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City of David

City of David

The City of David was a district just south of Jerusalem.  When the Romans destroyed Jerusalem in the 1st Century, they left no stone unturned, and the City of David was buried in Rubble.

It is important to note that the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 A.D. was bad.  The entire old city was razed, which fulfilled prophecy (Matt.24:1-8).  What we see today is not what existed at meridian of time.  In fact, some modern archaeologist question if the Dome of the Rock is actually on the Temple Mount!  They say it was more towards the City of David.  (Now, that is interesting because that would mean the temple could be built without disturbing any of the Islamic sites.  However, it would also mean the Western Wall was not part of Solomon’s Temple.)

We visited the excavation of the City of David today.  This modern excavation, in time, will answer many questions.

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View of Old Jerusalem in the Rain

The railing you see in the picture above are walkways.  To the center left, the slope down is the ancient City of David.  To the right of center is the Dome of the Rock.

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City of David

The visitors’ center at the City of David is quite nice.  John and Linda took time to take pictures of the carving on the wall.

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City of David Gift Shop

We were waiting for Matt and Becca in the gift shop.  It was cold and rainy outside.  The one young lady (the blond) was from San Antonio, Texas.  She explained dreidels usually say, “Something Important Happened There.”  The ones sold in the City of David say (in Hebrew), “Something Important Happened Here.”

The Tunnel

Hezekiah built a tunnel under the City of David. Today you can walk that tunnel.  Actually, there are two tunnels, one for the water, the other for access by people.  We walked the dry one.

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In Hezekiah’s Tunnel

The water from the tunnel empties in to the Pool of Shiloam (or Siloam).  This pool is where those going to the temple would stop and wash.  Today, it is an archeological discovery (discovered in 2004).  As a result of this discovery, we can now visit the very steps where Jesus healed the blind man.

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Matt and Becca at the Steps Where Jesus Healed the Blind Man

It is a special place to be in this tunnel (above).  Because of the destruction of Jerusalem, these steps would have been outdoors in Jesus’ time.  However, today they in this reinforced tunnel where they are still working on uncovering what the Roman’s covered in 70 A.D.

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Walking Where Jesus Walked

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Looking Down the Stairs

Earlier Today

I neglected to mention my breakfast.  Here’s an example of breakfast at the Abraham Hostel:  milk, salad, yogurt, bread, jam, hard boiled eggs and an orange.

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It’s okay for a few days, but if you’re staying long term it can get a bit boring.

On the way to the car, in a puddle of water, Linda found a glove she lost.  She was so excited to find it… as you can see (below).

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Linda Found Her Glove!

We stopped at Omar so I could purchase a carving of Jesus for Elder and Sister Riggs (you can see it on the 2nd shelf above Brent Top’s elbow.)  And, I ran in to Brent Top.  It’s funny because Omar and I were just talking about him the other day, and … here he is.

I asked him to point to his business card on Omar’s shelf.

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Brent L. Top at Omar’s

For lunch we stopped at a convenience store.  The weather got nasty and we picked up some stuff to eat at the hostel.

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Convenience Store Lunch

Dinner was at the hostel.  They put on a Shabbat Dinner every Friday night.  It’s a nice time and you always meet new people.  We sat by a couple.  He was German and she was Russian.

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Our Table at the Shabbat Dinner

John volunteered to do the blessing on the wine.

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Shabbat Dinner Blessing the Wine

Ah, dinner.  Not a lot of protien, but I survived.

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Shabbat Dinner

Tomorrow is church.  Shabbat has started.

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Singing is Mandatory

Merry Christmas 2017

Merry Christmas 2017

Merry Christmas 2017!!!  We got up and prepared breakfast, and then opened our gifts.  About the time we were done, the missionaries arrived.  Thus, everything came together perfectly.

I made monte cristo sandwiches for breakfast.  Nobody else had them before, so it was a new treat for everyone (except me).

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Sisters Murdock and Abreu with Elizabethe

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Monte Cristo Sandwich

After breakfast we went in to the sitting room where we let the sisters empty their stockings.  It is always a treat to watch them go through the little things we stuff in them.

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Sisters Murdock and Abreu

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Sisters Murdock and Abreu and Elizabethe and Me


For dinner we headed to the Morse’s.  The invited the elders plus a couple of single men who live in our ward.  (Both of which are newly baptized members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.)

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Gary and Geri Morse and Elders Stokes and Smith

After dinner we gave the elders their stockings.  They emptied the contents and I grabbed a few photos.

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Elders Stokes and Smith Peek into Their Stockings


I gave to Elizabethe this year a list of things I will do for her.  For example, 4 30 minute training sessions on Corel Painter, and stuff like that.  I also gave her a vibrating saw with a couple of blades, some USB thumb drives for her books, and an assortment of cheeses and snacks.  She gave me a Kindle Fire 10″, with a case, an assortment of beef sticks and beef jerky.



They released me as ward organist today. I was thinking it has been 10 years, but it has only been 8.  Eight years I’ve served as the Palmyra Ward Organist.  My calling started September 20th, 2009.  That’s 8 years and 1 month.

They called Sister Lynda Ingold as the organist.  She will do an excellent job.  I had a feeling she’d be called.

Squash x 3

Dinner is squash x 3 today.  We are having spaghetti squash in place of pasta.  On top of that we will have a butternut squash sauce.  For dessert I am making a mock pineapple (zucchini) upside down cake.

Sisters Cahoon and Searle came for dinner.  They got a kick out of all the squash use in the meal.  Sister Searle hadn’t seen the food storage, so we took them in to the basement to see it.

Rebecca and Steve

My daughter Rebecca met a young man online.  He’s visiting her.  She called and we talked.  It sounds like Steve’s a really nice guy.


I’ve been on this Mentos craving lately.  Did you know they make caramel Mentos?

They do.  I bought some, and I’m not impressed.  They are like an inside-out Milk Dud.. .but not as good.

Now, the spearmint Mentos are my favorite.  While I am not a huge fan of peppermint, of all the peppermint candies, I like Mentos.

I think it is the texture.

Likes Curry

Likes Curry

She likes curry!  Okay, my wife really doesn’t like curry, but she liked the curry I made for dinner tonight.   It was very mild, mostly turmeric, and she liked it!

In fact, Elizabethe liked everything I made for dinner.  (I should install a “like button” in the placemats.)  The zucchini/eggplant mix was a hit (seasoned with cumin, garlic, and mustard powder).  The green beans (seasoned with ghee and fennel) was liked too.  As a result, I will make these dishes again.

Sister Missionaries

We sent the sister missionaries home with lots of leftovers.  We have so much zucchini and stuff like that we figure we won’t eat them before they rot.

Elizabethe gave them a tour of the house.  Sister Cahoon is new to our ward, and therefore, this is her first time seeing the house.

Stake Priesthood Meeting

A throbbing toe (I stubbed it) is a good reason to stay home.  But, I couldn’t.  As much as I would rather prop my foot and rest, I decided I should go.

I am glad I did.  President Woodworth gave an excellent talk.  I needed to hear it.  He talked about the natural and spiritual man.   He explained it in ways I’ve never thought about.

Perhaps my toe will heal faster because I did the right thing.

Wet Security

Wet Security

Wet security is what I got today.  In the telephony world when we said “wet”, it meant voltage was present.  Well, thank goodness there was none of that, just rain (no lightning).

My shift started at 1pm, and it was raining.  The first hour seemed like a long time.  Then, it started to come down horizontal.  I aimed my umbrella in to the wind and rain and leaned in to it.

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A Wet Parking Area

As I stood in the pouring rain, one couple driving out stopped and the wife said, “Brother Walton, your place is the Celestial Kingdom is sure.”

Soon a family in an SUV driving out stopped and asked, “We’re going to McDonald’s.  Can we bring you back a Big Mac or something?”

Another guy came up and said they had ordered pizza from Mark’s and asked me to direct them to his motorhome.  He then added, “And you’re welcome to join us.”

Then a guy whom I met a couple of days ago drove up and said, “I’m going to Walmart.  Can I get you anything?”


While I was in discomfort physically, I felt comfort in knowing so many brothers and sisters were thinking about me and the others pulling security duty.  On hot days, they often bring cold drinks.  However, on rainy days, most people are staying put.  So, I appreciate those who said kind things and offered to bring food.  (I politely declined because Elizabethe and I had made plans to go out for dinner once my shift was over.)\


I took Elizabethe to KFC.  Talk about slow.  It took about 40 minutes for us to get our food.  I overheard someone say, “Well, this isn’t fast food.”

I was so hungry that I ate three pieces of chicken and did not feel stuffed.  Normally I eat two pieces and I’m content and three would be too much.  I guess standing in the cold rain made me hungry.  And, of course, having people offer to feed me put food on my mind all afternoon.

TiLi, Kent and Briana

TiLi, Kent and Briana

Three cousins I haven’t seen in ages:  Tili Ann, Kent and Briana.  Elizabethe and I drove to Santa Rosa to meet TiLi and her husband for lunch, and she surprised us by inviting Kent along.  It was a delightful lunch, but all too short.

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Me, Kent, TiLi, Her Husband and Father-in-Law

Then, I had to get a picture of the three of us together…

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Cousins: Kent, TiLi Ann and Me

After lunch TiLi gave me directions to Briana’s house.  We surprised her with a visit, and she gave us the grand tour of her property.

Her little cul du sac house front is deceiving.  Behind the house lays 2 acres of beautiful oaks and bay laurel trees and a creek.

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Me and Briana

Elizabethe commented, “If I could live here, I could move back to California.”

It is a very nice yard.


The mid-day traffic to Santa Rosa was bad around highway 37 just before Sear’s Point.  It put us about 15 minutes late.  However, the traffic on the way home was far worse.  A Friday around 3pm is the wrong time to head east from the Bay Area.  It took us a few hours to get back to the ranch.

I recognized roads on the way home I have biked.  Wow, I used to bike a lot.  I miss having that strength and stamina.  Wonder if I could get in that type of shape again???  Hmmm….  Because I’m older, it may be more difficult, but I really miss being able to ride for 25, 25, 50, 75 or 100 miles in a day.


We met Brad and Marie at Fuji Sushi for dinner.  It’s all-you-can-eat, but it is not served buffet style.  You order what you want, and they bring it to you.  That means the tempura is fresh.  I like the place.

I thought about Fenton’s afterwards, but that would have been over-doing it.

We had a lovely visit with Brad and Marie.  Brad says they have plans to come visit us when things get a little less hectic.

Hill Cumorah Pageant 2017

Hill Cumorah Pageant 2017

Hill Cumorah Pageant 2017 will be July 14, 15 and 18-22.  As always, make your reservations early.  Lodging goes quickly and few rooms are available on last minute notice.

First Trip

If this is your first trip to Palmyra, and you are coming during Hill Cumorah Pageant, 2017, here are a few tips…

  • Plan to spend a few days here (and feel free to contact me for suggestions)
  • Hill Cumorah (the trails) close at dinner time, so come during the day to hike the hill.
  • While you are hiking the hill, save your seats.
  • Visit the visitor’s center
  • Buy your dinner at the concessions (they support local youth activities)
  • My recommendation for the above is to get to the hill just after lunch (between 1 and 2 pm), and make it an afternoon and evening.
  • Earlier in the day, visit the Book of Mormon Publication site
  • The day before, or the day after, visit the Smith Farm

We’re also about 45 minutes away from the Peter Whitmer Farm and its visitor’s center.  Nearby is Sauder’s.  You have to visit Sauder’s.  Make a day out of it.  Visit Sauder’s and have lunch there, the Whitmer Farm, and then go down to Watkins Glen to see the waterfalls.

Church and Dinner

Brother Kevin Watkins talked in church.  He told a story very similar to my experience when Paul O’Donnell and I were put together as companions.  After the meeting I told him Paul’s and my story.  He got quite a kick out of it.

Sister’s Barrett and Crofts came to dinner.  I made Teriyaki Chicken, carrots and fried rice.

copyright 2017 db walton

Carrots, Teriyaki Chicken and Rice

After dinner I took some photos of Sister Crofts’ viola to submit to the church.

copyright 2017 db walton

Viola Head


Canal Connection Dinner

Canal Connection Dinner

Elizabethe and I attended the Canal Connection dinner tonight.  The Canal Connection Chamber of Commerce held its annual dinner at the Blue Heron in Walworth/Macedon.  (I’ve seen it’s address listed as both.)

Prior to going to the dinner Elizabethe spend the day working on here puzzle book. I spent the day catching up on office work and getting ready for the dinner.  (I volunteered my keyboard so Sister Barrett could play Christmas music on it.)

The Venue

The venue, the Blue Heron, is a very nice place.  We had the entire place to ourselves.  It is clean and welcoming.

They had a place where I set up my keyboard and the sisters immediately commenced playing Christmas music.  Sister Crofts on her viola, and Sister Barrett on the piano created a wonderful atmosphere for the event.

copyright 2016 db walton - Canal Connection Dinner

Sisters Providing Music

The Dinner

The dinner was very good.  Broiled chicken, a pasta station and all the usual side dishes were expertly prepared.  I was good and didn’t over indulge.


Chris Oaks, a local high school teacher addressed the group.  After him, Steve Synesael, the marketing director at a Rochester TV station spoke.  Both gave talks about giving back to the community.


In conclusion, it was a nice evening spent with nice people in a nice setting.


Thanksgiving 2016

Thanksgiving 2016

It is Thanksgiving 2016!  We’re heading to Jennifer’s and Spencer’s in Pennsylvania.  We drove straight through. We made two stops for gas, and using the bathroom.  It takes about 4 hours.

We arrived around 3 p.m.   Spencer was tending to the prime rib, and Jennifer the other fixings.

Dinner was wonderful – prime rib, potatoes, asparagus with hollandaise sauce.  For dessert we had the two pies Elizabethe and I made, as well as pumpkin pie and fried ice cream.  Definitely over indulgence, but I’m not complaining.

copyright 2016 db walton - Thanksgiving 2016

Grandchildren Acting Silly

After dinner we took pictures of my granddaughter in her baptismal dress.  It was drizzling, cold and dark, but I managed.

copyright 2016 db walton

Her Baptismal Dress

Because their house is being remodeled, we headed to a motel about 45 minutes north of their place.  We are spending the night here and leaving in the morning.

Teasing Weather

Teasing Weather

This is teasing weather.  Around 9am snowflakes started blowing around.  It’s teasing us as if it is going to snow.  The temperatures are still well above freezing.

Conference let out at noon, and flakes were coming down.  The wind was blowing about 50 mph as we left the building.  A few people stumbled in the stiff wind.  The large flakes (about 1/4″ across) stung as they hit your face.


copyright 2016 db walton - Teasing Weather

1/4″ Snowflake

I had to get a picture of one… which is quite difficult.  Two things made it difficult.  1) The wind was strong, and 2) they would melt quickly.  I managed to get a decent shot of one of them.

Dinner with Sisters Crofts and Barrett

We had burritos for dinner.  I used our new 3-bay crockpot to cook rice, beans and meat.

copyright 2016 db walton

Apple Pie

Elizabethe made an apple pie with apples she canned.  It turned out perfect.

Music and Pictures

After dinner the sister missionaries posed for some pictures for me to submit to the church.  Sister Barrett played the piano while Sister Crofts played the viola.  Both are very accomplished musicians and the music was wonderful.

copyright 2016 db walton

Playing us a Song

After they played for the pictures, they played a song they prepared for us.  It was a combination of I Am a Child of God and the Crusader’s Hymn (aka Beautiful Savior).

copyright 2016 db walton

Sisters Barrett and Crofts prepare to play a song for us.

After that I asked if I could get a headshot of each of them so they can give their parents photos.

copyright 2016 db walton

Sister Crofts

copyright 2016 db walton

Sister Barrett