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Pre-Pageant Sunday

Hill Cumorah Pageant starts this week.  This is the last Sunday before it starts.  We had overflow crowds at church, and probably will until the end of summer.  Next week will be very crowded.

The choir practiced after church.  We will be singing next Sunday and the Sunday after.  We still have sacrament meeting and the rest of our meetings.  We just have lots of visitors.

After church and choir practice, I took a walk down to the village park.  They had a local group doing Beatles covers as well as other hits from the 60s.

Inside Out – Palmyra 7/8/2012

Inside Out performed songs like Love Me Do and I Saw Her Standing There.  In addition to some Beatles, they performed songs like She’s Not There (the Zombies) and other songs from that era.

There was a small dance area set up, but most people were staying in the shade.  It was a bit warm.

Listeners Enjoying the Shade

The American Legion also was there selling hots and burgers.  These two stopped and posed for the camera.

Cheese Burger

I love our Village’s little events like this.  This small town is friendly and it shows.  It’s too bad many of our tourists spend so little time here.  Stop.  Spend time.  Catch the flavor of our little village.  Even our mayor was there grabbing photos with her smart phone.

Mayor Vicky Daly Takes Photos at the Concert

I noticed one man came to this concert prepared…

A Beatles Fan

To experience Palmyra, you need to spend some time here.  This is a great place with lots to see and do.  Who knows.  You might even catch a concert in the park.