.  My voice is a good indicator.  I need to remember to back off when my voice starts going out.  And, I need to accept that my effectiveness can end anywhere during the day.  (Today, it cut out around noon.  That’s when I started to lose my voice.  Losing my voice is coupled with the extreme fatigue I’ve been feeling.)

One thing I won’t be eliminating is prayer.



The Amsdens spoke in church today.  They are a couple who live on Route 21 just south of town.  Greg and Dee Amsden have been good friends since moving here.

Elizabethe’s stomach started hurting again today.  She goes to the doctor this week for a follow-up.  She also meets with a surgeon about getting her gallbladder removed.

We both came home from church and took naps.  She’s beat from the pain, and I’m beat from dealing with renter issues all week.  When it rains, it pours.


I was going to make pork chops for dinner, but the sisters called and cancelled.  We rescheduled for tomorrow.  I’ll save the chops and make myself some ramen with vegetables and chicken chunks.

We decided to watch the Great Escape.  I then left for a meeting, but when I returned, we watched Chicken Run.  (Funny watching them back-to-back.)

The Great Escape kept Elizabethe captivated.  This is her first time watching it.  She commented about how good it is.  Hey, with a cast like that, it has to be.  It is sad that 50 of those men were murdered by the Germans.

Chicken Run, on the other hand has a happier ending.  The references to the Great Escape are many, but that’s what makes Chicken Run funny (that, and the Star Trek references.)



Elizabethe gets Eylea shots every 6 weeks.  I drive her to and from her appointments because she can’t see after getting a shot.  (These shots are in the side of the eyeball.)

The doctor says there is small improvement.  That’s good because past treatments for macular degeneration were considered successful it they delayed the loss of sight.  This might actually reverse the macular degeneration.

They are also on Tuesday, and my missionary meetings are Tuesdays.  We also work in the temple on Tuesdays.  Tuesdays are busy days.


Jennifer and her children are coming in tonight.  We will be at the temple, so we won’t have much time to visit.


They got her a few minutes after we returned home from the temple.  We need to rise at 2:30am to get to the airport on time.   Tomorrow’s going to be a long day.

Cold Again

It’s cold again.  Temperatures were near 80 yesterday, but chilly today.  They say it will drop more tomorrow.

I really want temperatures in the 70s.  It will be nice to start bicycling and hiking.

The grass is getting taller, and I might need to mow before this week is over.  I don’t want to mow until the flowers are done blooming.



Another Shot

Another Shot

I got another shot of cortisone today.  This time in my shoulder.   After the accident my shoulder hurt.  Of course, in the ER they took x-rays of a lot of stuff, but didn’t say anything about anything being broken in my shoulder.

A few days after the accident, I had bruising on my right arm — an indication that someone pulled me by that arm as there were 4 large finger-sized bruises on one side, and a big thumb-sized bruise on the other.  And, that shoulder was hurting, but because I was in bed I didn’t think anything of it.

Then, when I was up and about using crutches, the shoulder started hurting again.  And, again, I didn’t think much about it.

About 9 months after the accident, I was going about my daily routine and my should just started to hurt.   I kept putting off doing something about it until I saw the doctor for something totally unrelated and he suggested I come back to get x-rays.

So, today they took x-rays and explained why my shoulder is hurting and gave me a shot of cortisone.  It seems the tendon got stretched when my arm was pulled on because of an impingement and it is acting up this late because other medications have been masking the injury to my shoulder.

The body is a complicated machine.

Doctor Doctor

Doctor Doctor

When I was teaching at Golden Gate University, it was common for our dean to call everyone doctor even if they weren’t a PhD or EdD.  As you’d walk down the hall you would hear, “Doctor”, with the response of, “Doctor.”  It kind of reminded me of the scene from Spies Like Us.

“We’re not doctors!”

As you might guess, I had doctor appointments today.  Hence, Doctor Doctor.

In between I had a networking meeting which went well.  I received complements on several head shots I had taken for some of the members.  That a nice upbeat piece of news between doctor appointments.

Doctor Doctor!

Yes, from there I went to another doctor appointment regarding a baffling rash.  While the doctor is unsure of what the cause of it is, she did comment that my skin is quite dry and that could be the cause of the irritation.

So, on my way out of the pharmacy after buying some moisturizing cream, I politely stopped by the protester outside the candy store and asked, “Why can’t you take your protest down the street as to not interfere with local businesses?”

The guy went berserk.  At that point I decided it was time to walk away.  As I walked away he continued to yell at me until I was out of sight.   He wanted to “video” me and when I just walked away, he was yelling stuff like, “Come back here.  Don’t do a drive by.  Come back here so I can get you on video.”

Now, here’s the irony of it all…

The police (whom I spoke with after) don’t want to do anything unless he “crosses the line” as they fear it would trample his freedom of speech.  (Yes, in spite of the fact that tourist have said they avoid that part of the street because they want to avoid him, which in turn means fewer people visit those businesses.)  Yet, if I were to walk down the street yelling at some random person, I would probably get picked up and hauled off to jail.

How are his actions not harassment?  How are his actions not intimidation — bullying?

As a word of caution, the guy doesn’t appear to be mentally stable in my opinion.  So, think twice before speaking to him.  (When I described the guys reaction, the police chief said the guy did the same thing to him a couple of years ago.  At least I’m not alone.  Only I didn’t have a squad car and authority to throw him in the back of the car.)

I honestly don’t have a problem with him protesting.  I just think it is in poor taste and form for him to do so in our business district in front of businesses.  I question his motive for that spot and not in front of the Grandin Building.

My theory as to why he doesn’t want to stand in front of the Grandin Building is this…

He wants locals to be upset, and in his twisted logic, I think he thinks they will be upset with the Mormons, and not him.

Well, me and probably a couple thousand Palmyra residents have news for him.  We’re upset with you.  Not because of your message, but because of where you choose to deliver your message.  For Pete’s sake… take it down to the Village Park and have some class like the people with the yellow “cheese” truck.

Section 139-9 Village of Palmyra Code:   Except as provided in Article II, Stationary Sidewalk Vendors, of this chapter, no peddler, including those otherwise exempt from this article, may remain in a stationary location in the public streets, nor shall any peddler be permitted to operate in any congested area where his operation might impede or inconvenience the public. For the purpose of this article, the judgement (sic) of any police officer, exercised in good faith, shall be deemed conclusive as to whether the area is congested or the public impeded or inconvenienced.

Note:  It’s interesting that the only time I could find the word exempt is in the above paragraph.    It’s also questionable if he is considered a “peddler”.

Okay, enough of my venting.  His work is in vain, and here’s why…

The Standard of Truth has been erected; no unhallowed hand can stop the work from progressing; persecutions may rage, mobs may combine, armies may assemble, calumny may defame, but the truth of God will go forth boldly, nobly, and independent, till it has penetrated every continent, visited every clime, swept every country, and sounded in every ear, till the purposes of God shall be accomplished, and the Great Jehovah shall say the work is done (Joseph Smith – History of the Church, 4:540).


From Good to Worse

From Good to Worse

How is it you can see a doctor in the morning and go from good to worse by afternoon. When I saw my doctor my injury wasn’t bothering me.  Then, but dinner time, it was worse.

I picked up the lawn mower deck today and so far in the last month, I have dumped nearly $600 in to this mower.  It is time to research who makes a decent mower.  I’ll admit, I didn’t know what I was looking for when I bought this thing.  I’ve learned a lot.  The two biggest lessons are 1) don’t buy another Cub Cadet because parts are hard to get and Cub Cadet as a company hasn’t responded to ANY of my complaints, and 2) I won’t buy from Blazey’s again.  The latter kind of hurts because I’d like to see the local guys get my business, but I’m very dissatisfied with their lack of quality control on their repairs and the slowness of the repairs.

So, I have the repaired deck on the mower and it strikes the ground AGAIN and the blade bends.  Assuming nothing else is bent, I’m looking at another $60 just for blades.  UGH.  This mower is a lemon!

In all fairness, the engine on it seems great.  However, the drive train and mower deck have given me nothing but problems.  So far this summer I have NOT been able to mow the entire lawn without something breaking.  Not once.  But, the engine starts every time and sounds great.  Good ol’ Kawasaki engineering.  To bad they don’t build the rest of the machine.

At least I got about 75% of the mowing done before the tractor broke.

Back is Okay

Back is Okay

My back is okay.  I went to the follow-up appointment on my MRI on my back.  As I suspected there’s nothing wrong with my back.  Now that they have eliminated that they are back to looking at my right knee.

This is a huge comfort.  I was worried they would come back and say there was something wrong with my back, but it just didn’t make sense to me.  I told the doctor this and she said that most of the time the symptom I was having was back, not knee related.

While this doesn’t resolve the problem, it does give me comfort in knowing it isn’t something worse.

Back with Vengeance

Back with Vengeance

My headaches are back with vengeance.  Oh, how it hurts.

Things went well until I started checking email messages and bang, it hit like a horse kicking me in the back of the head.  The stress trigger was so obvious.  I’ll see what the doctor has to say tomorrow.

After sorting through a 175 e-mail messages I decided to take a nap before going to the temple.  I figure I could sleep this headache off.  I was wrong.

I went to the temple anyway, and shortly after getting there the stress melted and the headache went away.

The church has a special project going on and it would be a fun one to do if I could find some youth to model.  At the temple, I saw a that the Pittsford Ward has a lot of youth.  So, I put the bug in one of the counselor’s ear.

I had a grip for a camera I got rid of a couple of years ago.  Someone on Facebook said they picked one of these cameras up, so I told them about my grip.  She bought it and I shipped it off today.  It’s nice when people have a good use for something you have collecting dust.

Ben Dover

Ben Dover

There’s an old joke about the doctor named Ben Dover.  Yeah… It’s time for than annual exam.

The bad news is I had to wait for 1 hour.  It sounded like there was some sort of urgent matter in another room.  The good news is PSA scores are very low and nothing has grown in size.

He did tell me to stop taking the herbal prostate supplements.  He said that European studies say they are no better than sugar pills.  He said to stop taking them, and only resume if things get worse after I stop.  Why waste money.

On the way home I stopped at Donut Delight in Rochester.  This old doughnuts shop, now owned by Salvatore’s Pizza, makes delicious doughnuts.  Since I’m only out this way about once a year, I figured I’d stop and pick up a dozen.

The snow is about 95% gone.  The rain today will probably finish it off.  This was a harsh winter as far as temperatures go.  Coldest in recorded history for this area.

In about 4 weeks it will probably be time to start up the lawn tractor and mow the lawn.  I’m thinking about getting an aerator for the tractor.  After that much snow the lawn is pretty matted.