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Caffeine No More

Caffeine No More

About the only form of caffeine I used to have was in diet Coke.  About 18 months ago, I had some serious prostate problems and one of the things in the pamphlet the doctor gave me mentioned caffeine contributes to prostate problems.  So, I decided to avoid it unless I just couldn’t find anything else.  (I know, stupid.)

When I went to Israel, about the only diet drink I could find was Diet Coke.  But, after a couple of days things started hurting and that is never a good sign.  (For anyone who doesn’t know, prostatitis causes the prostate to swell cutting off the ability to void and empty the bladder.  And, if you hold it, not by choice, for too long, it becomes very painful.)

So, I got smart and stopped it all together.  If someplace doesn’t serve a caffeine free diet soda, I’ll just drink water – which is better for me anyway.

Today I saw my doctor.  I asked if I could go off the prostate medication and told him my theory that all of my issues may have been caused by caffeine.  He told me to go for it.

There are other issues related to caffeine too:  high blood pressure (which now might come down), arrhythmia (out-of-time heart beat), osteoporosis (the weakening of bones),   and more.  They believe the inflammation of the prostate caused by caffeine can speed the process of prostate cancer.  (By the way, every man has prostate cancer.  It is just a matter of how quickly it metastasizes. )

I haven’t had a caffeinated soda since Israel, and I haven’t had any discomfort in that part of my body.   Well…. except for that part of my prostate exam today.  But, let’s not talk about that.


From the doctors back home, and from home back to Rochester for a networking meeting.  It’s a busy day.

I managed to get a break between meetings, and then it was back to Rochester for the third time today.  This time for Greater Rochester Professional Photographers (GRPP).  It was a good meeting.  They had a young man from NYC who started his own video production company.

Now, before anyone complains about my rates, this young man charges $3000 (for starters) to produce a 4 minute video of a wedding.   Personally, having seen his work, he’s worth it.  And, you really can’t compare video to photography.  That’s like comparing apples to oranges.

He also said he attempted doing photography at a wedding and has a whole new respect for wedding photographers.  It’s hard work, and the work doesn’t stop when you leave the wedding.

Last Day of Winter 2013

On this last day of winter the ground was covered with about an inch of slush. It was wet, heavy slush that is nearly impossible to shovel.

So, I get to my dermatology appointment this morning to learn that I was an hour late. I don’t know if something got screwed up in my phone due to day-light savings time, or if I entered it as 9:45 instead of 8:45 am. They were nice and saw me anyway.

The doctor put me on some sort of topical cream that is like chemo for the skin. I’ll look like I have the measles for 3-4 days once I start it. They did remove all the cancer, but all the other little spots on my forehead and temples are pre-cancerous.

He gave me a coupon for the treatment. Holy cow! This stuff cost around $300. I think I’m more upset about the cost than having to go through this treatment.

We had a nice evening at the temple. There were a lot of people from our ward in the first sessions. It was good night.

Pain in the Butt

Any medical procedure performed in the rectal area is going to hurt.  Never let anyone tell you other wise.

About 6 weeks ago, the doctor found a lump in my prostate, and this morning they performed a biopsy.  I won’t know the results for at least a week.  After the procedure the doctor did say the chances that it is cancer are small.  He gave it a 30% probability.

I won’t gross out my readers with the details, but I will say the most painful part was getting shot with pain-killer.  It left me wondering if the actual procedure was as painful, then why not skip the pain-killer and just get it over.

Sitz baths have become very welcome today.  Each bath offers relief for about 2 hours, and then the pain-in-the-butt is back.   I also didn’t realize there were so many pain receptor nerves in that part of the body.  Pain is the body’s warning system; I realize that.  But, you don’t expect that type of pain in that part of the body.

I have a new-found appreciation for women who go through child-birth.  The tool used for my biopsy was not very big, and certainly nowhere near as big as a baby’s head.  How an eight-pound child makes it through the birth canal without killing the mother is a miracle.