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Car Registration

Car Registration

You could hear the disgust in the clerk’s voice when I told her I did not receive a renewal notice for my car registration.  The disgust was not aimed at me, but Albany, New York.  Fortunately, there are no late fees and penalties.

She said next year it is best  to go to the web site, print the form, fill it out, and mail the check and form to the county DMV in Lyons.  (That way, the money stays in the county.)

My next stop is Real Deals where I found nothing worth buying.

Annual Review

Just as I arrived home my phone rang.  I was literally still in the car.  It was regarding my annual 401K review.

We talked, suggestions for changes were made. I authorized them, and we were done. It is that simple.  As a result, I’m all set until next year.

CSM Photographer Friends

One of our Church Service Missionary Photographer friends stopped to visit and stay the night.  Bruce Cornwall and his wife are traveling through on their way back to Oregon.

copyright 2017 db walton

Bruce and Me

It was pathetic.  Two professional photographers trying to figure out how to do a selfie.  As I say, “Just say, ‘No’, to selfies.”

Elizabethe and I served our temple shift.  Today was busy.


Grandpa Blogger Anniversary

Grandpa Blogger Anniversary

It was two years ago today that I coined the term, “Grandpa Blogger”.  This is the Grandpa Blogger Anniversary.  While I don’t see many using that phrase, you have it hear that I was the first. (Or, at least when I coined the phrase, and did a Google Search, nobody else showed up on 4/7/2014.  Now, there’s about a half-dozen that show up.  They may have been using the phrase before me, I honestly can’t say, but they weren’t showing up on internet searches, so I’ll still take credit.  wink-wink)

We went to the DMV to get Elizabethe’s new plates for her car.  Compared to California, the DMV in Wayne County is so nice.  They are friendly, fast, efficient, patient… all qualities that I never saw at the California DMV offices.

We got her plates, I put them on her car, and we also got the titles changed to list both of us.  (It’s much easier that if your spouse dies.)

I spent the rest of the afternoon working on a digital painting.  I’m kind of gun-shy after the last two district competitions.  It’s hard to tell with a painting because so many of the judges are photographers, not painters.  Trust me, these judges would have ripped apart great artists like Monet, Van Gough, Klimt and more.  Why?  Because they understand good photography and not artistic styles and genres.  For example, I had an entry a couple of years ago that was cubism.  The judge commenting on the painting didn’t know what cubism is!  Thus, I’m a bit gun-shy.

I think the next time that happens, I’m going to take the critique, send it to PPA and simply say, “If this guy doesn’t know what cubism is, then he shouldn’t be a Master Artist judge.”  Period!

One should be able to submit a painting done in any style, and have it judged based on that style.  Oh, this was a good one, I once heard a judge comment about a painting that it was “out of focus”.


How can a painting be “out of focus”?

What it was in reality were broad brush strokes.

As a result, I sent my painting to a couple of friends whom I trust to be honest with me.  Perhaps their comments will help me move past the ignorance of some of the judges.  (Don’t get me wrong, these photographers do wonderfully in judging photographs, and some do wonderfully in judging paintings.  However, there are a handful who should never judge paintings, namely the ones who think broad brushstrokes are “out of focus” and who don’t know what cubism is.)