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Stimulus Overload

Stimulus Overload

How do you tire out a two year old?  Stimulus Overload!

We accomplished stimulus overload with our grandson today.  I promised Elizabethe we would go garage sale shopping today.  Our grandson wasn’t too excited about that.  However, it was all worth it when we boarded the Sam Patch for a cruise.

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Sam Patch Cruise

He was enthralled with the boat ride.  (As you can see from the photo.)

The Sam Patch

If you have never done so, the Sam Patch cruise is a fascinating ride out of Pittsford.  It goes through Lock 32 (twice) and then back the other way to the canal guard gates, and then back to Pittsford.

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Guard Gates on Erie Canal

You learn about the canal as you cruise it.  It’s fun to hear the stories they tell.  It’s also educational to learn how the locks operate.

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Our Boat Crew

Everyone had a great time.  Your money is well spent on the Sam Patch tour.  It is a memory these children will have for a long time.


Returning home I thought, “Oh, no!  What if Main Street is closed?”

It wasn’t.  We got home just in time for the big parade.

The parade was sensory overload for our grandson as he watched fire truck after fire truck.  Excitement filled the other children too.

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Grandchildren Before the Parade

One of the funniest things during the parade was watching my granddaughter’s attempt to get the fire trucks to honk.  As one passed, the driver honked.  The honk was wimpy.  She yelled, “Honk louder!”


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Honk Louder

With an approaching band, my eldest granddaughter starts doing cartwheels in the street.  She doesn’t shy away from attention, instead she loves every minute of it.

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The day tired everyone out.  We will sleep well tonight.



I think moderate is going to be the word for our weather this year.  We had a moderate winter, and spring seems to be about the same, which makes me wonder if we will have a moderate summer too.

Today was one of those days you would have expected to reach the mid-70s.  Instead, it hovered around 68 most of the day.

copyright 2016 db walton - Moderate

Old Change Bridge Foundation in Macedon

I bought groceries for Elizabethe’s Mother’s Day dinner tomorrow.  I’ve decided to fix salmon over a bed of angel hair pasta with an alfredo sauce.  For the side dishes, a salad, asparagus, bread and carrots.

After I got all that done, and after a short nap, I headed down the Canal Trail to take a few pictures.  The weather was perfect for being outside.  It wasn’t too cool or too hot.

copyright 2016 db walton - Moderate

A Boat Leaving Lock 30

I keep waiting for the flowers on the trees to bloom.  The crabapples look like they are about to open, but they’ve looked like that for a week or more.  The same with the lilacs.  (In fact, this weekend is the lilac festival in Rochester.)  The tulips and daffodils are in bloom as well as dandelions.

Plug for Workshop

This is a plug for my 2016 workshop.  It’s September 13th-16th and you can read more and register here:


This workshop is for people who are serious about learning how to paint using their computer.  It’s not an automatic program that does the work for you, but a software package that allows you to PAINT with various mediums.  Here’s a sample of something I painted…

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A Still Life Painting

During the class we’ll learn how to paint various subjects.  It will be informative, fun and hands-on.