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If it’s Not One Thing, It’s Another

If it’s Not One Thing, It’s Another

The old saying, “If it’s not one thing, it’s another”, certainly applies this year.  After returning from Israel (where I had to deal with Achilles tendon problems), Elizabethe and I came down with that terrible flu.  I start getting better, and was doing great when we went to Utah for Rebecca’s wedding, and then my right leg acts up after we get home.

This is the same leg I broke when the car hit me about 4 years ago.  I don’t know what’s going on, and the doctor can’t see me until Thursday, but it hurts worse than when the car hit me.

I did some research and it sounds like tibial tuberosity.  That’s a fancy name for an inflamed ligament that connects to the top of the tibia.  Whatever it is, IT HURTS.

Getting Elected to Congress Turns One into a Moron

I’m not going to  hold back on this one.  Congress, as a whole, has done some stupid things.  Back when they banned fluorocarbons, the unexpected consequence was asthma and COPD sufferers how have to pay an outrageous amount for rescue inhalers.

As I’m laying there with pain ranging from 9.5 to 10, I was thinking… “I’d welcome some pain killers right now.”  I don’t like taking pills.  I only do it if I absolutely have to.  And when it comes to pain killers, 99% of the time I’d rather put up with the pain.

The latest move to crack down on doctors who write too many scripts for opiods, only hurts those who 1) could really use the pain pills, and 2) don’t abuse or get hooked on the stuff.


I went to the doctor this morning and it turns out my leg doesn’t have anything to do with my accident, it has to do with that nasty flu I had back in January.  The flu weakened my immune system and I got a bad infection in my bursis just under the kneecap and down into the top of my shin.

Who would have thought?

Counting Postcards

Counting Postcards

I’ve become very good at counting postcards.  While I’m tempted to weight them, and count them that way, I don’t think it would be much quicker.  When you sell thousands of postcards, you have to count efficiently.

While taking my walk I stopped to make an appointment for a haircut.  She said she could take me right then.  As a result, I don’t have to make an appointment or go back in a couple of day.

Investment Review

It is time for our annual investment review.  Since November the market has done well.  A businessman in the White House is always good for the market.  What’s good for the market is good for the economy.  (I wish Congress would get that.)

Speaking of Congress, it is budget time in Washington, D.C.  It is unfortunate that Congress, collectively, doesn’t have a clue on how to cut taxes. I won’t be re-electing my congressman, and I hope others feel the same.

Monitor Blues

I’m still fretting over my studio computer monitor.  My old 19″ LaCie has great color, but at some point my computer will be obsolete and it will be time to upgrade.  As a result, I’m thinking it might work well to upgrade the monitor, then later get a new computer.


Didn’t See That Coming

Didn’t See That Coming

I didn’t see that coming.  I tracked the election results via my Kindle Fire last night.  Whenever I’d wake for a moment, I’d grab my tablet, do a refresh, and look at the results, and then go back to sleep.  What I didn’t see coming was how quickly Trump too the lead and held on to it.

At one point, around 1am, Trump had a strong lead and with the projected states, had more than enough to win.  The stupid MSNBC site was showing that, yet they were predicting Hillary would win with a near 90% certainty.  Some of the major websites weren’t making predictions, but were way off on their electoral totals.

While I hate watching TV news for this sort of stuff, at an early point I turned on the TV.  The channel was already set to some major network (I can’t remember which one), and they were saying that the Trump camp started off cheering, but they weren’t cheering any more and it was an air of doom and gloom.    I changed the TV over the my Amazon Prime account.


I was greatly impressed with both Donald Trump’s acceptance and thank you speech as well as Hillary’s concession speech..  While I didn’t vote for either one of them, I found both speeches refreshing.  I watched them both, live streaming, so I wouldn’t have the media’s spin and editing.

Some right-wing pundits were predicting Hillary would not concede.  Some left-wing pundits were demanding Hillary not concede.  Thank goodness she conceded.

Other Results

While I didn’t vote for either, I do see the overall results hopeful.  I said it before, I don’t trust Trump, however, I do trust Mike Pence.  Trump has surrounded himself with some very good people and perhaps they will keep him on the straight and narrow.  Time will tell.


Trump surprised the GOP in general.  While Trump doesn’t embody the GOP as we used to know it, at least he isn’t a career politician.  Perhaps we can bring the GOP back to it’s roots.  It would be nice to see the party restored to moral, family oriented traditions.  I think the GOP needed a shake up.


I hope the R.I.N.O.s are shaking in their boots this morning.  I don’t think Trump is going to go for purchasing expensive equipment for foreign governments and other forms of foreign aid.  While Congress controls spending, the president wields a veto pen.


Calcaneus is the heel bone and mine hurt so much last night that I went to see the doctor today.  He said I have this tiny bit of calcification at the base of my Achilles tendon.  That tiny little hard spot is causing a LOT of pain and inflammation.

They fitted me with a boot (which feels very comfortable, but it is HUGE), gave me a prescription for the inflammation and sent me home for rest and relaxation.   (Darn, I forgot to ask for a DVD of the x-rays.  It would be cool to see my foot bones.)

I was thinking it might be Haglund’s bump.  The doctor drew a picture showing this is on the back side of the tendon, and not between the tendon and bone.  He said it is kind of like a tiny little bone spur where the tendon ends.

Well, if it is as tiny as he describes, it sure hurts.

Weird Weather

Weird Weather

We are having weird weather for February.  The last couple of days were moderate, and now today it is threatening to snow.  In fact, flakes were falling this afternoon, but melting as soon as they touched anything.

I wrote Walmart today concerning their lawsuit against Helen Huff.  Mrs. Huff is the widow of a photographer who is being, in my opinion, bullied by Walmart.  Her late husband took pictures of Sam Walton and now Walmart wants the negatives but they don’t want to pay for them.

Since the lawsuit, I have done a great job boycotting any and all Walmart shopping.  I calculated how much I might have spent since this started and told them the dollar amount and suggested it would have been cheaper for them to just settle with Mrs. Huff as they’ve lost more money than what she was asking for in the first place.

Until they treat her with fairness, I’m not shopping there.  And, if it goes to trial, regardless of the outcome, I will NEVER go there again.

And no, just because my last name is Walton, doesn’t mean I’m related. If there is any relationship, it is quite distant.  At this point, I’m embarrassed when anyone mentions any connection.

Free Tuition

I was thinking of the silly proposal that college be free.  The conclusion was this… if tuition were “free”, the end result would be higher taxes which would be paid indefinitely.  Thus, a $50,000 education might end up costing $500,000 over a lifetime, whereas a $50,000 loan might end up costing $100,000 over its lifetime.

The notion of government providing any services is always scary.  About the only service the should be providing is military protection against enemies and interstate commerce ability (i.e. freeways, monitoring the skies to make air travel safe, etc.)  I would have mentioned postal services, but they failed at that and now we have the USPS struggling because Congress won’t LET them raise rates to support their costs.   The whole idea of providing medical and educational services will fail too.   But, we’ll all pay for their failures.


Day After 2014

Day After 2014

The Day After 2014’s election and it looks like Cuomo narrowly won.  Maffei lost by a landslide.  I guess you lose some and you win some.  It is said that Cuomo won by the smallest margin since FDR.  I’m happy Katko won the House seat for our district.

I see Mia Love from Saratoga Springs, Utah, won in her district.  In an interview, they tried to make it about race, and Mia set them straight.

I also see that Republicans won in practically every district except those in heavy metropolitan costal areas.  Perhaps it is a property owners verses renters.  Or, perhaps it is something that goes along with population density.  I’m sure there is some study about it somewhere on the Internet.

The day started with the chamber of commerce board meeting here at the house.  Since I couldn’t make it out to the meeting, I invited them to meet here.  It was nice to see and interact with them.

The rest of the day I spent working on the new standing rules and bylaws for the chamber.  We need to vote on them at our annual meeting.  I’m not the best for attention to detail in writing, but I’ll do my best and let others comment and recommend changes.

Election Day 2014

Election Day 2014

Today is election day 2014.  It is a gubernatorial year for New York.  It is also a chance to remove Dan Maffei as our representative.  (We voted him out a few years ago, but he managed to get elected again.  Not sure how that happened.)

Elizabethe and I headed out for our dental check up this morning.  It is sure a chore getting in and out of the car.  We had to make a few stops on the way home, most of which I waited in the car.  I did get out to have breakfast at Taco Bell.

Our last stop was the poll to vote.  It feels good to vote.  I know some people don’t think their vote makes a difference, but whether it does or not, I see it as a social responsibility and privilege.

Elizabethe headed to the temple, but I got in bed before she left.  I figure if I’m settled down for the evening, all would be okay while she’s gone.

After she got home, I went online and the early results showed Cuomo and Maffei loosing by a landslide.  (15% and 21% respectively.)  Although Cuomo still has a chance, Maffei can’t win at this point.  Whew!  Thank goodness.  While, I am not a fan of Cuomo, I’m less of a fan of my current congressman.  He strikes me as an authoritarian liberal populist.

While I understand the motivation for many liberal policies, too many liberal politicians go to the extreme of authoritarian enforcement of them.  I find it interesting that liberal authoritarians can get elected, but we’ve never seen a conservative authoritarian elected.  (Hitler was a conservative authoritarian.  Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro was/is an authoritarian liberal.)  I think the reason is the liberal authoritarian is more cunning in the execution of their control.

Authoritarianism is wrong.  You cannot force anyone to do what they don’t want to do — good or bad.  If allowed to run out-of-check, it becomes totalitarian.

Wacky Wednesday

Have you ever had one of those days when you just couldn’t seem to feel accomplished?

Today was one of those wacky days.

The morning started with a chamber of commerce board meeting.  With our Christmas party being tomorrow, we spent a good amount of time talking about it.  But, we also discussed some important long-term items too.

I really want to see the chamber become a viable entity in the community.  I remember when our family lived in Moscow, Idaho.  The chamber there had a little building in the center of town where people could stop in and pickup up a map and flyers about local businesses.  And, although times have changed since the mid-60s, the concept still remains.  I want to see the MPWCC (Macedon Palmyra Walworth Chamber of Commerce) become the place where people turn when they are looking for local businesses.

Tourism should be a primary focus of the Chamber too.  Local businesses (consumer-based businesses) rely heavily on outside money.  Business-to-business businesses rely on outside money too, but consumer-based businesses need traffic from outside their local customer base in order to grow.  It is when people bring money from all around the world that you really begin to experience financial gain.

So, please, support us as we strive to make the MPWCC an organization that will be known for promoting economic growth in western Wayne County.

From there, I went to a networking meeting.  Ah, yes.  Another meeting.  Something was amiss and we didn’t have a speaker, so we spent time talking about a family we would sponsor for the holidays.  Someone found a family with children and a legitimate need.

The rest of the afternoon was spent working on client work with an overwhelming feeling.  It wasn’t until I stopped for a bit that I realized what has been affecting my mood.


I am deathly allergic to cats, and earlier I was exposed to cat dander.  I recognized the symptoms and began to take counter measures.  At the same time, I realized what a screwed up situation I am in.  Without going in to a lot of details, let’s just say a $25 prescription has gone up to a $325 prescription all thanks got… you’ve got it… Congress.  And, although the lack of that prescription wasn’t going to be an issue right now, the stress of being angry about why it costs so much was only making my anxiety about this asthma attack even worse.  (Anxiety + Asthma = increased Asthma).

It was then I realized that as I get older, I need to be more bold and assertive when it comes to allergies.  We read about people with peanut allergies dying, well guess what?  That can happen with any allergy, not just peanut allergies.  So, I need to learn to speak up and say, “No cats.”

So, today was a pretty wacky Wednesday.  If I go in to anaphylactic shock in my sleep and die, please write on my headstone, “Killed by Congress, Aggravated by Cats,” as my epitaph.

Questions They’ll Never Answer

Today I went to Nancy Pelosi’s web site and read some of what she has posted regarding this health insurance reform bill.  One of the PDF files talked about the costs of health care.

Well, here are some questions I’m sure our Congressmen and President Obama won’t answer, or don’t want us to know the answer.

1.  How much of our tax dollars go to pay medical bills for self-inflicted illnesses?  (i.e. Illnesses caused by chronic smoking, drug and alcohol use.)

2.  How much of our tax dollars provide medical care to those who will not work?  (i.e. Chronic welfare recipients.)

3.  How much of our tax and insurance money goes to pay medical bills for those injured by uninsured and/or drunken motorists?

4.  How much of our tax and insurance money goes to pay the medical bills of those who are in this country illegally?

5.  How much of our tax dollars go to pay for medical care and treatment of those in jail or prison?

We’ve rapidly become a society that shies away from personal responsibility.  It seems to be okay for a person to smoke for 40 years, develop lung cancer, and then expect MediCare to pay for his oxygen tanks and equipment to prolong his life.  Why shouldn’t this person’s insurance company be able to say, “I’m sorry.  This was self-inflicted.  We’re terminating your insurance coverage.”

I guess that is what bothers me the most about what’s before Congress right now. 

Let me compare it to auto insurance.  Auto insurance is required by law.  If I am a really bad driver, my insurance rates go up.  At some point, my insurance gets cancelled, if my license isn’t taken away before then.  Insurance companies are required to carry a certain number of “assigned risk” clients.  They pay a high premium for a minimum amount of insurance.

Why can’t health insurance be the same way?

Of course, you can’t punish someone for inherited illness.  But, start early. 

“Hey kids, if you start smoking you’ll be paying half of your salary towards health insurance by the time you’re 19,” kids could be warned.

Or, “If you ruin your liver with booze, no insurance company will cover a transplant — none.”

Or, “Go ahead and get that tattoo, but your insurance company will drop you like a hot potato if you get hepatitis B.”

Or, “Get an STD and you’ll be paying full price for your medication if you want to get better.”

I know… I’m not very politically correct.

What’s Wrong with this Picture?

What’s wrong with this picture?

 No, it isn’t a visual picture, but metaphorically speaking, what is wrong with the picture of Congress right now?

 There is an ad airing on the radio here in the Rochester, New York, area that features President Obama stating that we need this health care bill passed because health care is costing all of us a lot of money.

 On the other had, many of the House of Representatives have been heard to say that we should NOT expect health care and insurance prices to go down when this bill passes. Instead, they are guaranteeing us that they WILL go UP. One went so far as to say that they will go up, but not as quickly as they will without the bill. (Yeah, I will believe that one when I see it.)

 What are they trying to pull?

 The bill does nothing to address the true reasons health care costs are rising, but never mind that. They want you to think Government regulation will solve everything. Uh-uh. Yeah, right. And, did you ask if they have a bridge you can purchase too?

 They don’t tell you that in addition to health care costs going up, you’ll have to pay more for insurance premiums AND taxes too. But, never mind that. They want you to think this is what is best for you.

 I never thought I would become so cynical towards our government. I’ve always been cynical about a couple of political parties, but now, I am starting to think that anyone who has served more than a term or two has been tainted to their core.

 Some good has come of this. More people are studying and reading the U.S. Constitution. More people are starting to ask, how is this constitutional? More people are ready to cast votes for neophytes in the political system.

 I really hope comes November this year, that a “new Congress” will be elected who will have the guts to really clean things up. Freshmen members who will really listen to what their constituents want, who won’t get involved with special interests groups and lobbyist. And, ones who will shrink government back to what our Founding Fathers wanted – not this bureaucratic quasi-socialistic/Marxist regime of recent.

 Comes November, it’s time to pull the plug. Re-elect no one. Elect new faces only.