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Trouble Tickets

Trouble Tickets

Utility companies have trouble tickets.  Repair personnel are typically rated on how quickly a problem is resolved.  When I worked for a certain telephone company, I complained about such policies.  The reason is, closing a ticket when a problem isn’t resolved may make for great report numbers, but bad customer service.

Such is the case with NYSEG today.

Fallen Tree

Around 1pm, or so, a big dead tree broke and fell in to a house.  On its way it took out a utility pole and wires.  This resulted in my entire block being without power.

After about an hour, I reported the outage.  At the time I reported it, they were unaware of any outage.

Around 6:30pm I checked the NYSEG website and it claimed power was restored at 4:30pm.  Ahhh… someone closed the ticket so the outage duration would be shorter.  (My guess is they have a goal of a 3-4 hour resolution time.)

Wire Watcher

So, they assigned a wire watcher.  This guy’s job is to sit in his parked truck near the downed wires to make sure nobody gets close to them.  During the time he was sitting there, the outage was reported resolved at least 3 times.  Each time I noticed, I reported it not being resolved.


Or, they could have called a customer, like me, and asked, “Mr. Walton, do you have service now?”

Unintended Consequences

This goes back to unintended consequences.  You make a stupid goal like, “4 hour problem resolution”, and so people get their annual raise, the close the ticket at 3 hours 45 minutes.  As a result they know darn well someone will call and complain and a new ticket will be created.

In the end, no single outage last more than 4 hours.  Statistically, it is better to have a lot of 3 hour outages than one 36 hour outage.

At least, that’s how it worked at a certain phone company many years ago.

Reported Up Again

It was reported up again at 9:30pm.  That’s funny.  The only guy out there from 6:30 to 9:30pm was the wire watcher.  He was most likely on Facebook or playing games on his phone.  How else does one stay away when their only job is to sit there and make sure nobody gets near the wires.  Of course, who the heck would be out walking around on a blustery night like tonight?

Cheesecake Factory

Cheesecake Factory

Those who follow me know that I’m big on customer service.  The Cheesecake Factory in Pittsford ranks at the top.  Our waitress provided excellent service.

We first went to Black and Blue and were met with glares as if to negatively say, “Oh, look, they brought children in here.”

We were asked if we had reservations, and were told they are by reservation only.  They said it would be about a 45 minute wait.  (The place was about 2/3rds empty.)  We left and went across the parking lot to Cheesecake Factory.  It was a good move.

My experience has taught me when a restaurant acts like you’re making them go out of their way, chances are the rest of the service is lousy.  I’m sorry to say I will never return to Black and Blue.  That’s just not the way you treat customers coming in from off the street.

The proper way to have handled us would have been to say, “We’re understaffed right now, and there might be a longer wait than normal.”

Museum of Play

Jennifer and Spencer drove up to spend the day.  We went to the Museum of Play, and then out to dinner.  It was fun to spend time with our grandchildren.