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Dang Snow

Dang Snow

I often welcome snow, but this dang snow is very COLD.  It started off at 9″ and is now about 12″ (and has stopped for the day.)  It took a while to clear the driveway because the snow would fall to the side of the blower and I’d have to go back for a second pass.

Someone posted a picture on Facebook complaining about the 18″ snow.  They showed two things in the picture that were points of reference:  1) a small snow shovel with a blade about 8″ hight, and 2) the 4″ clapboard on their house.  It was 12″, not 18″.

Snowstorms, like fish, are always bigger than reality.

Blog Updates

I’m working on blog updates for days missed while I was traveling.  It is a lot of work, but the feedback has been positive.

It is so cold in the studio that I can’t get things warm enough for my fingers to move quickly.  Brrr… this cold snap is a strong one.  However, I keep plodding (blogging) along.

Winter Projects

I have not touched my winter projects yet.  Of course, the year started with a 10 day trip overseas, and now I’m playing catch up.

One of my winter projects is a posing corner for my Phicen figures.  Elizabethe gave me a hard time that I wasn’t this interested when she was doing Barbie stuff.  Hmmm… I think part of it is Barbie is not realistic, and Barbie doesn’t pose well.

I ordered an older version that is hard plastic so Elizabethe can use it as a dress form.  The silicone ones are too expensive and fragile.


Wegman’s Sushi

Wegman’s Sushi

If you love sushi, you normally would stay away from grocery store sushi. However, Wegman’s Sushi is good.  Wegman’s makes it fresh and you can’t go wrong.

Because I so my grocery shopping when I’m already out and about, by the time I do I’m ready for lunch.  This was the case today as I returned from a doctor’s appointment.  How convenient it is to get my groceries and then buy a small sushi tray.

They also have a large variety.  If you don’t like seaweed, they have sushi that isn’t wrapped in seaweed.  If you want cooked fish, they have that too.  Ahi tuna, raw, yup, raw and fresh.  They also include a packet of wasabi, soy sauce and shaved ginger.

U-Made Stuff

I spent a good portion of the day working on some u-made projects.  (I have a Facebook group dedicated to U-Made Photography Equipment.)

Here’s a link to my photography blog about today’s camera strap project.  Such projects are a result of a quote a friend gave me back in the 1970s.  He found a quote where Brigham Young said if you can’t find the clothes you want you should make them.  So, when I can’t find something I want or need, I attempt to make them.

This is the $10 camera strap I made today.  (Follow the link to my photography blog.)


I’m thinking of making a cut-proof strap next.  I’m still trying to figure out the best way to do this.  (This is so someone can’t come up behind you and cut your strap and grab your camera.

I also took a way around the yard for some pictures for tomorrow’s photography blog.

copyright 2015 db walton

Tulips at the Beckwith Mansion

I used a Canon EOS mount LensBaby on an adapter on my Fujifilm X-mount camera.  (You can read about it in Tuesday’s photography blog.)

Pig Wrestling

Pig Wrestling

Pig wrestling was part of a punch-line in an episode of Night Court.  There’s also a saying about it.  It goes like this, “Never wrestle with a pig.  The pig loves it, and you only get dirty.”

Never has a saying been more prevalent than on social media.  Cyber shaming, cyber bullying, and the uneducated using insults as a substitute for a well composed response are quite prevalent wherever you look on Facebook and other forums.

In a photography forum a man posted a comment that said, and I quote, “That twist is to alienate a group that is perceived to be exclusionists. In our country, at this time, that group are Christians.”

Of course, that had nothing to do with photography, and more to do with creating contention.  The moderators removed the entire thread and the man cried, “foul”.  When it was pointed out that he violated the terms of the web site he threatened to leave the organization.

Another man decided to take offence to my last blog about words and sent me a private e-mail saying, “No wonder you oppress people you are a Mormon!”

Neither got a response from me except for what I’m writing today.

I’ve noticed a trend among those who choose to follow contention.  If they disagree with what you say, and have no support for their disagreement, they resort to insults.  The more vile the insult, the more deep down inside the must realize they are fighting a losing battle.

Good people are under attack.  Morals are under attack.  There’s no question about it.

The best solution is the advice, “Never wrestle with a pig.”

One final note

Don’t mistake the quote as my attempt to call someone a “pig”.  If anyone takes offence at the saying they should do some self-examination.   Ask yourself, “Am I a pig?”  If the answer is, “No,” then you have nothing to be offended about.

And Now for Something Completely Different

The recovery continues.  I hate changing bandages.  Yuck.  The good news is when I change them they look good.  There’s no puss or disgusting stuff on the gauze.

Noon today marks the 48 hour point.  The “kick back” period is 72 hours, so another day to go.  I spent most of the day reading stuff and watching some TV.

After this winter and recovery I will be glad to get outside and do some hiking and take some photos.  I realize you can’t rush healing and things may never go back to the way they were.



My blog has 756 subscribers.  I didn’t realize it had grown so big.  I wonder how many actually read each post, but either way, 756 is impressive to me.

While we have a decent number of subscribers, it also attracts quite a few hackers and scammers.  I actually had to block these IP addresses and URLs containing these words (and if you run a blog or web site, you might add this list to your black list.)

It is beyond comprehension as to what is in it for people from other countries to post messages that are (a) difficult to understand because of poor grammar, and (b) have bad links to non-existent web sites.  But, that is what happens with a lot of these posts.  (By the way, in the list, if the last octet is missing it means the entire range from 0 to 255 is blocked.)  Most of these appear to be overseas.

But, to those in the 756 who read my blog, thank you.


It is a wet drizzly day today.  It is still cold, but not cold enough to snow.  This means this cold rain is slowly melting what snow is left.  Soon, we’ll be left without any snow so the grass and flowers can grow.

I took a drive down to Wegman’s to get some produce.  The place was packed.

Note to self – don’t go shopping on Saturdays.



Homemade Head

Homemade Head

I got to try my homemade head today.  Oh, that’s a tripod head.  It’s a head for doing panoramic shots.  The issue is, when you rotate a camera, if the lens and focal plane are not in alignment, the individual pictures will not line up very well.

I searched around and the prices on these things ranged from around $100 up to $1000.  Basically, you have to be able to shift the camera on all three axis and have the ability to rotate on one axis.

How did I make it?

I used a macro focusing rail and an l-bracket.  I will go in to more details on my photography blog (http://blog.dbwalton.com) once I’ve photographed it and written it up.  But, here’s the result from it…


copyright 2014 db walton

Hill Cumorah Visitors’ Center Panoramic

The image may not appear to be that  impressive, but this is a 330MP image.  That’s right three-hundred-thirty mega-pixels.  I could have this printed at the size of a football field.

That is what I use this homemade head for.  Watch my photo blog (blog.dbwalton.com) for how I built it.


My bishop called me and asked me to be the organist at a funeral.  Tomorrow’s going to be a busy day:  Haircut at 9am, funeral at 10am, networking meeting at 11:30am and photography guild at 6pm with grocery shopping and the bank run somewhere in between.

Full Swing

I’m back to full swing today.  My day started with an 8am meeting followed by an 8:45am meeting and so on until 9:30pm today.  Yeah… I miss Israel.  But, work has to get done.

I will tell you when I run in to a good product, and when I run in to a bad product, and I’m about to tell you about one I would not recommend.

A couple of years ago we purchased a Mitsubishi Mr. Slim® Split Air-conditioner and Heat-pump Systems.  We purchased it from a reputable dealer and they’ve been great.  However, a part failed and the result was no heat.  Well, as you know, we re in the middle of a cold snap, and we sit here waiting on Mitsubishi to ship the part.  In the mean time, they have told the dealer that they will not cover the labor on the unit.  The repair is costing about 1/3 the price of the unit.

So… I don’t think I can recommend their product.

Speaking of great products, I just love the camera I took to Israel.  It was the right purchase.  I own a $4000 camera body and this $1000 camera performs just as well, and in some cases, better.  And, to top it off, while I was in Israel, Fujifilm introduced a new one – the X-T1.  (Cool!)  The X-T1 has the same sensor as my X-E1, but has some nice ergonomic features.

Oh, and if you decide to get the new X-T1, please use the link above to make your purchase.

This morning it was a -13F when I went to my 8am meeting.  I thought my car’s thermometer was on the blink, but I pulled it up on the internet, and it agreed – my car was reporting the correct temperature.  The weather service said with wind-chill it was a -20F.  Yewozers!

We had a presentation at GRPP tonight about social media.  It was a bit on the basic side, but I still learned a few things.  I learned a little more about those annoying hash tags.  #palmyranewyork is a good example of a hash tag.  I guess I should use more of them… even if I do find them annoying.

I think I have my Israel blogging all up to date now.  I still have a lot of photos to process and look at, but for the mean time, my overview of the trip is on-line.  (Look at my entries fro 1/24 to 2/6.)

copyright 2014 db walton

I Love Israel Cups

Got Cold Again

It got cold again.  We had snow this morning, and I had to shovel the sidewalk and driveway.  We only got about 1.5 inches, but the temperatures have really dropped again.

copyright 2014 db walton

My Man Plow

The new blog host seems to be working, and if you are reading this, you’re reading it on the new blog host.

They were saying we are supposed to get 3 inches today, but I really doubt it since it has stopped snowing and starting to melt.


This is my new blog.

If you subscribe to my blog, please book mark this URL. http://beckwithmansion.com/blog/

If your book mark, or subscription has the word “wordpress” in it, it will become my OLD blog effective 1/17/2014!!!

That’s right. I’m moving off the WordPress host and on to my own host. My blog will still be a WordPress blog, just not posted there. No more forced WordPress ads. (Someone sent me a message about a booze ad on my page. Nope. Can’t have that.)

So, go to the new blog today, subscribe, and delete any bookmarks that reference WordPress in relationship to my blog.

4th Anniversary

Four years ago on June 22nd, I left California and moved to Palmyra, New York. It has been a good decision. Shortly after moving here, I started this blog – http://blog.beckwithmansion.com

Today mark’s the 4th Anniversary of my blog. Well over 1400 posts means I’ve been consistent about blogging for 4 years.

I’ve also gained a good following of readers, and I am very grateful to you for reading and keeping up on my writings.

Today I took a walk down to the village and took a couple of pictures to submit to the church. Here’s one…



The type says, “Palmyra”, only it’s mirror image because that’s how it would be set for printing.