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Temple Vandalism

Temple Vandalism

I was saddened to read about a young man who broke in to the Saint George, Utah, Temple and vandalized it.  This happened Saturday morning, and the assailant was apprehended by some of the temple workers and subdued until police arrived.  The temple vandalism consisted damage to furniture, fixtures, windows and artwork.  What possesses anyone to vandalize?

On the Brighter Side

It’s Mother’s Day and I made a meal exactly to Elizabethe’s request – chicken, baked potatoes, vegetables, and a salad.  We invited Maureen to join us, as well as the sister missionaries.  (The sisters are excited because they got to Skype with their families before coming over.)

For dessert I made brownies with walnuts.  My brownies are always good, and I served these with sliced strawberries.  What a great combination!

Guest at Church

The sisters asked us to pick up a man whom they taught recently.  When we picked him up, I recognized him as being a man who purchased one of my prints.  We had a nice talk on the way to and from church.

Elizabethe and I are reading Lectures on Faith.  As a result, certain  things really stand out to me.  I’ve read them before, however, this time is a little more different.  Because my familiarity with the Book of Mormon has increased, much of what is said in the Lectures on Faith has more impact.

Valentines Day 2016

Valentines Day 2016

It is Valentines Day 2016.  Church has been canceled, and it sunny, but very cold (about 0F all day long).

We found out about church being canceled last night so we were able to sleep in a little… but not much.  After getting up I made a breakfast for Elizabethe and me.

Last week, when the missionaries were here, we had them pick out some food items for a “Chopped Challenge”.  After I found out that they would be able to come to dinner, and about an hour before they arrived, I started on my Chopped Challenge.

Dinner:  Canned chicken, oatmeal, pickled peppers and mozzarella cheese

Dessert:  Canned pumpkin, sweetened condensed milk, strawberry rhubarb jam and caramel sauce.

So, the chicken and peppers when in to a chicken alfredo that was served on a bed of oatmeal risotto with mushrooms, caramelized onions and mozzarella cheese.  Dessert was pumpkin custard with strawberry/caramel whipped cream.

The oatmeal risotto is what really surprised me.  I had been thinking about what to do with a savory oatmeal dish, and here was my opportunity.

That was basically our Valentines Day 2016.


While we received some snow last night and had to have the driveway and sidewalks cleared, the sun came out and it was a sunny day all day.

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Snow on Valentines Day 2016




Stake Business

Stake Business

When you come to church and see two members of the stake presidency on the stand, you immediately think stake business.  Are they going to release the bishopric?  Are there other reorganizations going on in the stake?  What will happen?  You think of all the possible stake business as the meeting starts.

In a moment of jest after the bishop took care of some youth recognition he announced he wasn’t being released.  His counselor then commented, “That was the bishop’s Christmas wish that didn’t come true.”

It all turns out there was no stake business and the stake clerk and stake president were our speakers.  The stake president went on to say that he’s been in office for nine years and the bishop has another thing coming to him if he thinks he is getting released before the stake president gets released.  (Both our bishop and stake president have great senses of humor.)

It was a good meeting.  President Clark and Brother Bowman talked.  There was no stake business, just a couple of our leaders sharing their thoughts and testimonies.

President Clark gave an excellent talk about forgiveness.  In a day and age where there are so many social injustices it is was a good talk.  He tied it in to a shooting that took place a while back and how at the sentencing, a family member of one of the victims could only say, “I forgive you.”

The plan today is to reheat the leftovers from yesterday’s day after Christmas dinner.  This was a good plan because I could sure use the nap.  The sisters came for dinner, and we served up the leftovers and it was every bit as good as it was when we had them yesterday.

About the only thing that wasn’t leftover was dessert.  So, I opened a bottle of home canned peaches, and served them with some baklava and yogurt.

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Remember to Say

Remember to Say

Remember to say, “Hi”, when you see someone you don’t recognize.  Whether you are walking down the street or coming or going to church.  Simply smile and say, “Hi.”

I was reminded of this as I was leaving church.  A man, standing by himself just out side the church looked like he was waiting for his wife.  I walked up and said, “Hi”, and asked him where he was from.

As we talked, he said, “You know, you are the only person who has taken time today to come talk to me.”

That was a little disappointing because normally the Palmyra Ward is overtly friendly.  Perhaps the excitement of it being Mother’s Day had an impact, but either way… we should smile and say, “Hi”.

Speaking of Mother’s Day, a Happy Mother’s Day to all who have earned that title.  To my own mom (who died about 12 years ago), my wife’s mom (whom Elizabethe is with right now), my wife, Elizabethe, and our daughters who are raising some remarkable children — Happy Mother’s Day.

Because Elizabethe is out of town, I still wanted to feed the missionaries and so I invited a couple from our ward to join us.  The five of us enjoyed some lasagna.  Sister Francis brought some delicious homemade French bread and a dessert.


Cinco de Mayo 2013

It might have been the late 70s or the early 80s that WAR came out with the song Cinco de Mayo. I wonder if that started the Cinco de Mayo celebration craze in the U.S.A.

We fed the elders tonight and so I fixed chicken enchiladas and beans. For dessert I made flan. I’ll post the flan recipe.

Great Idea

A few weeks ago, we had the sister missionaries for dinner. We had just bought a bunch of tiny pumpkins on closeout. They were about 5 for $1 because it was after Halloween. So, I took the pumpkins and stuffed them like you would bell peppers and baked them. The sisters thought that was pretty cool.

Tonight, they had a huge open house at the Joseph Smith Farm Welcome Center. One of those sisters came up to me. She was very excited. She showed me some photos on her phone where she had taken miniature pumpkins and stuffed them with bread pudding and baked them.

What a COOL idea!  Sister Madsen’s idea is great.  That’s got me thinking… flan… rice pudding… pumpkin pie filling… and more.

By the way, I thought I’d give everyone a weather update.  This is the 4th winter I’ve lived here, and here is a summary for this date:

2009 – By December 17th, we had 6 days of snow.  This day, being the 6th.  On this date in 2009 we receive 2.5″

2010 – On this date we received our 17th day of snow.  Now, keep in mind, we’re not talking a lot of snow.  We’re talking 17 days of 0.1 to 0.7 inches of snow.

2011 – Last year on this date we receive a light dusting of snow for our 3rd day of the season.

This year, we’ve been getting mostly rain and drizzle.  Although, they are predicting snow for the weekend.  We’ll see.

Frankly, having lived in Idaho, Utah, Colorado and Wyoming during winter months, I’ll take a Palmyra winter over any of those other places.

Thanksgiving 2012

I’m thankful everyday to our God who gives us life and who sent his son to pay the debt of our sins.  I’m also thankful for a wonderful wife, our children, and our grandchildren — all of whom are gifts from our Heavenly Father.

After getting up, and fixing a left-overs breakfast burrito, I decided it is time to bake the pumpkin pie.  (I just posted the recipe – see the Cooking with Brent page – http://beckwithmansion.wordpress.com/cooking-with-brent/pumpkin-pie/ )

Next, it was time to make the chocolates.  Last night, I made the filling.  It’s been in the fridge all night.  So, I took it out and rolled it in to balls.

Filling for Candy

I made some just plain.  I then took some walnut halves and wrapped them with the fillings.  After getting tired of doing walnuts, I did some cashews.  Finally, I took some almonds and ground them up and mixed it with the filling.  Four types:   plain, walnut, cashew and almond.

Because of a lack of planning on my part, I sent Elizabethe to Breen’s to get some chocolate.  She returned with chocolate chips because they didn’t have dipping chocolate.  Oh, well.  It will have to do.  Let’s hope it sets up hard enough.

Dipped Chocolates

The dipping went very well, and now they are cooling.  Elizabethe and I did try a couple.

I’m a See’s Candy connoisseur.  Although this recipe taste close to See’s Candy’s Bordeaux chocolates, there are three things that are a bit off.  First, I left out the coffee because we don’t drink coffee, and had there been coffee in there, the taste would have been way off, but the taste is very close without the coffee.  (See’s makes a coffee version of this candy, but they don’t call it Bordeaux.)  Second, the texture is too creamy.  It’s too much like a thick frosting, and I think that might be due to the third item.  Third, I think it is lacking egg yolk.  I think the egg yolk might fix problems 1 and 2.  But, the next time I make this, it’s going to have egg yolk added to the cooked mixture.  I figure 3 egg yolks and I’ll have to let the cooked mixture cool more before I start folding the egg/cream mixture.  I’ll probably have to add a bit more powdered sugar too.  (You can see the recipe I used on yesterday’s post – in the photo.  If you have a better recipe for Bordeaux, please share it.)

Attempt to imitate See’s Candy

Pecan Pie Time

After getting stuff done in the studio, I closed shop and went in to start baking a pecan pie.  Now, most recipes call for corn syrup, but I substitute REAL maple syrup.  There’s nothing like the taste.  It makes the pie sweeter, almost too sweet, and so I temper it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.  (Not whipped cream; that is not stout enough to stand up to the pecan custard.)

Now, before eating it, you should dish it to the plate, and zap it in the microwave for about 30 seconds.  Then, top it with a generous portion of vanilla ice cream.

That’s the way to do pecan pie.

After I made two pies (one for sharing, and one for myself), I made some bordeaux filling.  I found a recipe that says it is just like See’s Candy.  We’ll see.  Here it is with the tub before heading to the fridge to set over night.


See’s Candy? We’ll see

I tasted it, and it doesn’t have the right texture, but it tastes good.  We will see what it is like tomorrow after it sets up.