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Injury Strikes

Injury Strikes

Injury strikes our team today.  We gathered in the heat for the bed races.  The full-time elders joined our team so we’d have 5 people:  The two elders, Jennifer, Amber and Natalie.  We were looking good before the accident.

The two oldest granddaughters joined the kazoo band.  We couldn’t get the boys to march with them.

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The Kazoo Band

The parade started with the band blaring away with pirate tunes.  That was followed by the bed racing teams.

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The Canal Connection Team and the Pink Aye

Dancing in the Streets

They were dancing in the streets after the parade.  Even a couple of sister missionaries joined in with some of the children.

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Sisters and Children Dancing

The Race

The beds lined up for the big race.


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The Line-up

The checkered flags are raised and we hear, “On your mark!  Get set!”

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On Your Mark, Get Set

The cannon fires and they are off.  Our team overtook team 3 as they headed down Main Street.

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A Great Start

We were ahead when injury struck.  Jennifer twisted her ankle and went down hard.  I watched as her knee and elbow hit the ground.

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We’re Ahead

I hobbled over to where she laid.  Some of the bystanders were making her comfortable, and when I saw her ankle I knew she wasn’t going to be doing any more racing today.

The ER

The ambulance came and they said they would take her to Newark Wayne.  I asked the elders to come with me so we could give Jennifer a blessing.

We got to the ER at Newark Wayne and they informed us she hadn’t been brought there.  We beat the ambulance by about 15 minutes.  I’m surprised we beat them; I drove the speed limit.

We were there for hours as they x-rayed Jennifer’s leg, sedated her, and set her ankle.  Then we had to wait for the anesthesia to wear off.  We were pretty much there most of the day.

While Jennifer was coming out of the anesthesia we were entertained by her ramblings.  I didn’t realize that people said such funny stuff when they were half in and out of sedation.

They finally released her with instructions to see an orthopedic doctor first thing on Monday.

A Pirate Life

A Pirate Life

“A Pirate life for me…”  Ah, yes, it is Pirate Weekend in Palmyra.  The village is full of people saying, “Arrrr”, and wearing eyepatches.  This is one of my favorite activities and traditions in Palmyra.

I love our small town and this is one of the many things I love about it.  It is simply a fun weekend that started last night with the movie Goonies being shown in the park.


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Pirates on Parade

The bed races are my favorite.  I was a little disappointed that there were only two entrants this year.

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Bed Races 2015

The Stormin’ Mormons met with some trouble when they blew a tire.  They were moving so fast you could smell the rubber burning (I’m not foolin’).

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Blown Tire


By the way, I’m available as a consulting-engineer for future bed makers.  When it comes to wheels this former bike-builder/mechanic knows a few things that can help your bed get the edge on the competition.  There will be a catch.  Your bed will have to bear some sponsorship logos.  Oh, and just because I provide you with building advice, I’m not responsible for the execute of the plans or your race-day performance.

It was a fun day, and if you’d like to see all of the pictures, you can check them out at www.dbwalton.com and use the password ahoymate (all lowercase, no space).

Slow Healing

Slow Healing

I don’t think I’ve ever been hit this hard by an illness since I had pneumonia back in 1987.  This flu, even though the flu symptoms are gone, has zapped my energy.

This morning I got up and went to my networking meeting.  I came home grabbed an English muffin and then headed to my 10am meeting.  By the time that meeting was done all I could do was go home and crawl in bed and sleep.  I got up around 2 and by 4pm I was read to go back to bed and sleep.  I did.  I then went to a 7pm meeting and by the time it ended I was done.  I was just physically exhausted.   Drained.

Pirates Weekend

I was saddened to learn that Palmyra is not going to have the bed races at Pirates Weekend this year.  I don’t know all of the details, but breaking tradition is the best way to break a tradition.  Perhaps they will find a way to reconsider.

Slow Healing - copyright 2014 db walton

Bed Races

Perhaps it is the Pareto principle in effect.  Only 20% are making the bed races happen and they’ve got burned out?  Perhaps there are cost or safety issues?  I don’t know.  All I know is the bed races were one of the best activities Palmyra has every year.  I look forward to them every year.

Well, I’m in hopes that by saying this, there will be those who might be able to make this happen.  Yes, it costs money.  Yes, it takes time to organize.  Yes, it requires some careful coordination with state and local law enforcement.  But, look at how this benefits the community in the long run.

If we don’t do it this year, it will be a slow healing before it returns and has the same momentum.

Ahoy Thar Pirates of Palmyra

Every year the Village of Palmyra gets together on a Friday night and watches the movie Goonies in the Village Park, followed by a Saturday of pirate fun.  The Saturday fun starts with a foot race and a treasure walk, followed by a parade and bed races.

This year we only had 4 beds in the race (what’s up with that?)  Aside from the few entries, it is still fun to watch.  Everyone likes a good race, and racing beds… well… it’s just pure fun.

You can see more about it here:  http://www.GetItDoneOn31.biz

It was a fun day.  I’m looking forward to next year’s.

Yo, Ho Thar, This Be Palmyra!

I love this place.  I really do.  I could not ask for a more wonderful place to live.

Today is our Pirates Day.  It is so fun to see our community, and people from surrounding communities, come together for such a family oriented fun day.  Just look at this picture.

Towpath Manor had a bake sale.  I wish I would have remembered to get more cash.  They sure had some great baked goods out there.  I only had about $8, so I spent what I had, but had I had about $50, I’m sure I would have spent every cent on some of those good cookies, cakes and pies.  Mmmmmm…

I had to cut the activities short for a senior portrait session.  Stephanie came home early to help assist me.  She was a great help. 

After the session, my client and her mom toured the house, as well as a couple of ladies who met Elizabethe at the craft fair. 

It was a long day, and it sure feels good to be worn out from having so much fun.