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I can’t stop laughing.  While this isn’t the worst storm I’ve been through, for around here, it is pretty big.  I can’t stop laughing because I have never seen my BBQ buried so deeply in the snow.

My yardstick says it is around 20″ deep + or -.  While NOAA says the record for Palmyra in a midnight-to-midnight period is 19″.   I found a website that claims the record for Palmyra is 28″.  It doesn’t say if that is accumulations or not, but I suspect from NOAA data it is accumulation.

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Snowdrift Against the House

NOAA uses the melt-method of measuring snowfall.  It collects snow in a container.  A heating element melts it, and they measure the water.  1/10th of an inch = 1 inch of snow.  That’s why on some weather reports you see something like, “precipitation 0.10 inches”.  Translated that means 1″ of snow.

The yardstick method measure the actual depth at a specific spot.  I usually sample 3 spots where the snow hasn’t drifted, and then I average them.

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Patio Furniture

Stuck Inside

It is too nasty out and we’re stuck inside.  We rented the new version of Saturday’s Warrior.  Excellent moving.  I didn’t realize it is such a tearjerker.

They removed the songs Dear John and Will You Wait for Me.  They added a couple of new songs.  I missed not hearing the song Dear John.  Will You Wait for Me… not as much.

An Attempt

I made an attempt to go blow the snow off the driveway.  It is still coming down like mad, and it seemed futile to remove the snow only to have it back-fill with new snow.  As a result, I quit and decided it will wait until tomorrow morning.


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Snowblower in too Deep

I came inside and watched it to continue to snow.  It appeared to stop around 7pm.  That means it snowed for about 30-31 hours continuously.  That’s a lot of snow.