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Better Day

Better Day

Today is a better day than yesterday.  Thank goodness.  Yesterday wasn’t much fun.

It is Fast Sunday and we had a good meeting at church.  Later, President Robinson asked me how it was.  I was happy to report it was a good.

There were lots of visitors.  As a result, Sacrament preparation took longer than normal.  I had to repeat the hymn twice after the congregation sang.


I don’t think I will make lasagne using pasta ever again.  The last two times I’ve used eggplant and summer squash to make it and people rave about it.  I don’t miss the pasta and this feels lighter on the stomach.

Basically, I use thinly sliced eggplant and squash where the pasta would be.  I bake it a little longer to evaporate the excess liquids that come from the squash.  It is really good.

Sisters for Dinner

The sisters came over for dinner.  Sister Henrie has been here for a while, but it was the first time having dinner here for her new companion, Sister Searle.

Dessert was simply a parfait made with greek yogurt and fruit.  It was a good way to have that yogurt without the bitter aftertaste.  (I’m not buying that brand/flavor again.)