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CSM Assignments

CSM Assignments

We received new CSM Assignments today.  Now comes the difficult part.  That is, getting people to model for the assignments.

Where is the list of CSM Assignments currently:

Fathers interacting with their children
Title: Joy of fatherhood
Due: June 11th

Employee wellnewss
Title: Health and Wellness
walking, hiking, eathing healthy, workforce ages (18 to 65)
Due: June 23rd

Primary Leaders with their kids
Title: My calling with Primary children
fun activities and spiritual activities
ages 3-11, leaders of all ages
Due: June 29th

Young men/women leaders interacting with youth
Title: My Calling with Youth
fun activities and spiritual activities
Youth 12-18, leaders of all ages
Due: June 29th

Mission Calls
Title: Missionary Calls
Photos of missionaries opening their mission calls. Photos should be intimate and focused on the missionary opening the call in a reverent, personal setting. (i.e. not a big production)
Due: Aug 13th

How to Tell if You’re A Troll

I got thinking about a specific person I blocked on Facebook.  A former co-worker, I blocked him because he was trolling me.  But, I don’t think he realizes he was behaving like a troll.

A troll is a person who targets another person on social media or online forums.  They follow the person and wait for that person to post something they can either discredit, argue, insult, or somehow negatively respond.  (You can read more here:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internet_troll )

This has prompted me to ponder this, and I thought I would spell it out.  I title this, “How to Tell if You’re a Troll”.

  1. You follow or subscribe to the target’s page (now, this in itself isn’t bad).  Your sole reason in doing so is to find something to disagree about.
  2. Your posts to the target’s page are inflammatory, argumentative, upsetting, etc.
  3. You have never posted anything positive to the target’s page.   All your posts have been negative.  You’ve never left the target a positive comment or agreed with anything they’ve posted.
  4. When you engage your target, your main purpose is to prove them wrong, embarrass them, or show your superiority.  (i.e.  you’re a bully)
  5. You find doing this amusing.
  6. After reading this list, you rationalize your reason for doing the above because you don’t see yourself as a troll, but an Internet savior, saving the world from this person’s stupidity.  (i.e. you’re a sociopath.)  A troll’s common response to something like this would be to deflect (i.e. try making a joke like, “Are you calling me a troll”, or argue.

Here’s the sad part…

Because of the narcissistic personality of the troll, they will hit #6, deny it, and not make any effort to change.

How to Tell if You’re Troll-bait

My dear departed friend Enrico used to say, “If you want people to hate you, become successful.”

There’s a lot of sad, ironic truth to that.  It’s more than being successful that attracts the trolls.  It’s being moral that attracts them too.  I guess what I’m saying is, if you’re troll-bait, it’s a good thing.  Just ignore the trolls, or block them if you will, but whatever you do, don’t feed the trolls.

On to More Cheerful Things

I saw our beautiful peonies in bloom.  I grabbed the camera.

copyright 2017 db walton


copyright 2017 db walton


And, while I am at it I might as well photograph some of the other flowers too.

copyright 2017 db walton


copyright 2017 db walton


copyright 2017 db walton

Mock Orange

copyright 2017 db walton