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2016 Car Show

2016 Car Show

The 2016 Car Show wasn’t all that impressive.   When I think of new car shows, I think of prototypes, experimental cars, and not simply and extended multi-manufacture showroom.  I can see that by going down the street to Van Bortel Chevrolet.

What amazed me most is how much the price of cars has increased.  In about 8 years, the price of cars has doubled.  I’m basing that on my Grand Prix and our Toyota Corolla.  At that rate, 72/8=9.  That means the price has gone up 9% per year, while the inflation rate has been 2.5% and 3.2% per year.

When you consider many of the U.S. car manufacturers received bailout money from our tax dollars, you see that the socialistic move of bailing out the car manufacturers has resulted in huge increases in automobile costs.

The iron is some of the prices just didn’t make sense.  A Hyundai sedan that cost more than a Mercedes Sedan is an example of something that just didn’t make sense.  Electric cars with life-time operating expenses greater than the cost to operate a gasoline powered car.  (Batteries aren’t cheap, and neither is electricity.)

It was a bit of a let-down.  The price of new cars was an even bigger let down.

copyright 2016 db walton

New Car Show 2016

Imagine if the electronics industry were to take over car manufacturing.  The price of cars would come down slightly, but the exchange would be faster, more powerful and more economic cars.  Let’s talk my Grand Prix…

  • 2007 cost $23,000
  • To replace with like model GM today cost $47,000
  • MPG – 22 city, 27 freeway

Now, let’s take a computer…

  • 2007 state of the art PC with 512GB hard drive space and 4GB RAM, 2.40 GHz, dual core – $1200
  • 2016 state of the art PC with 2TB hard drive space, 16GB RAM, 4GHz, quad core – $1200

In other words, the computer’s memory increased 4x, the ram 4x, the speed and processor cores doubled  and the cost remained the same.  That would like a 4-door mid-sized, fully loaded sedan still costing $23,000, but the horse power doubled, the top speed doubled, the gas mileage quadrupled, and it’s now an 8 passenger limousine.


Pack for the Trip

Pack for the Trip

Today I pack for the trip. Tomorrow we leave for Maine and all points in between.  I’ve never been to any of these places so it should be an adventure.

When packing for a trip it is always a good idea to use some sort of check list.  Since I’ve been packing for trips ever since I was 12 years old (Scout camping trips at that age), I occasionally get lulled in to security thinking I can get it all without a check list.  I hope this is not the case for this trip because, yes, you’ve got it, I didn’t use a check list.

After attending my networking meeting in Rochester, I headed to Wegman’s to get some provisions for the tip.  For this, I had a list.  Tortillas for wraps, sodas to drink, crackers and cheese to snack on, etc.  I didn’t get any produce because we have produce galore from our garden and I’m sure we’ll take something.

The rest of the day was spent getting things ready.  Now, for a photographer, this means charging all the batteries, formatting all of the memory cards, cleaning lenses, packing the camera bag so you can get to everything, etc.  This also means anguishing over the equipment you wish you had for those pictures you think you might get.  I know of no other profession that goes through that type of anxiety before a trip.

Wide angle lens – check
Telephoto lens – check
Medium format digital camera – nope – need more money
Filters – check

And the list goes on…

I think I’m ready for the trip.  Only tomorrow will tell.


Heavy Rains

Heavy Rains

We woke this morning to heavy rains.  It was one of those rains where the rain gutters over filled, spilled over and filled the window wells and leaked in to the basement.  I hate when that happens.

Rain gutter cleaning is a huge deal out here.  When you get as much rain as we do, you have to make sure the gutters are clean and drainage away from the house is unobstructed.  Otherwise, you can end up with a flooded basement.

I spent a good portion of the day preparing images for a potential client to view.  In spite of having a lightening fast computer, I still yearn for more speed.  Computers can never be fast enough.

While part way in to this project, a lady called requesting some more images, so I then had her request to handle too.  By the time I got done it was after 10pm.  Yawn.  It made for a very long day.

But, in the mean time, I found this cool painting.  I had forgot that I ever did this.

This got me thinking about setting aside days to go through old images looking for forgotten gems.

copyright 2014 db walton

Forgotten Painting

I wish I had room to print and display my work.  Better yet, buy my work, display it, and just send me a picture taken with your phone so I can see how it looks on your wall.

Here’s how it looks matted and framed.  (My suggested matting and framing… you can choose whatever you want on my web site.)

copyright 2014 db walton

Now, wouldn’t that look cool in your family room or garage?

Deck Cleaning

I decided to power wash the deck today.  After applying deck cleaner (by the way, after I opened it, I discovered it was nothing more than bleach), I hit it with the power washer.  Some of the mold was stubborn and really deep.  Other spots came off with no problems.

Deck After Washing

Deck After Washing


People are still calling about Pageant reservations.  We DO have a room available during the last week.  However, most of the people calling have already bought airline tickets for the first week.  Here’s some advice before traveling to Palmyra:

  1. Get your room reservation FIRST.  Call 1 year in advance to make your reservations.
  2. After you have your lodging, then book your flight.  Rochester (ROC) is the closest airport, followed by Syracuse then Buffalo.
  3. NYC is a 6 hour drive from Palmyra (360 miles).  If you plan to visit NYC too, plan accordingly.
  4. Give yourself a minimum of 2 nights in Palmyra, especially if you are going to Hill Cumorah Pageant.  Keep in mind jet-lag, and the time it takes you to get here, and the time it will take you to leave if flying out after your Palmyra visit.
  5. If you plan to visit Harmony (now Oakland Township), PA, give yourself an extra day.  The roundtrip visit to Harmony takes a day.
  6. If you plan to visit Kirtland, give yourself an extra 2 days, with an overnight stay in Cleveland, OH.
  7. If you plan to visit Niagara Falls, give yourself and extra day too.
  8. Wherever you visit, spend money there.  Those economies depend on your business.  (i.e. buy meals and souvenirs)  An exception might be meals on the road, but when in Rome (Palmyra, Kirtland, etc.), eat in Rome.


$5 Pizza

Elizabethe and I went to CiCi’s Pizza for lunch. It’s $5 all this month (all you can eat pizza). Where in the world can you eat for $5 these days? They have the best cinnamon rolls there, as well as these little garlic knots.

From there, we had a few other errands to run in the Henrietta area. After hitting Harbor Freight Tools to see if they had some sort of jig for my router, I ended up buying a router table. I’m building a room divider screen, and this will work out nicely.

Our next stop was the builder’s home show in Rochester at the Main Street Armory. (What a cool building.) The show was small compared to the shows they would have in California. There were lots of roofing, window and siding companies.

Parking there was a joke. Of the two guys directing traffic, the one was standing there texting on his iPhone and not even paying attention. (He’s lucky he didn’t get run over.) Had these two yoyos been doing their jobs, they could have fit about 50% more cars in the lot. We ended up parking about 1/4 mile away in a residential neighborhood.

Where Did I Park?

After church, I went to visit a friend in the hospital. I managed to find the room in this HUGE hospital (Strong Memorial in Rochester). Her husband and I talked for about 45 minutes or so, and then I left.

I thought I remembered exactly where I parked. And, when I entered the garage and walked to where I thought I parked, my car wasn’t there.

Hmmmm… Where did I park?

I pressed the alarm fob to honk the horn of my car, and I didn’t hear anything. As I walked around, I could hear people doing the same think with their car remotes. “Beep-beep”, “beep-beep”, as going off all around me.

So, I stopped and thought about how I got from the garage to the hospital. I walked right through some doors, down a hall, and in to the lobby. Thus, I must be close to where I entered the hospital.

As I spiralled around the indoor parking garage, I kept going up, and up, and up. Nothing. I couldn’t find my car.

Next, I went all the way down to the basement, and did the same thing. Again, I could not find my car. Praying as I walked, I was thinking about what if I checked every car and didn’t find my car?

The third time, I again went down to the basement and I recognized the valet parking area. I remember driving by it, so I started walking the way I drove. Every 100 feet or so, I would press the horn button, and heard nothing.

I was starting to think that there might be two parking buildings, and some how, I entered the wrong one. Looking out the open windows of the garage, I could see the surrounding buildings were not parking structures.

Was my car stolen?

Did it get towed?

As I rounded the next corner, I noticed the shark-fin antenna for my OnStar. Approaching the car, I looked around and wondered how I could have circled the garage so many times and not noticed my car.

Wrong Day to Go Out

Snow Pile

Snow Pile

I needed to run some errands today. I picked the wrong day to go out. Yesterday was nice, today is down right nasty. It’s cold, and snowy.

So, I planned my route carefully. I managed to get stuff at Lowe’s and Walmart, and then headed home.

When I got home, the driveway was covered again. So, I cleared it so tomorrow morning it won’t be as bad to clear. They say we’re only supposed to get 1-2 inches, but we’ve already got 2 inches.

We’ve already got a mountain of snow between the studio and the garage. If I have to call a plow again, there won’t be room to put the excess snow.

Tomorrow is Sunday, and I really hope I don’t have a ton of snow to move before driving to church. We’ll see. It’s been snowing all day and it is supposed to stop soon.