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Late Color Change

Late Color Change

This year we have a late color change.  There are still trees with green leaves, and very few with orange and red.  Fall is running a bit late this year.

Autumns in Upstate New York are beautiful.  The maples, ash, cherry, hickory, walnut and other hardwood trees turn beautiful colors as the days shorten.

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Autumn in Upstate New York

After my morning work my granddaughter and I went for a short walk along a leaf covered path.  This time of year, if the leaves aren’t raked or blown, you can only tell where the sidewalks and paved paths are by the absence of trees.  At one point, we ran into some workers blowing leaves off the pavement.  With their leaf blowers it was like they were painting a black path through the golden leaves.

She was quick to point out we did not bring any snacks or lunch for our walk.  (I really wasn’t planning on being gone long enough to worry about lunch, but I could see it was her way of hinting that she was hungry.)  So, we drove to McDonald’s where I was suckered in to buying a Happy Meal.

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A Happy Meal

We played a little game called, “If I were taking a walk, I would bring….”

We both agreed on trail mix.  In fact, my granddaughter listed off some pretty good stuff like almonds.  We both agreed on water as well as granola bars.  From our little game, I surmised that the next time we go for a walk, I better bring some food along.

Bishop and Sister Taylor came home teaching.  They started asking about some LDS themed movies.  Before long, we had loaned them several DVDs from our collection:  Suits on the Lose, The RM, The Home Teachers.  I told them though they need to come over to watch Mormons and Mobsters as that is just too funny not to share with others.

Sucking Leaves

Sucking Leaves

I woke to the sound of sucking leaves.  I heard this noise out back, and I wasn’t able to go check it out, so I sent Elizabethe to check.  It turns out things were dry enough that they guys we asked to do our leaves were outside working.  They had their leaf blowers and lawn mowers running full-tilt.

There is kind of an unnerving feeling when people do work you usually do.  Perhaps I’m a bit of a control freak and I need to learn to be less of one.  My biggest fear was… What if they run over the cable and cut it.  Then, I won’t have Internet access!!!  (Yeah, I’ve got to call Time Warner about that.)

We bought a B.J.’s membership.  $40 for 14 months.  It sounded like a good deal.  Nearly $200 later… yeah… it’s still a good deal.  We managed to get a few food items to carry us through the winter, as well as a good price on batteries and a couple of hams.

I got to drive around in one of those electric carts.  Those things can turn on a time.  I wish they would go faster, but I understand that would be a safety issue.



Down Came the Leaves

Down Came the Leaves

Some friends of ours took a railway tour of the Adirondacks to report the leaves were gone.  And the rains came and down came the leaves.  Leaf peeping, as they call it around here, is a risky proposition.  All it takes is a good rain to knock them to the ground.

Fortunately here, some of the leaves are still green and clinging.  The others are mostly on the ground.  And, since we haven’t had a frost yet, the colors aren’t as rich.  It takes a good freeze to lock in those rich reds and orange colors.


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Leaves on the Ground

Most of my day was spent working on wedding images and preparing them for the web site.  That takes about as much time as it does to photograph a wedding.

I was almost done with the wedding photos when I realized I still have one more card in one of my cameras.  I would have caught it eventually, but I’m glad I remembered it now… and not later.

My class for next Saturday, Super One Day, through PPA, has been cancelled.  I didn’t get any registrants.  Part of the problem is too many people requesting ON-LINE instruction.  There are many topics you just can’t learn on-line.  Of course, this would explain why so many photographers really stink at it.

The reason why on-line isn’t good is simple:  There is no feedback.   For example, say the on-line instructor tells you how to light this picture.  You go out and do it to the best of your remembrance of what the instructor said.  Who is going to tell you whether you got it right or not?

I really worry about the world of on-line college degrees being earned.  I look back at my college experience and I would never have been the type of computer programmer I was had it been on-line teaching.  Likewise, I would not be the photographer I am today without some face-to-face instruction.

Wind and Autumn

Wind and Autumn

Wind and autumn don’t mix.  You have these beautiful leaves on the trees and the trees are about to cast them off, when a wind comes along and blows them off.  Usually it is the rain that knocks them to the ground, but this week it appears the wind is going to do the job. I am glad I went to Vermont when I did and got some autumn color photos while I was there.

After taking a walk this afternoon the after effects took their toll.  Walking around in that wind with the autumn pollen, leaf debris and other stuff in the air resulted in some miserable sneezing, coughing and wheezing when I got inside.  That’s another thing — allergies seem to wait until you are indoors before they flair up.

I spent a good amount of time talking to another photographer who is going to use my studio as an example in an upcoming webinar.  It will be interesting to hear his recommendations.

I made a casserole tonight using some pork, mixed vegetables, rice and some cheddar cheese soup.  I don’t know what happened, but I used to like Campbell’s Cheddar Cheese Soup, but any more it taste like a thick cornstarch mixture with no flavor.  I won’t be buying it any more.  I had to add a bunch of grated cheddar for some flavor.

Pack for the Trip

Pack for the Trip

Today I pack for the trip. Tomorrow we leave for Maine and all points in between.  I’ve never been to any of these places so it should be an adventure.

When packing for a trip it is always a good idea to use some sort of check list.  Since I’ve been packing for trips ever since I was 12 years old (Scout camping trips at that age), I occasionally get lulled in to security thinking I can get it all without a check list.  I hope this is not the case for this trip because, yes, you’ve got it, I didn’t use a check list.

After attending my networking meeting in Rochester, I headed to Wegman’s to get some provisions for the tip.  For this, I had a list.  Tortillas for wraps, sodas to drink, crackers and cheese to snack on, etc.  I didn’t get any produce because we have produce galore from our garden and I’m sure we’ll take something.

The rest of the day was spent getting things ready.  Now, for a photographer, this means charging all the batteries, formatting all of the memory cards, cleaning lenses, packing the camera bag so you can get to everything, etc.  This also means anguishing over the equipment you wish you had for those pictures you think you might get.  I know of no other profession that goes through that type of anxiety before a trip.

Wide angle lens – check
Telephoto lens – check
Medium format digital camera – nope – need more money
Filters – check

And the list goes on…

I think I’m ready for the trip.  Only tomorrow will tell.


Summer 2014 Closes

Summer 2014 Closes

Summer 2014 closes today.  Traditionally, the day after Labor Day marks the end of summer.  Season wise, the summer still has 3 more weeks, but schools start, people end their vacations, and basically, summer is over.

In our missionary meeting today, they reviewed and talked about the new web site.  If you have not visited it, you can go to …

  • http://history.lds.org
  • Click on Visit and select Historic Sites
  • Click on Historic Palmyra
  • You can select one of the 3 highlights


  • Click on Stories or Places

The people in charge of the web site did most of the talking, but it was gratifying to hear them reference my work.  For example, if you go to the Places link and select the Grandin Building, most of what you will see is my work.  (http://history.lds.org/exhibit/historic-sites-palmyra-grandin-building?lang=eng)

I’m working with them already on their next project.

Sunshine and Snow

This morning we had another inch of new snow, but around 9am the sun came out.  It’s 19 degrees outside, but the sun is out.  This is the coldest December we’ve had since moving here.

Since a picture is worth 1000 words, here’s the rest of my essay for the day…

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Snow Shovel

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End of Autumn

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Snow on Evergreens

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Front Porch

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Birdbath… not a Mushroom

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Elizabethe and I spent the evening at the Joseph Smith Farm for Family Home Evening (aka FHE).  There must have been over 250 people who attended the event and it was a very cold 5F outside.

I discovered something interesting about sub-freezing weather, a flash and night.  The flash really shows the steam being generated by people.  It was kind of freaky.  You couldn’t see it with your naked eye, but the reflection back to my camera showed that the group was generating a lot of heat and steam as you can see here…

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Human Made Clouds

Once back to the Welcome Center, we spent time singing and eating desserts.  They had lots of cookies and hot cocoa, and they did not run out.

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Sister Missionaries Serving in the Area

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Boy Enjoying Some Hot Cocoa

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Rudolph Cookies


Help Raking Leaves

Six missionaries came over today to help Elizabethe and me with raking the leaves.  At the end, one of the sisters commented that when she saw the leaves she thought there weren’t that many.  But, when we got them all done (about 3.5 hours later) she noted that it WAS a LOT of leaves.

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Sisters O’Lear and Klepinger Rake Leaves as Elizabethe Inspects

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Sisters Dumping a Tarp Full of Leaves

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Sisters Graham, Killen and Elders De La Cruz and Ipson

Mark’s Pizzeria saved the day with a big party-sized pizza for lunch.  (You can’t have missionaries over unless you feed them.  That’s Elder Walton’s rule.)

We still have a few patches of leaves, but the next time I mow I’ll probably get them sucked up.

Fall is Beautiful

Fall around here is absolutely beautiful.  In spite of the fact our leaves are falling before they turn red, it is still beautiful around here.

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The Temple from the Smith Farm on a Fall Day

I gave up and had to go to the Smith Farm and take a walk.  I took some photos for my church assignment while I was there, but I also took a lot of photos for myself too.


I’ve tried on and off all day to get registered on the state health care site.  What a joke this is turning out to be.  I stopped because I got this message:


We apologize for the inconvenience. The Marketplace is currently undergoing regularly scheduled maintenance. Please try again later.

Who does IT maintenance at 7pm on a week night?  I would have lost my job at AT&T had I done something that stupid.  But, we’re dealing with the government here.

You have to wonder about this.  So far, I have not heard one single person say their insurance went down in cost.  I’ve heard a couple people say it stayed the same but their deductible when up.  Everyone else has been reporting massive increases in rates.

When it comes down to it, if it is too expensive, they are not going to get blood from a turnip.  There’s a mind set out there who think those living in poverty will now have insurance.  Well, they did before, and if they didn’t, it was because they didn’t go in to the welfare office to apply for it.  And, if they didn’t qualify then, they most likely won’t qualify now.

It’s a crazy state of affairs this country is in.

Leaf Clean Up 2012

The full-time missionaries helped me with the leaves today.  Elder Vasquez had never jumped in a pile of leaves.  In fact, I don’t know that they have enough trees in Cabo San Lucas to even make a pile of leaves.  So, he had some fun.

Elizabethe picked up a sheet pizza from Nima’s and made a salad for lunch.  That salad and pizza tasted soooo good after a morning of yard work.

Now the yard looks a lot better and the missionaries had some fun playing in the leaves.