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Cold Front

Cold Front

We have a cold front moving in.  At the start of Priesthood Meeting, the bishop came in and announced they were sending us home before the storm got any worse.  (To which Bishop Taylor jokingly said, “Wimp!”)

We came home and I cleared the sidewalk and driveway so others can get in and out.  It was bitterly cold and windy.  (16F with about a 5-7 mph wind.)

It didn’t get so bad that the missionaries had to stay in.  We were able to have dinner with Sisters Ingersoll and Larson.

I made cashew chicken, but this time I used canned chicken from our home canning.  The taste was there, but the texture was different.  The chicken turned in to stringy pieces like pulled chicken instead of chunks.

I also made a slaw with shredded carrots, cabbage, raisins, and cranberries.  I topped it with my balsamic vinegar and olive oil infused with blood orange.  It was soooo good.

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Sisters Larson and Ingersoll

Dessert was simple — brownies.  There are two secrets to great brownies.  One, do not over stir.  No more than 50 strokes, or until mixed.  Two, don’t over bake.  Take them out before they get too done.


The temperatures are really cold.  It’s down to the teens again tonight.

September, Already?

It is hard to believe that it is already September.  Time is moving too fast.  When I was 10, 10 years seemed like an eternity.  Now, 10 years ago seems like yesterday.

Me (about 11) and Mark (about 6)

Me (about 11) and Mark (about 6)

This morning I received an e-mail from an on-line service provider (for my business) that was down Thursday-Saturday.  Today’s e-mail stated they are working again.  Great… they get it working on Sunday.  (It was bad enough that it was down all that time, now they get it working on a Sunday morning the day before a national holiday.)

Sisters Butters and Killen were our dinner guests tonight.  I made cashew chicken, but instead of celery I used dellicata squash.  It actually worked quite well.  But, dessert was the best.

I made a cake with peaches and a whipped cream frosting.  It was one of those desserts that you didn’t feel guilty about having seconds.  It tasted rich but felt light.

Elizabethe teased saying we will never see this cake again.  (Implying that I won’t ever make it again.)  So, I indulged her by taking about how next time I’ll try using apples, or maybe pears.  (That’s exactly what she was implying… I’d change it up so much that it will be entirely different next time.)  That said, I’m sure I’ll make this again.  We’ve got LOTS of canned peaches that need to be used.

Tomorrow’s Labor Day.  One thing I miss about working for someone else is having holidays.  One thing I don’t miss is working for someone else.