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Today is Friday the 13th.  Big deal.  I often wonder why people get caught up in superstitions.    Today is no different than any other day when it comes to luck.

Elizabethe and I went and saw Passengers.  What a great movie.  The premise is a space ship loaded with 5,000 passengers and 258 crew members, all in suspended animation, is destined to a new world.  When they arrive they will be woken and they will colonize the new world.  However, something goes wrong when a passenger awakes about 80 years early.  (Hmm…. I wonder if he woke on Friday the 13th???)

It has some great twist and turns.  You’ll also laugh a lot.  There is some funny stuff in the movie.

Gift Certificate

We had a gift certificate for concessions at the movie theatre that expires next week.  It’s pretty crazy how much they charge for  popcorn and a soda.  When you pay $9 a ticket to see a movie, you’d think a soda wouldn’t cost $7, but it does.  It is absolutely crazy.  Thus, our $15 gift certificate didn’t go very far.

Warm to Cold

Yesterday it was warm for January.  It reached the high 50s.  (When I checked it was 58F.)  Today, it is down to 34F currently.  The temperatures are supposed to drop the next couple of days, and then rise again.

No More Dish

We canceled Dish Network.  Like many such services, their rates kept going up.  Instead, we’re giving Hulu a test drive.  The big thing I don’t like about Hulu is you can’t see the episode numbers on TV series, and they are in reverse order (newest first).  While that makes sense in some cases, it is a pain in other cases.  But, we’ll see if it is a viable replacement for Dish Network.