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Conference is Life-Changing

Conference is Life-Changing

General Conference for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is life-changing.  There’s no question about it.  Every six months, faithful members of the Chruch of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints attend a two-day life-changing conference.

Well, I hope it is life-changing for everyone.  It requires commitment, motivation to do better, and follow through.  For someone to sit there and say they didn’t get much out of General Conference is an admission that it is their own fault.

What Did I Find Life-Changing?

  • At a time in my life, due to my illness, when it is difficult to endure 3 hours of ANYTHING, the reduction from 3 hours down to 2 hours is a welcome blessing.
  • There were several references that the Second Coming is closer than we think.  I will think twice about how I spend my time.  I will also work on repenting as needed.
  • Our Heavenly Father loves us unconditionally — even when we don’t think He does.  I will work on having more confidence that the future will work itself out.
  • Stop being angry and holding grudges.
  • Don’t beat yourself up over mistakes from the past.  I need to work on understanding that God forgives, but I need to forgive myself and dismiss any regrets I have for mistakes I’ve made.
  • It “grieves” the Lord when we don’t call the church by His name.  This is one I’ve tried hard to do — even before the reiteration given earlier this year.   I will continue to remember to reference it as the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
  • Do more than just read the scriptures — study them.  Elizabethe and I will need to modify how we do our scripture “reading”.
  • Social Media Fasting – The challenge was to the sisters, but I will do it too.  I’ve already deleted those apps from my phone and tablet.  He also mentioned staying away from negative news sources.  So, I am not going to click on the “News” tab in the search engine window.
  • Even if illness or disability has struck, there are still ways to minister to others in need.  This one is harder.  My diagnosis is still new to me.  However, I plan to start thinking of ways I can serve without causing pain or weakness to my body.
  • Go to the temple more often.  This is another difficult one.  But, I got thinking… I’ve canceled most other “extra” activities because I simply can’t do them anymore.  An endowment session is no more exerting than watching TV and having to get up to go to the bathroom a couple of times during a movie.  If I can watch a 2-hour movie, I can attend an additional session once a week.

Every Six Months

Every six months is a life-changing event.  I’m thankful for living prophets who receive revelation and remind us what we need to do to return to our Heavenly Father.

Going Under Tomorrow

Going Under Tomorrow

I’m going under tomorrow while they operate on my leg.  I’m quite anxious about it.  They really haven’t told me much on what to expect.

While working in the temple tonight I got thinking that perhaps after tomorrow this knee pain will be a thing of the past.  I got a blessing from my home teacher and was given good assurances.

I’m supposed to be there at 10:45am.  At least I can sleep in and feel well rested when I get there.

They asked me to bring my MRI CD.  I wanted to respond saying, “What?  You didn’t make a backup?”

They also ask you to bring a copy of your will.  Like that’s reassuring!  At least they don’t ask you to pick out a grave site and coffin.

How come they never ask, “What’s your favorite restaurant?  And, would you rather have a gift card for dinner for two at that restaurant or would you like us to pick a restaurant for you?”

One of the sisters at the temple said her and her husband would bring pizza to us tomorrow so Elizabethe doesn’t have to worry about fixing dinner.  We’re sure blessed with some great friends.

And They’re Off

I threw some ice in the ice chest after eating a good low-carb breakfast, and headed to Canandaigua to pick up Paul. Once we got his stuff in the car, we were off to Niagara Falls to start the Get It Done on 31 ™ Tour. (See www.GetItDoneOn31.biz)

Bill and Patsy Gerle were going to meet us there. They are a couple I taught while serving in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Patsy called at 10am and said Roger wasn’t feeling well and they were going to drive straight to my place. She then asked about urgent care clinics. That didn’t sound good.

Paul and I got to the start of Route 31 – a fancy neighborhood over the bluffs above Niagara Falls. We turned west, and began our route. (For more about the tour, please visit http://www.GetItDoneOn31.biz. It will take about a week for things to get updated, so there is no need to go there today.)

When we got to Rochester, I talked to Patsy. She was directed to take Bill to the E.R. I asked where, and Paul and I drove directly there to give Bill a blessing.

Bill was in great spirits, as was Patsy. We talked for a bit after giving Bill a blessing, but like most E.R.s, it was pretty hectic, so Paul and I went on our way.

Patsy came in late and spent the night at the house as they admitted Bill.

Making Progress

Plum Blossom

Plum Blossom

Last night, I received two phone calls. The first was from a man I met in 1977 in Cheyenne, Wyoming. The other from a friend I made while working at AT&T.

In 1977, I was a Mormon Missionary serving in the Colorado Denver Mission, and stationed in Cheyenne, Wyoming. My companion and I had an old Temple Square visitor’s slip. Every time we went by the house, nobody was home. Every time we were on that street, we would stop and knock, and nobody would answer.

A member of our church lived next door. We were at his house having ice cream (he kept a freezer stocked with ice cream just for the missionaries), and as we were leaving, we saw a lady pulling in to the driveway of the house.

We immediately ran over and introduced ourselves and asked if we could share a message. The lady politely explained she was in a hurry, but she’d love to talk to us.

After that initial contact, we went back several times only to be told, “I’m sorry, I’ve got to go to…”. She had kids that were involved in after school activities, and a husband who worked for the railroad, and so it was going to be difficult.

Finally, one night we saw her car in the driveway, and we stopped and a man answered the door. We told him who we were and I was fully expecting to be told, “Buzz off”, but he invited us in. We taught them, invited them to be baptized, and they accepted.

This was the start of a friendship that will last for the eternities. I remember the feeling I had when I was asked to give their 7 year-old daughter a blessing because she was feeling left out because everyone else got to be baptized. That single event prepared me so much for fatherhood responsibilities.

Over the years, I have connected with their family several times.  Last night, Brother Gerle called to say they would be in Palmyra at the end of May.  We invited them to come stay with us.  It will be really nice to see them.

Here’s a related video… (click here).  When I watch this video of my friend Al Fox, I am reminded of people like the Gerle’s.  There is a connection between a missionary and the people he/she teaches.  And, there is a connection between the convert and their missionaries.  It is a relationship that cannot be explained in words.  It is humbling.  It is joyous.  It is one of gratitude.

The 2nd call I got was from a lady I worked with at AT&T.  We shared a passion for mountain bike riding and fish tacos.  She called to say they want to come out and spend a week with us.


Elizabethe and I bought fabric for one of my projects. (see http://projects.dbwalton.com )  Since we were near Trader Joe’s, I had to stop and buy some goodies – S.F. Sourdough Bread.

We then had dinner at South of the Border in Newark, NY.  Perhaps I’m spoiled having actually dined in several regions of Mexico, or perhaps I haven’t tried the right item from their menu yet, but it just doesn’t feel taste like Mexican food.  This is not to say their food is not good.  Their food is fresh, but the seasonings do not remind me of Mexican food.

The new owner of South of the Border also owns the Pontillo’s further east on 31 in Newark.  We met him briefly. They were quite busy so he didn’t have time to hear about Get It Done on 31 ™.