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H3N2 Flu

H3N2 Flu

I haven’t been doing updates for 2 reasons.  Reason 1 is I have the H3N2 flu and it is keeping me flat on my back.  Reason 2 is there’s not much to say.  What would I write?  I spent the day in bed today?

Today is the first day my lungs aren’t making a rattle sound.  However, my breathing is weak and when I talk it demonstrates in my weak voice.

People at church have been helpful.  Sister Taylor brought us dinner the other night.  Sister Ward came and did the dishes and cleaned up in the kitchen.  Both acts greatly appreciated.


This flu is unprecedented.  As a child I had mumps, both forms of measles, and evidently chicken pox too.  While this flu isn’t as painful as mumps, it’s kept me down as long.

It’s almost as bad as pneumonia.  It’s like having pneumonia without all the gunk in your lungs.  There’s still some stuff that I cough up, but it’s not quite as yucky as pneumonia.

When I saw the doctor, she asked about muscle aches.  To my surprise, and her’s too, I did not at that time.  Well, it was only a matter of time.  A couple of days ago my legs and back felt like I had just played a major soccer match.

Right before that, the fever hit for a couple of nights in a row.  Fortunately, it wasn’t a very high fever, but it was enough that it drained me.

Today I’ve felt the best since seeing the doctor.  That’s not to say I’m 100% better, it simply means today is an improvement.  I won’t be going anywhere today, or tomorrow for that matter.  I just hope that comes Sunday I’ll feel well enough to go to church.

What’s Helped

I’m fortunate that I don’t have the vomiting that others have experienced.  My nausea has been constrained to just that — nausea.  That said, I thought I’d list somethings that have helped…

  • NyQuil – One dose at bedtime has helped me sleep soundly
  • Lots of water and juice
  • Chicken soup
  • Herb tea
  • Antibiotics the doctor prescribed – I think they have kept this from turning in to bacterial pneumonia.
  • Albuterol – This has helped those wheezing attacks
  • Vaporizer – the moisture in the air helps keep the phlegm moving
  • Guaifenesin – it also helps cough up the phlegm
  • LOTS of SLEEP – If you have this, all you’ll want to do is sleep.  Don’t fight it.  Sleep.