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Custom Backdrop

Custom Backdrop

I am hoping my new custom backdrop (one I designed) arrives today.  It sounds like it will work great for my afternoon portrait appointment. In the meantime I’m working on retouching and administrative work.

I love the UPS phone app.  It tells me when packages arrive.  Better than a doorbell, I love this app.

App Alert

Around lunch time my UPS app alerts me my backdrop is delivered.  Wow!  How cool is that.

I run out and grab it and open it right away.  It is SO COOL.

copyright 2017 db walton - custom backdrop

Duplicity Backdrop by db walton

I could hardly wait to see it as a backdrop, so I did a self-portrait in front of it…

copyright 2071 db walton

db walton by db walton

I named it “Duplicity”.  Hang it one way and you have a background of cool tones for a portrait.  Flip it 180-degrees and you have a background for warm tones.  Hence, duplicity.

Right now this is exclusive to photography by db walton llc.  Perhaps a year or two down the road I will offer them to the public for purchase.  However, if you like it this is the only place you can get a portrait with it as a background!

The Shoot

My shoot clients arrive and yes, they look great against the backdrop.  I utilized the cool end of the backdrop.   I then had them sit and got a little of both.

copyright db walton

The New Backdrop in Use

I love it when a plan comes together.

For Sale

For Sale

I placed the Mindinaar set up for sale today.  This is a very rare photographic prop set.  It’s not just a backdrop, but a three-dimensional set made to look like a stone castle on one side, and a house in a tree on the other side.

For Sale Mindinaar

The Tree Side

copyright 2014 db walton for sale mindinaar

The Castle Side

Of course the question is, “Why are you selling it?”

I’m selling it because I have cool doors and walls in my house that I can use.  In California, nothing in our house had character, but here, living in a house built in the 1830s, I’ve got arched doors with metal trim like you see on this castle.  I’ve also got stone walls and huge trees on the property.

You can see more pictures of it here:  Mindinaar Set

A friend pointed out, “Mindinaar prop must be VERY rare — I can find no reference to its existence at all on the Internet – first time I have totally struck on a search in years.”

The set was designed by Lisa Jane Murphy (now Lisa Jane New), a professional photographer famous for her children’s photography and calendars.  The company that made it got sold and the new company stopped producing this type of set.  It’s too bad, because they are very versatile.

Now, it doesn’t have to be used as a photographic prop.  It could be used as a decoration in a room (what a cool play room that would be for some kids!)  It could be set up in a garden (it can be kept outdoors, but like anything painted, you’d have to be prepared to repaint it occasionally.  Also, because it is light weight, measures would have to be taken to protect it from winds.)

It’s pretty cool, and I hate to let it go, but the demand for using it in my business doesn’t justify storing it.