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Cub Cadet

Cub Cadet

Speaking of our Cub Cadet.  Elizabethe asks me, “How much more money do we dump in to this mower before you buy a new one?”

Well, the next time I cannot do the repair myself, I think that’s the time.  I will tell you this, I will never buy another Cub Cadet product again.  And, I will never buy another mower from Blazey’s again. Cub Cadet because of the poor engineering, poor quality and lack of support from the manufacturer. (I’ve attempted to contact them on faulty part issues with no response whatsoever.)  Blazey’s because of their price gouging* and the incident of putting blades on upside down.

Today’s Fiasco

What happened today is neither Cub Cadet or Blazey’s fault.  Someone threw a 3/4″ diameter rope on the lawn.  It got covered with leaves.  When I drove over it, it wrapped itself around the spindle several times causing the spindle to break in two places AND the blade to hit the deck and bend.

Blazey’s charged me $112 for the part.  (Later I checked and it goes for about $38 on-line.  I’m ordering a spare.)  Out of urgency to get the job done today, I paid the $112.

Finishing the Job

It took a while to get the spindle replaced.  The self-tapping bolts were the hardest part.  They require lots of torque to cut the new threads in the spindle housing.

The after-market blades that Aaron recommends work great.  While the rope incident cause the blade to bend slightly, the manufacturer’s brand it would have twisted like a pretzel.  (I have several bent ones to prove it.)  This is the first time this brand of blade has bent.

Difficult Decision

It’s a difficult decision to abandon a local business.  I originally went with them because they were local, and like buying a bicycle, I figure it is better to buy from a specialist than a generalist.  (i.e. a bike shop instead of a department store, for example).

*However, the after sales support was expensive and time consuming.  But, what really took the cake was after the upside-down blade incident, I was talking to a friend who was surprised that I went to Blazey’s.  He recounted an incident that disgusted me.

It will be cheaper for me to stock some of my own parts (knowing what breaks on this thing), than a single trip to buy a part under the pressure to finish what I started.

For my next lawn tractor, I will be talking to my mechanic for recommendations.  AND, I know what engineering flaws to look for.  (Namely, the engineering of the deck lift/lowering mechanism, belt guides and housings.)



From Good to Worse

From Good to Worse

How is it you can see a doctor in the morning and go from good to worse by afternoon. When I saw my doctor my injury wasn’t bothering me.  Then, but dinner time, it was worse.

I picked up the lawn mower deck today and so far in the last month, I have dumped nearly $600 in to this mower.  It is time to research who makes a decent mower.  I’ll admit, I didn’t know what I was looking for when I bought this thing.  I’ve learned a lot.  The two biggest lessons are 1) don’t buy another Cub Cadet because parts are hard to get and Cub Cadet as a company hasn’t responded to ANY of my complaints, and 2) I won’t buy from Blazey’s again.  The latter kind of hurts because I’d like to see the local guys get my business, but I’m very dissatisfied with their lack of quality control on their repairs and the slowness of the repairs.

So, I have the repaired deck on the mower and it strikes the ground AGAIN and the blade bends.  Assuming nothing else is bent, I’m looking at another $60 just for blades.  UGH.  This mower is a lemon!

In all fairness, the engine on it seems great.  However, the drive train and mower deck have given me nothing but problems.  So far this summer I have NOT been able to mow the entire lawn without something breaking.  Not once.  But, the engine starts every time and sounds great.  Good ol’ Kawasaki engineering.  To bad they don’t build the rest of the machine.

At least I got about 75% of the mowing done before the tractor broke.