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Texas BBQ

Texas BBQ

We discovered a new BBQ place called Texas BBQ.  It is true to form of the service station BBQ joints you find in Texas, however, it is not in an old service station building.  It’s over in the RIT bookstore plaza in Henrietta.

The portions are generous, the food is tasty, and the place is clean. The prices are reasonable too.  I had the 2-meat combo and Elizabethe had their huge, loaded, baked potato plus our 2 drinks and tax came to $30.

Dim Sum After 1pm

I learned in San Francisco’s Chinatown that dim sum is breakfast food.  As the Chinese lady at Dick Lee’s Pastries explained, “Dim sum breakfast food.  Like Chinese donuts.”

We stopped at the Asian Market to see if they had sesame balls.  They were sold out.

Glen’s Off

Glen’s off to California after spending almost a week here.  We had a great time together.  I told him to plan on spending more time the next time he comes here.


We came home and I took a rest.  I got up this morning and experienced a bit of vertigo (twice).  It’s the only time in my life this has happened, so I’m taking things really slow today.  It only happened when I got out of bed.  (First, when I got off the bed, and second whey I took about 6 steps towards the bathroom.  I may have just got up too quickly.)

I’ll be carefully watching my blood pressure and what I eat and drink.  While I think it might be related to my SHL (Sudden Hearing Loss) casual about this stuff.  I was fine the rest of the day, but a little cautious about how quickly I’d stand up.  (And, to think Elizabethe has dealt with this sort of stuff her entire life.)


Colorado Denver Mission

Colorado Denver Mission

It is high council Sunday.  Our high councilor invited a return missionary to speak.  The young man served in the Colorado Denver Mission.  Consequently, I had to speak to him after the meeting.  He served in Northglenn, but he didn’t know any of the people I mentioned.  It’s been over 40 years, so that’s not surprising.

Sunday School and Priesthood meeting both had great lessons.  Matt Baker taught Sunday School about revelation.  Greg Amsden gave the Priesthood Lesson about pioneers.

Almond Gelatin

Remember those cakes where you’d pour jello over them?

Today I decided to make one with poppy seeds and blood orange infused oil in the cake.  I then poured almond gelatin over it.  Boy, was it good.

Where do you get almond gelatin?

At an asian market.  They also sell coconut gelatin.   We do a lot of shopping at the local asian market.


We fed the sisters ramen with extra fixings.  Pork, mushrooms, stir fried veggies and other toppings make ramen.  Ramen gets a bad rap.  It’s simply pasta.

I enjoy ramen without all the liquid.  I like the noodles al dente. When you mix it with other stuff it is like lo mein.