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In the Congregation

In the Congregation

I’m sitting in the congregation today!  It seems strange.  After eight years of being on the stand it is nice to sit with my wife.  (I was released last week as ward organist after 8 years.)

Several people commented and asked, “Does it feel strange?”

Well, a little, but it feels good too.  Change is good.


I am convinced the bishopric can repeat over and over that testimonies should be brief, and define what a testimony is, and the same people who keep doing it will keep doing it because either a) they really don’t understand, or b) they don’t listen.

A friend posted on his Facebook profile about this topic, and all sorts of people chimed in leading me to believe people don’t understand.  As a result, my friend chimed in and bore his testimony as to how powerful it is to simply stick to statements of belief and knowledge.

So, gleaning from many sources here’s what it is…

  • It is a short statement of your believe, faith or knowledge of Jesus Christ, Heavenly Father, the Restored Gospel, the Book of Mormon and Scriptures, etc.

These statements are usually prefaced by, “I know…. “,  “I believe… “,  or “I trust… “, or “I have faith…”

For examples, “I believe God lives.”, “I know my Father in Heaven loves me.”, “I have faith that we will live after again after we die.”

It doesn’t have to contain a story, and if it does, it should be short and supportive of your statement of fact.  It should never be an exhortation, call to repentance, or a prepared talk.  Thus, it only has to be a few statements of deep conviction.

Dinner with the Sisters

Dinner with Sisters Henrie and Searle was nice.  I made grilled salmon atop a bed of greens, mushrooms, onions and topped with a mustard demi-glace.  Dessert, well, that was unusual… cucumbers imitating apple slices over ice cream.

copyright 2017 db walton

Salmon Over Greens with Demi-glace

copyright 2017 db walton

Sisters Searle and Henrie and Elizabethe


Got Lungs

Got Lungs

That kid has lungs.  During the intermediate hymn today I could hear a child singing it out.  She was so loud, the bishopric started chuckling, as did the chorister and her husband.  I loved it.  I enjoyed every moment of the hymn because I could hear that someone was belting it out without reservation.

Why can’t everyone sing like that.  I don’t care if you can’t carry a tune in a bucket, hearing someone sing with all their heart brings a smile to anyone’s face.

It’s hard for me to sing while playing.  I’m jealous of those who can do that.  It takes coordination and talent.  While singing well is a talent, and playing an instrument is a talent, putting them both together is 10x the talent.

After a very difficult night sleeping, I came home and took a very long nap.  Jennifer and Spencer are fixing dinner and so I got some much needed rest.

The sister missionaries came for dinner.  Oh, and I did make a pear crumble.  Elizabethe peeled and cored the pears and I did the rest.  My granddaughter entered the kitchen and said it smelled really good.

I mentioned the child who was singing so loud, and the sister missionaries commented about those on the stand who were chuckling.  My hope is any smiles or laughter didn’t discourage this child.  Whoever she is, she’s got the right idea – SING!


We had a visitor at church from Clayton Valley, California.  We talked and discovered some mutual friends.  He knew the Blatters, the Passeys as well as a few others.

One of the great things about living in Palmyra and belonging to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is eventually, most members of the church make their way to Palmyra.