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The Big Studio Clean-Up Day

We took our time getting started today, but came about 9 a.m. we were out in the studio organizing and cleaning.  With limited space, you some times have to be creative where you put things.  A lot of time was spent saying, “Move this here… on second thought, let’s put this over here.”

Elizabethe and Stephanie were both huge helps.  We got back drops up on the tracks, props moved to where they are out of the way, hardware on the walls for hanging things, etc.  And, when it came to hanging things, we had lots of beads.



and More Beads.

And there were backdrops too…

Backdrop Track in Studio

The hard part was figuring out where to put this stuff…

Props and Studio Gear

Elizabethe suggested I put my cow’s head above the door.  It actually looked kind of cool, so no apologies to Georgia O’Keefe for this picture of it…

With No Apologies

When we got to the point where I couldn’t take any more, Elizabethe and I headed to Jo Ann’s Fabric to get some fabric for when I want to block the window light.  Holy Cow!  It was nearly $100 for the fabric and that was at 50% off.