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Thinking President Nelson was joking, someone didn’t take the home teaching announcement seriously.  The dialog went something like this…

Person A:  Isn’t it great that they are implementing a new program to replace home teaching and visiting teaching?
Person B:  Ha ha ha.  Yeah, like they are doing away with home teaching and visiting teaching.
Person A:  Didn’t you watch General Conference?
Doubter B:  Yes, and don’t you know today is April Fool’s Day?
Person A:  Do you seriously think it is a joke?
Doubter B:  Uh, yeah.  It is April Fool’s Day

First, I don’t think the prophet of the Lord plays April Fool’s jokes.  Second, I don’t think we would have two speakers following the announcement to describe the details.

Of course, if you’re in any doubt, take time and pray about it.


I became deeply engrossed in creating paintings today.  There is so much I want to paint, and so little time.

Here is one of my recent paintings…

copyright 2018 db walton

No Title Yet

I thought about doing some funny things… like putting a cell phone in his left hand.  Or, putting a dead body behind the gate with a gun on the ground and calling it, “Stranger than Pulp Fiction.”  Or, “You’re sleeping on the stone bench tonight.”  (This represents about 10 hours of work.)

Wegman’s Break

I took a break to get groceries at Wegman’s.  After that, I was too pooped to paint.  However, a little while after resting, I began playing with an idea involving a horse and a woman with very long hair.

Fooled You

Fooled You

Fooled you with my photography blog post today, eh?

Well, if you didn’t read it, it’s here:  http://www.dbwalton.com/wp/2014/04/01/hologram-glam/

But, now you know it is an April Fools post, so I guess I didn’t fool you.

I got a few comments about it.  But, what I like most of all about this type of April Foolery is nobody gets hurt or upset.  I think April Fools postings on Facebook, like, “I’m pregnant”, are cruel.  And, I think pranks that can lead to injury or hurt feelings are cruel too.  (I will confess, I’ve done my share of those types of pranks, but now, I don’t like them, and I don’t do them.)

Fooled You - copyright 2014

The Mansion on 4-1-2014

The snow is starting to melt away and I’m guessing by tomorrow 99% will be gone.

Elizabethe and I spent the morning at the temple, came home for my district meeting, and then were back at the temple for the evening shift.  We are starting to get tourist.  (Yes, April 1st marks the official start of the Palmyra tourist season.)  We had two families at the temple for baptisms.  When you start to get families dropping in, you know it is tourist time.