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Dinner Yesterday

Dinner Yesterday

Since we had the missionaries for dinner yesterday, we didn’t feed them today.  I was supposed to have a meeting in Batavia, but it got postponed a couple of weeks.  So, we fed the missionaries yesterday, and today after church we just relaxed.

There was a small ice storm last night.  The handrail and snow shovel were the only things with a lot of ice on them.  Some of the tree branches had ice, and as the wind blew you could hear cracking and popping as the ice broke.  It was a sound I had never experienced before.


I had a couple of t-bone steaks in the freezer.  The last time I took one out, it turned out kind of tough.  This time, I got smart and soaked up all the liquid by pressing the steak between some paper towels before plopping it in the skillet.

It was a good idea to do that.  It turned out perfect this time.  Plus, I have some leftovers for lunch tomorrow.

World Tensions

As usual, the news media blew the whole bombing of Syria out of proportion.  Now, it isn’t even front page news.  Russia purported has said, ‘… if you do it again…’

As a kid I used to wonder how the news in communist countries could be so deceptive.  I see our news media has become what theirs has been all along — deceptive.