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A beautiful autumn day for a drive except for one thing… drizzle.  We saw beautiful autumn colors on the drive to Pennsylvania, except I couldn’t photograph them because of the drizzle.

I guess using de-haze on them would brighten the colors, but not enough to make it look decent.  Besides, the raindrops would make the image too soft.

Cuba Cheese

We stopped at Cuba Cheese, but didn’t get much.  One of the cheddars we got had a unique flavor, and was quite good.  The other was okay, but lackluster.

I brought bread slices to put the cheese on.  I’m glad I planned ahead.

At Jennifer’s House

We arrived at Jennifer’s house just a few minutes before the children got home from school.  It was fun watching them come home from school.  They grow every time we see them.

We enjoyed a nice dinner with them and time visiting with Spencer.  Spencer has to leave after dinner to go to Utah (where he works).  He has a long drive ahead of him.

They bought acreage in Utah to build a house.  However, they have work to do on their house in Pennsylvania and the children have the school year to complete.


Drive Home

The Drive Home

The drive home went smoothly.  We had nice weather and made good time.  With bathroom stops and a gasoline stop, it is a 4 hour drive.

We stopped at the Cuba Cheese Shop in Cuba, New York.  I love that place.  They sell a blue cheese that is amazingly good.  I especially like it on a slice of apple or with a grape.  That was my lunch on our way home.

Our motel last night had some noisy guests.  I was very close to calling the police when they quieted down.

They also had a “continental breakfast” that with the exception of the fresh waffles, left something to be desired.  Zero protein.  That left me hankering for some protein on our way home.  We made a quick stop for a breakfast sandwich.

Bathroom Door

The upstairs bathroom door came loose again.  The last time this happened I put larger screws in the hinges.  This time, that is not an option.  The door frame appears to be made of soft wood like cedar or redwood.  It just wasn’t made to support this weight.

I drilled out the screw holes and glued some hardwood dowels in the holes.  The question is, “Will the glue hold?”  Tomorrow I’ll drill pilot holes and screw the hinges securely to the dowels.