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Have Jobs

Have Jobs

Do they have jobs?

I went shopping today figuring people would be at work and the stores wouldn’t be crowded.  Boy, was I wrong.  Do these people have jobs?


“Excuse me sir, may I ask you a question?” a young lady asked.

This 30-something young lady says to me that I’m about the same age as her dad, “Old, but not real old.”

She then asked if I thought her dad would be offended if she gave him Laptops for Senior Dummies.  She explained she was giving him a laptop, but he’d need a book to explain how to use it.  I looked at the shelf in front of us and there was the book, but next to it was a book titled Laptops for Dummies.  I pointed it and said, “This one might be better.”

Realizing the word “seniors” might send the wrong message, she grabbed the other book and thanked me.

More Stops

I had more stops to make.  By the time I got done it was dark and dinner time.  There is nothing like a $5 service station pizza to save the evening.  Yes, the Sunoco Station in Macedon has $5 pepperoni pizzas (freshly prepared and baked!)  Can’t beat that for a large pizza.

Get It Done 2016

Get It Done 2016

Get it done 2016.  That’s my hopes.  I started back in on my book I was working on.

It was raining cats and dogs when I woke this morning.  This bummed me out a bit because I was hoping to go outside and take a few pictures.

After a few hours, the rain stopped and I decided to get it done.  I drove down to Patty Shack, ordered a burger, and took some pictures for my book.

copyright 2016 db walton

The Patty Shack on NY SR 31

And, here’s the burger I ordered… and ate…

copyright 2016 db walton

Patty Shack Burger

From there, I just drove down the road and ended up in Perinton and took some landscape pictures for my church assignment.  It felt good to get outdoors.

copyright 2016 db walton

Landscape picture

After returning home I uploaded the images to Create.LDS.org (the ones that were suitable).  As the church builds its stock image database more tithing dollars can be used for things like temples and chapels.  (Anyone who wants to know how to do this, I’ll be happy to teach them.)

Being full from my big burger at lunchtime, I decided to simply make some peach cobbler for dessert.  I managed to use up some peaches that were in the fridge as well as some old cookies that are getting too dry to enjoy.  The combination worked out well and we got rid of some leftovers.


Forgotten Coat

First thing I did this morning was rendezvous with a fellow networker to pickup my coat that I left behind yesterday morning.  I was so focused on getting Elizabethe to the airport on time I left the networking meeting without my jacket… and without my presidential box of stuff.  (I’m serving as president of Tri County Networkers for the next 6 months.)

From there, I decided to save a book customer the Amazon shipping, so I personally delivered the book along with a refund of her shipping.  Since the customer is on Route 31, just a mile away from where I had to pickup my jacket, I figured, why not?

Next, while I was out that way, I decided to check out an old cemetery.

copyright 2013 db walton

St. Patrick’s

I spent a good portion of the day installing exit lights in the basement.  I was told I need to install them over the exit doors for when I have classes down there.  Now I have two hard-wired exit lights, with battery backup (in case of a power outage) and flood lights (which come on during a power outage).

Copies of My Book

Copies of my book arrived today. I was expecting this HUGE box, but I guess 30 paperback books doesn’t take up a lot of space.

They turned out quite nicely. I was expecting newsprint, but the pages are nice, white bond paper. The cover is slick nice looking too.

The arrived right before my networking meeting. A lawyer in the group immediately purchased a copy and asked me to sign it. Cool. I’ve signed my coffee table photo books, but this is the first time signing a written book.

By the way, copies can be purchased on-line by clicking here.

It’s funny… of all the business help books out there, and I’ve bought my share, I would have bought this book on day-1 of deciding to start my photography studio.  I cannot say that about every book out there, and I cannot say that about other books I’ve started writing, but never finished.  I guess that is because I wrote this form the perspective of, “What advice do I wish I would have received 14 years ago?”

That’s what makes the difference.  25 Things Business Owners Do to Undermine Their Business – and how to avoid and correct them, is written from my heart as I try to tell you, “Here are some mistakes I made along the way, or mistakes I’ve seen others make, and I don’t want you to have to make them too.”

And, if you don’t own a business, you might want to get it for your boss.  We all know people who can benefit from a book like this.

Click this button to purchase a copy… or two… or three… or more.
Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

Plugging Get It Done on 31(tm)

I spent a good portion of the day going around plugging my next book, Get It Done On 31 – A Journey Down New York’s Main Street. I met a lot of interesting people and business owners.

If you don’t know about the book, you can check out the associated web site at…


May Flowers All in Bloom

May Flowers

May Flowers

It’s May and the flowers in my yard are all in bloom. It is wonderful.

At my Rochester Referral Network meeting I mentioned my Little Black Dress book project, and got quite a response. People seem to like the concept. I just need a LOT more women to feature in the book. If you know someone, have them call me at (315) 226-3292. The DO have to come to the studio for their photo session, but there is no cost involved.

For the book, I am looking for remarkable women. They don’t have to be C.E.O.s at some multi-national company. The message the book will send is that women can accomplish anything.

It’s Here! It’s Here!

Today hasn’t been as busy as yesterday, but I’ve still had lots going on.

On Thursday mornings, the Tri-County Networkers meet.  This is a group of local business owners who get together to share referrals and educate each other on our businesses.  This is a great group and they give a lot back to the community.

Speaking which, our Tri-County Networks has a full-page ad in the program for the Scouting dinner tonight.  It’s great to see people come together to support the Boy Scouts of America.  And, since many of you won’t be at the dinner, here is what our ad looks like:


The mail came today, and the proof copy of my book!  Yeah, this is exciting!!!

Draft of the Front Cover

Draft of the Front Cover


…and the copyright page…


Copyright Page of My New Book

I now have to go through page-by-page and make sure everything is correct, in the correct order, etc.

I will soon be taking pre-orders.  If you know ANYONE who has recently started a business, plans to start a business, or has a business that is struggling, this book is written to them.

Originally, I started out writing it specially for photographers.  Realizing these principles apply to any business, I changed it, added more content and came up with this:  25 Things Business Owners Do to Undermine Their Business – and how to avoid and correct them.

So, watch for the announcement of its publication.

New York State Route 31

I decided to make today my kickoff for my Get it Done on 31(tm) Tour.  At our networking meeting, I handed out cards and told people about the book.  Now comes the hard part, getting the word out to businesses I don’t see on a regular basis and especially those outside the Palmyra/Macedon area.

Click on the following link to read the letter to business owners on NYSR 31.  It is a PDF and contains an application and questionnaire.


The book will be a coffee table book of a pictorial tour down NYSR 31.  I call 31 the Main Street of Western New York.  There are so many villages where 31 goes through the center of them.  There are lots of quaint shops and diners.  It’s going to be fun putting this together.

I’m also creating a card for the TriCounty Networkers of Monroe, Wayne and Ontario Counties.  This is a networking group of businesses in the area.  Our members are highly focused, and good businesses to do business with.

They say we’re supposed to get hit with the “most snow ever” storm.  I’ll believe that if it happens.  And, if it does happen I guess we’ll be sticking close to home.

Dinner and a Movie with Friends

I spent a good portion of the morning and afternoon working on my book.  I added some more content to clarify things, and created a table of contents as well as some note pages.  It’s getting close to being done.  I’ll be so happy when it is done.

Our friends Paul and Diane O’Donnell joined us for dinner and a movie.  We watched the move Push and had a little pot-luck meal.  They brought some soup and a squash casserole and I made some dim sum and noodles.

After dinner, Paul and I got talking about emergency preparedness.  We talked about heat, lighting and food preparation.  The later is probably the easiest as most people have cooked on camp stoves and/or charcoal or wood.  Lighting, again is pretty easy since LED lighting is so affordable and uses such little wattage.  But heat, heat is probably the hardest because of the amount of energy it takes to warm a room.

Most batteries will not provide enough amp-hours to provide an adequate amount of heat.  Battery capacity (length of time the battery will provide power) is measured in Amp-hours.  Thus, a light bulb that draws 1/2 Amp will require 1/2 Amp-hours from the batter.  So, if you have a 30 Amp-hour battery, that lamp will run for 60 hours under perfect conditions.  A heater, on the other hand, might draw 15 Amps.  Thus, best case would yield 4 hours of heat.

That said, batteries also have a consumption rate.  If you exceed that rate, the battery starts to get hot.  If you exceed it by too much, the battery can melt, catch fire, or even explode.  Thus, a 30 Amp-hour battery might be rated for a consumption rate of 2 Amps/hour.  Thus, connecting a heater that requires 15 Amps might result in a catastrophic failure – a melt-down or explosion.

Going the other way, batteries need to be charged at the proper rate.  Charge them too fast, and BOOM.  (I speak from experience.  I’m glad I wasn’t in the room when it exploded.)

So, battery power is great for lighting, electronics (radios, TVs, computers, etc.), small motors.  High amperage stuff like heaters, dryers, electric ovens, microwave ovens, etc., require a generator with enough amperage to power them.

It was a good discussion.


Draft 1 of the Book

I completed my first draft of my book today.  Elizabethe’s reading and editing it.  I then need to make the changes, add a table of contents, index, title page, and all that stuff.  When it is done, watch the blog for it.  It will be in the categories of business, small business management, self-help, and entrepreneurship.

Weather wise, it has been a bit warmer here the last two days.  It rained yesterday, and today it sounds like rain with all the snow on the roof melting and dripping.  Next week, we’re supposed to be in for more snow.  In the mean time, this is more like a Bay Area winter day.

Rocks on the Shore at Lake Ontario

Rocks on the Shore at Lake Ontario

By the way, if you want to learn how to take a photo like the above, check out my workshops at www.palmyra-ny.com.