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Autumn Cleaning

Autumn Cleaning

Autumn cleaning is like spring cleaning but a lot worse.  Things don’t seem to get as cluttered or dirty as they do in the summer.  It’s time to clean for the winter.

I tend to memorize where I put things.  Yes, there is method to this madness, and it’s called last-in-last-out (or LIFO as we called it in the IT world.)  So, as you’re sorting through old mail, the most recent is on top and the older stuff on the bottom.

It works for me.  It has for nearly 60 years.

It doesn’t, however work for my wife.  So, I gave her a day of my attention to get my stuff sorted and put away.  Oh, I many never be able to find anything again, but at least she likes how the bedroom looks now.

If I had a manufacturing plant that would build anything I want, I would be the most organized guy in the world.  Some people, like my wife, are really good at taking a cabinet and making it work to her advantage.  Me, on the other hand, will utilize something if it works for me.

Silverware drawers, for example, work for me.  I like those little trays that hold knives, forks and spoons.  But, if you give me a drawer and tell me to store my camera equipment in it… nope.  It doesn’t work for me.  (I’m still searching for the ideal solution for storing camera equipment.  There are many companies who cater to making camera bags, but NOBODY caters to making storage solutions for the studio.  Nobody.  None.  Zip.  I’ve got some great ideas, but I’m keeping them to myself until one of those manufactures are ready to hire me for my brains.)

That’s okay.  My photography office is due for cleaning too, but not today.  Elizabethe says I’m on my own.