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Church Down South

Church Down South

Church down south was fun today.  Zoe’s name was announced from the pulpit and she was sustained as a new member of the church.

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Avery and Zoe get along amazingly well.  Let’s hope it keeps up.  After all, it’s only been a few months since they became a family.  I don’t say that pessimistically, but let’s be realistic.  Siblings usually will have their spats.

After church I drove the 4 of them (Ashley went home with her grandparents last night), down to Steve’s parent’s house.  They are having a week-long camp with all the grandchildren.  (It sounds fun.  For Rebecca and Steve this will be a nice honeymoon time for them.)

Old Hospital and Prison

Steve showed us around the old hospital and prison.  Talk about a waste of property and resources.  It’s been shut down since 1980s.  The buildings sit vacant, and the grounds unkempt.   (A lot of people blame Reagan for this, but I’ve read several analysis of it and basically, Reagan signed in some budget cuts, but MOVED the burden to the states.  States, like Georgia, responded in kind by closing facilities… and blaming Reagan.)


I dropped Steve and Rebecca off and went back to the hotel.  They joined Elizabethe and I there and I gave them a slideshow of Israel.  It was fun.