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That’s a LOT of SNOW

Taking a Break from Shoveling Snow

Taking a Break from Shoveling Snow

This morning I woke to more snow than I’ve seen since we bought the house in Palmyra. So, I did some research. I found the most snow Palmyra has received on a December 27th was 15″. (I couldn’t find what year that was.) The median snowfall on a 12/27 is 0.5″. The mean snowfall for any day in any December is also 0.5″. The average snowfall for the month of December is 12″. Putting all that together, we get about 12″ spread over the entire month of December, mostly light 1/2″ dusting. That has been our experience until today.

Today I took the tape measure out and found some places where it wasn’t drifted, and wasn’t wind-blown. (I also poked around to find an average.) We got 12.5″. Now, keep in mind that NOAA uses melted snow to determine actual snowfall. This was a very dry powder without much water content. So, NOAA will probably report less when they post the data.

Our renter helped me clear the back driveway, and I started on the front when it started to snow again. We didn’t get much more snow, but it was enough that I decided to go in out of the cold. Finally, I went out right before sunset and cleared a path to the street. All that snowplow blow-back was HEAVY. I got about 12’x3′ done and I had to go in. It was just too heavy to do much more.

I just hope we don’t get dumped on during the night. Our regular snowplow guy has retired, and we left messages for the others.

Although today was not a record, it, combined with the snow a few days ago, might put us well over the average for a December.

By the way, the largest amount of snow fall for Palmyra typically takes place at the end of February, start of March.