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Moving Data

I spent most of the day moving data on my hard drive.  For most people this might be a simple task, but when you have several terabytes of data, it takes a long time.  (A terabyte is 1024 gigabytes.)

While waiting for some files to copy, I did the grocery shopping at WalMart.  You know, if there were any truth in advertising, they wouldn’t (1) brag about the quality of their meat and produce, and (2) they wouldn’t claim to have such low prices.  I just went there out of convenience.

I looked at what routers they carried, and a worker came up and asked if he could answer any questions about routers.  I almost said, “No, but can I answer any of your questions?”  (but that would have been a little pretentious.)  And, speaking of prices, they were on the average about 10% higher in prices than BestBuy, which is about 10% higher in prices than many of the on-line stores like Newegg.com.  Needless to say, I did not purchase a new router at WalMart.

I returned home to find the files were still copying.  It’s going to be a long day.

The bishop and his wife came over as our home and visiting teachers.  We had a nice chat and then Elizabethe showed them how she organized her canning.  I think they were pretty surprised at some of the items we have canned.

Going back out to my office, I found the files were still copying.  It looks like I’ll just have to leave this to complete over night.

Keeping Focused

One of the biggest challenges about being self-employed is staying focused.  When you have a boss, you have someone who can aim you in the right direction.  When you are the boss, you have to keep yourself aimed.

Elizabethe started me on a project before I even had breakfast.  It was one of my projects, but it wasn’t the project I had planned on starting the day with.

Last week on a phone call with the folks in the creative department at the church said they needed photos related to canning.  Yeah, I mentioned that to Elizabethe.  She’s been asking since Tuesday as to when we’re going to do the canning shoot.  Well, today’s the day.









I got the photos taken, and then it was off to the office to work on what was my original first task of the day…. preparing invoices for clients.

Got them all done, and decided I would take a walk down to the village.  Mark’s Pizzeria is coming along well as you can see in this picture…

Mark's Pizzeria Construction

Mark’s Pizzeria Construction

Back at the studio, I commenced retouching high school senior portraits.  Retouching is rewarding work.  You get to see the progress.  Sometimes, I’ll sit there and click the before and after to see the transformation.  My goal is always to keep the people looking the way the should, but in the best way.  After all, you don’t want someone looking at a photo saying, “That’s not you.”

300 Pounds of Produce

Elizabethe went out and bought 300 pounds of produce – tomatoes, mushrooms, peaches and nectarines.  A friend came over to help can the stuff, and I decided to help out.  After our friend left, Elizabethe and I kept working until about 9:30pm when I got worn out.  Elizabethe kept going until about midnight.

I voted to throw some jalapeno peppers into the peach jam.  The compromise was one batch with, and one batch without.  I was surprised when Elizabethe commented she liked the jalapeno version.  In addition I made some peach salsa.

Chopped Peppers

Chopped Peppers




When all was done, Elizabethe counted over 100 bottles.  We still have produce left over.  I’m not sure what the plan is with that.

By the way, we still have a few rooms available for Pageant 2013.    Book now because rooms are going faster than they did last year!

Canned Sausage and Other Unusual Things

I spent the morning cleaning the tavern and the workshop areas for Super Monday.  (I’m teaching a class down there on Monday.  Oh, and the strongest stuff we serve in the tavern is root beer.)

I got to the point where I couldn’t do much more down there so I decided to go grocery shopping.  Going to Walmart on a Saturday is never a pleasant experience.  What was I thinking?

So, I get home and decide I would chop up some of our green tomatoes.  I figure we’re going to get a frost soon, so I better take care of them now.

Three hours later and I was still chopping when Elizabethe returned home from her women’s retreat in Rochester.  She joined in and we completed 10 pints of salsa.

It was then I got this great idea to can some sausage links and patties.  I figure, you can eat Spam, why not canned breakfast sausage.  Besides, if I had to live off food storage, I think I’d want some sausage for breakfast with those whole wheat pancakes.

We also canned some squash – two varieties, and some chicken thighs.  (They were on sale at Walmart.)

Since we were in the canning mood, I opened a can of our canned meatloaf (okay, by now you’re laughing, I know) for dinner.  It looked okay, but had the aroma of Alpo (or some other canned dog food product).  Scooping it out, I put it in the frying pan to warm.

Well, I’ll be dog-dipped.  It tasted pretty dog-gone good.  I’ve never had canned dog food, so I cannot compare it to Alpo (but I know someone who could), but it was really good.  It tasted just like meat loaf should.

I know I’m going to pay for this tomorrow.  I am really beat.

Food Storage Today

Elizabethe and I spent the day working on our food storage.  We canned about 76 cans of rice, pasta, flour and other items.  Of course, before we did that we went out shopping for stuff to can.  It was fun, productive day.

I made a lentil meatball soup for dinner.  It was quite simple.  About 2c lentils, 4 cups water, 1/2 chopped onion, and about a dozen meatballs quartered and a cube of bullion. Threw it in the crock pot and let it cook all day.

For tomorrow morning, I started some dough.  Not sure what I’ll make with it yet.  At the suggestion of the guy at Spice Bazaar I added some cardamom to the dough.