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Car Lag

Car Lag

You hear people talk about jet lag, but never car lag.  Car lag is that feeling you get from having felt road vibrations for too long.  Today I’m suffering from car lag.

I have so much junk to unpack.  It is a mess.  Uneaten snacks, dirty clothes, clean clothes, supplies, camera equipment, it all has to find its way back to where they belong.  This isn’t fun.

Computer Problems

After a month of being gone, I’ve discovered www.beckwithmansion.com is not accessible.  I called GoDaddy and they said to wait and give it a try later.  They are doing some updates.

I have plenty to keep me busy after the trip, but it bothers me nonetheless.  After all, that’s where this blog is hosted.

So Little Time

I have so much to do and so little time.  My first priority is to get all the Route 66 images backed up.  It’s about 2TB of data.  That’s over 2000GB, which is over 2,000,000 MBs.  That’s a LOT of data.

The plan is to post regular updates of stories from Route 66.  Once I have the files organized I will start at Chicago and work my way to L.A. telling the story that goes with the pictures along the way.

I also cleaned and returned the rental car today.  Not bad.  It was a little over $1000 for 33 days and 7,500 miles.  That’s a lot of wear and tear on a car.  I’m glad I didn’t drive mine.