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Rotten Day

Rotten Day

It’s been a rotten day.   Murphy was right – if anything can go wrong, it will.  That’s how I feel about today.

I’ll work my way backwards…

Watching TV with my wife I began to loose my hearing again in my left ear.  It’s an awful feeling.  I went through this is 2003, and here we go again.

My heel is aching so bad I can hardly walk.  So, I’m wearing my boot hoping it will help ease the pain by the morning.

I still can’t get the router to access www.beckwithmansion.com.

The registration on my car expired 2 months ago.  I never received notice from the DMV.  So, I go to login to see if I can do it online (which you can), only to be told my car and my driver’s license information don’t match.  Comparing them side by side, the only thing that doesn’t match is how they’ve listed my name.  It’s a stupid program if that’s the case.  I will have to go to the DMV on Tuesday to straighten things out.

There’s Always Tomorrow

There’s always tomorrow.  I’m hoping Sunday goes better than today.

I guess if I can’t get my office computer to access beckwithmansion.com I will have to do it on my laptop from another Internet access point.

Five Months

Five Months

It has been five months since my accident.  I thank God regularly that I’m still alive.

At the time I decided I was going to take a walk down to the Grandin Building I did not realize today was the five month anniversary of my accident.  I stood in the driveway facing the garage debating on whether to drive or walk.

Part of me was saying, “You could really use the exercise,” while another part was saying, “Yeah, but you can do what you’ve been doing.  You can go to the basement, get on your stationary bike, and ride.  It’s a lot safer because you can’t get hit by a car.”

Anxiety was building.  Walk or drive.  Safe or sorry.

A terrible thought dashed through my head.  I saw myself walking through the same intersection, but this time heading east, and getting stuck by a car breaking my left leg.  My stomach turned somersaults as I wrestled with the decision.

I decided I can’t be a coward my entire life and so I began my walk.  As I got to the intersection of Main and Church, I pressed the button.  I looked ahead and the red hand was displayed.  I then looked at the traffic.  It was somewhat busy.  The white walk man appeared, but a car was coming.  I stepped back about 5 feet, but about then, I lost the walk sign.

Pressing the button again, I watched as the cars passed.  This time, when I got a walk light, there were no cars in sight.

“Yeah, there were no cars in sight that night,” I reminded myself as with trepidation I started across the street.

The street seemed smaller to me.  As I passed the spot where a bumper of a car made contact with my right leg, I thought how big the street seemed that night.  It seemed like it was a long distance from where my body laid and where the curb was.  Yet today it seemed smaller and distances shorter.

I made it through the intersection and drew a deep breath.  The next intersection was bad, but not nearly as traumatizing as the intersection.

I took a walk behind my building to check out some repairs that are needed.    When I finished there, I went to cross at Fayette Street.  There is no stop light there.  I froze.

“I have the right-of-way,” the logic side of my brain said.

“Who cares,” said the fear side of my brain, “your body means nothing to those big cars if they decide they have the right-of-way.”

I literally waited until I couldn’t see any moving cars in any direction.  As I started across, a truck rounded the corner a block away heading my direction.  I raised my hand as if to say, “Stop.”

“What are you thinking Brent,” I asked myself, “He’s so far away you’ll be across the street before he would even need to brake.”

Such is the mind of a scared injured soul.

On the way back, something happened.  I’d call it an answer to prayer.  I passed across Church Street and didn’t even realize what I had done.  When I got home I thought about what had just happened.

While a part of me is thinking, “You fool, you could have been hit again because you weren’t paying attention.”

While another part of me is saying, “God managed to protect and distract you so you wouldn’t be a nervous wreck while walking across the street.”

I like to think it is the latter.

I’m going to do it again tomorrow (weather permitting).  The more I can face my anxieties, the more I can convince myself the world is a safe place.

Where Did I Park?

After church, I went to visit a friend in the hospital. I managed to find the room in this HUGE hospital (Strong Memorial in Rochester). Her husband and I talked for about 45 minutes or so, and then I left.

I thought I remembered exactly where I parked. And, when I entered the garage and walked to where I thought I parked, my car wasn’t there.

Hmmmm… Where did I park?

I pressed the alarm fob to honk the horn of my car, and I didn’t hear anything. As I walked around, I could hear people doing the same think with their car remotes. “Beep-beep”, “beep-beep”, as going off all around me.

So, I stopped and thought about how I got from the garage to the hospital. I walked right through some doors, down a hall, and in to the lobby. Thus, I must be close to where I entered the hospital.

As I spiralled around the indoor parking garage, I kept going up, and up, and up. Nothing. I couldn’t find my car.

Next, I went all the way down to the basement, and did the same thing. Again, I could not find my car. Praying as I walked, I was thinking about what if I checked every car and didn’t find my car?

The third time, I again went down to the basement and I recognized the valet parking area. I remember driving by it, so I started walking the way I drove. Every 100 feet or so, I would press the horn button, and heard nothing.

I was starting to think that there might be two parking buildings, and some how, I entered the wrong one. Looking out the open windows of the garage, I could see the surrounding buildings were not parking structures.

Was my car stolen?

Did it get towed?

As I rounded the next corner, I noticed the shark-fin antenna for my OnStar. Approaching the car, I looked around and wondered how I could have circled the garage so many times and not noticed my car.

Tuesday Became a Monday

Yesterday was great, but Tuesday turned into a typical Monday.  I had meetings and messages and interruptions and things went haywire.

First, I worked from home so I could sign for the delivery of the trailer.  It came, but they lost (or so we thought) the key to my lock.  My only key.

So, at lunch time, I took my sawsall to the lock.  45 minutes and I made it about 1/4 of the way through.  I then remembered that heat removes the temper from steel.  So, I spent my last 15 minutes of my lunch hour torching the lock.

When 5pm rolled around, I had Jonathan grab the lock with some pliers and I took the sawsall and cut through the remaining 75% in about 45 seconds.  We opened the trailer and there was the key.  HOW MORONIC !!!

Then I called about my car that was supposed to arrive on June 23rd.  They gave me a song and dance about the truck breaking down.  Heck, my car didn’t even leave San Lorenzo until June 21st.  It sat in San Lorenzo for two whole weeks.  I guess Dependable Auto Shippers (DAS) isn’t very reliable.  They are now estimating my car will arrive on July 6th because of Independence Day.  (I’m starting to call it Independence Day instead of the 4th of July because  I think our law makers have forgotten why we declared independence from England — taxation without representation.)

But, the day ended nicely.  I went to the temple with Elizabethe after she got home.  It was really nice.  It was really nice to sit there and think, I’m here.  I made it.

I picked up some General Tsao Chicken from Happiness Garden for dinner.  Best Chinese food around.  (They are at 212 E Main Street — right across the street from the Grandin Press Building.)

Palmyra Aquaduct

Palmyra Aquaduct